Remembering Grandma Great

Kyle’s amazing Grandma passed away on Friday, November 28th. She was 90 years old and lived a truly amazing life. I have been blessed to know her for the past 10 years…her life has served as a great example for me and all who knew her.

I asked Kyle to list some of his best memories of his Grandma. Here they are (in no particular order)

– Heading to the 4th of July parade with all the grand kids piled into the back of their El Camino.
– 4th of July BBQ’s in their backyard w/a great view of the fireworks from Stadium of Fire.
– Sneaking treats out of the food storage room in her basement. She always had great cookies down there.
– Her home remedy for bruises: butter! Having Grandma rub butter on a bruised forehead gave a whole new meaning to the word ‘shiner.’
– Hanging out at her house after BYU basketball and football games waiting for the traffic to clear up.
– Playing Husker Du. Classic game.
– All the cousins of the same age opening their Christmas presents together and receiving matching gifts (usually pajamas).
– Constantly being amazed how Grandma was able to keep all the grand kids and great grand kids straight!
– She never missed a birthday party growing up.
– Her Christmas sweaters.
– Christmas morning brunch with the grandparents at my parents house.
– Her trips to the ‘Spa.’ I never really knew what the ‘spa’ was, but it sounded cool.
– Playing with the snapdragons in her front yard.
– Her basement toy room. Two words: lincoln logs.
– Her perfectly styled, perfectly black hair.

We will miss our Grandma Great, and we look forward to seeing her again.

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  1. Pedaling says

    may we all have examples and memories like this in our lives.
    it is wonderful!
    and may we carry on the tradition of being such a person.
    what a fun lady.

  2. Debbie says

    When you were near her, you just felt good. She was really a special person. Your whole family was lucky to have her.
    We are sorry for your loss.

  3. Anners says

    Kyle I’m so sorry. She sounds like a terrific lady. Grandmas are so special. They love you so unconditionally. I’m glad you have so many great memories of times with her.

  4. jenjen says

    I loved hearing the memories that your husband has for his grandma. How sweet — she must have been a wonderful lady.

    I love your blog picture — so festive!

  5. Shaunee says

    I saw the obituary in the paper. She sounds like a wonderful lady. Our thoughts and prayers and with you and Kyle and your family.

  6. tiburon says

    WHat a sweet post. Thanks for sharing.

    I am sorry for your loss – but so glad she got to meet your little man!

  7. Logan says

    Also how she would wrap us up in a big towel after a bath and rock us while singing to us. And she always had Cookie Crisp to eat in the morning after sleeping over. And climbing up the little metal trellis on the covered back porch, and the rock wall into the Duke’s backyard. And Husker Du was the best! And, and, and… the memories never stop. She is the greatest lady ever. I need to write all these down to share with my children someday. Thanks for reminding me of some good ones Kyle. (and the “spa” was the rec center that she’d go to and do her water aerobics at.) :o)

  8. Aranne and Dan says

    oh.. this is a great post. It is perfect timing too. Today is the anniversary of my grandma’s passing. One year! It is hard to not have her with you on those special events, especially the holidays, but it is great to have those memories.

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