Quick Tips: In the laundry room

I was so excited about a front loading washing machine when we first got one. That is until I found out the hard way about the smells that can happen if you don’t open the door once in a while. Now the door is found open more often then not, avoiding one of my least favorite words…MOIST! (ew!)

Another little quick tip is to re-use dryer sheets and or cut them in half to double your value.

ps. Thanks for all the feedback yesterday. Next week will be Rotisserie Chicken Week!

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  1. Us Simple Girls says

    Oh the smell. We also have a front loader and after dealing with musty smelling towels for about 2 weeks, I FINALLY figured out that it was the washer…you know, the thing that was supposed to make them smell all fresh and clean? Anyway, since then, I leave the door open about 2 inches after every load. I also leave the dispenser drawer pulled out (it has a tendency to stay damp in there and grow mold-EWWWWW!) and give it a clorox bath about every couple of months. This helps A LOT!
    Thanks for sharing! People everywhere (with stinky washers!) are singing your praises today :)
    -Sarai (from Three Simple Girls)

    • Carolyn says

      Your dispenser drawer tip is right on, but I don’t just leave it ‘open’ I take it completely OUT.. EVERY SINGLE TIME i COMPLETE my laundry. And I use bleach to clean it as you do, but if you take it out every time you finish for the day, use bleach to clean it, you still need to take a toothbrush with bleach to the top, ‘roof’, or ‘ceiling’ where the drawer is, to get the black mold out ot the little holes. Not every day, but about once every 2 or 3 months or so. I found out that taking the drawer out solves just about everything! YEA!

  2. Kim @ seven thirty three says

    I'm glad mine wasn't the only one with the smell… PPPPPP-UUUUUUU! I tell you the first time I went throught the playroom to get to the laundry room I didn't know what the heck it was. Our door is always ajar now as well. :)

    However I LOVE my front loader and will never go back.

  3. buddens says

    Moist is a lifelong non-favorite word among me and my sisters. I hear your "moist" and raise you a "panties" – hate that word even more.

  4. Keri says

    i am all for the recipes. i loved the week you did fast meals. we make the chile releno and ravioli lasagna a lot. keep the recipes coming.

  5. Whatever Dee-Dee wants says

    Great tips!

    I saw the "picnic cups" in person this weekend. Everyone in the car laughed!

  6. sara b says


    I do our family of five's laundry in a mini stackable apartment size washer and dryer.

    Don't even ask how many loads it takes to do a days worth of dirty clothes.

    I know….better than a laundromat, but really makes me miss my old set back in Nashville.

    I am going to re-use our dryer sheets…brilliant!

  7. Mother Huddle says

    I love your tips…and I am now going to search for the chili releno recipe…where bouts would I find that?

  8. Mother Huddle says

    ….and I am way excited for the Rotisserie chicken week! I by one a week, there is always a way to use them.

  9. Shaunee says

    I always leave the door open when I don't have clothes in there. I love your idea of dryer sheets. I always feel so guilty throwing one away after I've used it only once. Thanks for the tip!

  10. Miss Tiff says

    Hi, I found you on Make and Takes today, and I thought I'd say thanks for this lil tip. I was thinking I'd have to throw my front loader out the window. Can't even wait to get home from work now and open 'er up. Cheers!

    • Carolyn says

      Yes, leave that door OPEN. I also found out the HARD WAY to not just leave the dispenser drawer “open”, but take it completely OUT!! It will… WILL grow nasty, and dangerous, black mold if you don’t! And I use bleach with a toothbrush to get the mold out of the little holes in the drawers “roof” or “ceiling”. But taking it out will save you a lot of grief. Just push that little ‘lever’ on the top of the drawer, when it’s pulled out, to make it ‘release’ and it will come out easily.

  11. Marie {Make and Takes} says

    Hahahahah! I hate that "m" word too. And I don't have a front loader, but sooo wish I did.

  12. 1 Funky Woman says

    Ha, Ha Ha! I just found you through House of Smiths and I just spit my coffee out all over the computer because OMgosh I hate the "M" word. Maybe it's a girl thing hating that word!

    Now I'm a follower! I'd love for you to come on over and visit my blog at http://1funkywoman.blogspot.com


  13. Jan says

    I too learned the hard way about the smells with my first front loader. Now I keep the door open when not in use and try to wipe under the rubber seal often and use Vinegar in the fabric softener spot for towels ALL the time and often on other things as well. The vinegar helps to make sure all the soap is out of the towels and also is just a better softener. Since using the dryer sheets tend to coat them and make them less absorbent.

  14. Wendy Maxwell says

    Dryer sheets are also good to pop into your vacuum cleaner ,,, either the bag, or the area outside the bag. It keeps the air that comes out of the cleaner as one is vacuuming, fresh. No more musty smells, especially if there are animals in the house.

    As for keeping towels, etc smelling fresh; use white vinegar & baking soda in the machine. The baking soda softens the water & makes the washing powder more efficient too. Hang towels, or anything else that’s thick, out in the sun to dry as much as possible. The sun also helps as antibacterial.

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