Snap: My boy in all his 2 year old glory. A moment in time of him being all boy. A snapshot documenting how incredibly cute he is at this age while not letting me forget what a *stinker* he was during this quick little photo shoot. Helping me to remember all that he loves right now like the sound of a fire truck or the daily passing life flight helicopter, “heli!” His love of balls and trucks and “doo-doo-dowa” (Dora).

My boy captured: SNAP!


Snap: My girl in all her sweet seven-year-old-ness. The cuteness of her missing two front teeth, that will be in before we know it. Remembering all that she loves at this age including running around with her girl cousins and friends, dance and THE SUGAR. Does she ever have a thing for anything with sugar! A day is not complete with out a bowl of ice cream.

My girl captured: SNAP!

I’m so glad I have these pictures of my two captured by Becky Kimball. Today’s the last day to enter her giveaway.

If you haven’t entered yet, you should enter now. Even if you don’t live in Utah, just think! …you could win it for your favorite Utah blogger! Everyone knows at least one blogger in Utah. :)

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  1. Amy says

    Wow! I love this post! How darling are these little snaps… both the pics and the kids! I can't believe how big your little man is getting… wasn't he just born? It was fun seeing you last weekend… we need to hook up more often!

  2. Becky, yep says

    Those are great pics of two of my favorite nieces and nephews!

    Give 'em lots o'kissies for me!

    ps – I can't wait to see what Rukkus is going to be this year for Halloween!

  3. Cherish Stockdale says

    they are adorable! And he is such a boy…they always seem to find weapons of some sort wherever they go don't they!? lol

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