Quick Tip Tuesday: the eyelash curler quick tip

Can we talk about eyelashes?

I struggle in the eyelash department. My eyelashes are a bit on the nonexistent side of things. I have tried a few things to compensate.

In 2007 I tried a version of Latisse (the stuff that makes your eyelashes grow), and it worked until I got out of the habit of remembering to use it, and then they went back to nothing again. Then for a whole year (March of 2009 – Feb. of 2010) I wore eyelash extensions, until I realized that they were not a good fit for me. They looked very unnatural. On days when I had little to no makeup on, they stuck out like crazy.

So now I’m back to what I was blessed with – “my nubbins” (sounds like nothings).

What to do…what to do?

Here is something that helps a bit, not a ton, but it’s something.

When I curl my eyelashes, I use my blow dryer to warm up my eyelash curler. In just a few seconds, it will get hot.

(Warning: it gets really HOT! Do not touch near your eye directly after heat.)

I then hold the eyelash curler in my hand for a second to cool it down before taking it directly to my eyelashes. Then just like a warm or hot curling iron, I curl my eyelashes. Let your eyelashes have a minute to cool down and set before putting your mascara on.

I think this tip helps to keep your eyelashes curled longer.

I’d love to know have you ever tried this?

Have you found anything that works when it comes to eyelashes? Favorite potions (like Latisse?) or a favorite mascara?

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  1. says

    You know, I used to do this YEARS ago and I’d forgotten about it. Getting back in the habit TODAY! I think it DOES make a difference!

    For a good year in my 20’s, I wore false eyelashes. They were not a good fit for me, either. But it was so hard to get used to seeing myself without them!

  2. Annette Hoffman says

    I, too, struggle in this area. I think I have purchased every mascara on the market! I have not used Latisse, as I am very allergic to everything! Thanks for the tip!

  3. says

    I HAVE done this! I learned this from a makeup artist back in beauty school… be careful not to get it too hot because the skin on your lids is extra sensitive!

    Kami– we oughta teach you how to put on little falsies (clusters, not strips)– they can make a big impact if you are lacking lashes to curl…

  4. says

    I use to do this all the time… then I burned myself. And stopped. The whole “no pain, no gain” wasn’t worth it to me. Well, that and I just got lazy 😉
    Keep on curlin’!

  5. Trisha says

    I have never thought about doing this. But I did go out and spend $4 on a heated eyelash curler. I LOVE it! And for the price why not try it out.

  6. Anita says

    Best Mascara and primer brand: Majolica Majorca. I got it from Japan for about $10 each and have now seen it online for about $20+ each., but waterproof, smudgeproof….

  7. says

    Great tip Kami! I always use a curler, but have never tried heating it before. I’ll try it tomorrow!

    Those wreaths are all so darling!

  8. Shaunee says

    How have I gone so many years wearing mascara and never knew this trick? I can’t wait to try it!!
    Cameron and Zac have the most beautiful eyelashes. It’s not fair that the boys get ’em and us girls don’t!

  9. says

    My mom taught me this along time ago and I still do it sometimes.
    I have such short eyelashes, the mascara that I’ve found that works the best is that Loreal Double Extend with Beauty tubes, I think it was around $7 last time I bought it. It really did give the appearance of longer fuller lashes for me.

  10. Kara says

    LiLash! It is amazing and doesn’t have the potential side effect of changing the eye or eye lid color like Latisse. I get it from my hairdresser. My lashes have grown so much, I always have people asking me if they are real. They also have one for your eyebrows.

  11. Alicia says

    I have ALWAYS heated my eyelash curler before using — used Latisse last year and LOVED it, but like you I got out of the habit of using it and my lashes went back to nubs too! UGH!
    Now I am back to heating and curling them —

  12. Susy says

    1. Use eyeliner on top and it will make your lashes look fuller.
    2. Close your eyes and apply mascara on top first, then on bottom. This creates a TON of volume and helps to elongate.
    3. Use L’oreal Voluminous Mascara. I’ve been using it for 7 years and I still love it. Doesn’t flake.

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