3 steps to the perfect baked potato

I love a good baker (that’s restaurant talk for baked potato… “86 bakers!” :)).

There are three crucial things needed for the perfect baked potato.

Step #1 – SALT THE SKINS. After you have washed and poked holes in your potato, rub kosher salt all over the potato skins while they are still wet from getting washed. Do not wrap in tinfoil. If you like to eat the potato skin, which is good for you, then by rubbing salt all over and not wrapping it up in tinfoil, the skin will crisp up and taste great too.

Step #2 – FLUFF IT UP. After you have baked the potato at 400(ish) for an hour. Take each potato while it’s still hot (with your hand in an oven mitt), and smash it down on a flat surface, not too hard, but hard enough to break up the fibers of the potato inside. This will fluff it up, making it all soft inside.

Step #3 – GRATE FROZEN BUTTER. This might seem a bit strange, but I love doing this. While the potato is still steaming hot, grate frozen butter over the top. The small pieces of butter will fall all over the potato and melt quick.

Then you’ll have it…the perfect baked potato!

Now what will you top it with? please say bacon. :)

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  1. rozalynn rowbury says

    Hey! I LOVE your blog to pieces. My sister and I just started our own little blog (not entirely finished yet) but we’re gettin’ there. We would LOVE any advice or tips you have on making such a wonderful blog like the one you got here.. check it out

  2. Shaunee says

    Yum, yum! I agree with the sea salt on the outside. That’s a must!
    Thanks for the other tips… I’m going to give the butter a try for sure 😉

  3. Sandra says

    What a neat trick, ‘smashing’ the potato to make it fluffy on the inside! Can’t wait to try it! I bake mine without foil as well, since wrapping in foil causes a soggy skin, but what about rubbing a little oil on as well? I use a rimmed pan, I just roll the potatoes in an oil/sea salt mixture.
    Just wondering: you didn’t mention pricking the potato with a fork, is it unnecessary? I’m curious.
    : )

    • says

      Hi Sandra!

      Yes! I poke them with a knife or a fork too! Yes, I do think it is necessary. I guess I left that step out thinking it was assumed. Thank you!!

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