Quick Lemon Hummus

*Update: this method and recipe for Hummus is now my new favorite!

Super Bowl Sunday is this weekend – I mean Great Commercials and All You Can Eat Appetizer Sunday is this weekend! 😉 Yeah, you know what I’ talking about.

Let’s talk Hummus, and please forgive the pic with the lack of color. Maybe some colored chips or some red bell pepper would spice things up a bit.

This recipe is from Art Smith’s cookbook Kitchen Life, which is an awesome cookbook. It’s full of so many helpful tips from grocery shopping to staples you should always have on hand in your pantry. If you need some motivation in the kitchen, you would love it.

This recipe for hummus is so great because it substitutes peanut butter for tahini paste (ground sesame seeds), which is normally in most hummus recipes. So it saves you a trip to the specialty market. Who doesn’t have peanut butter on hand?!

Here is the Recipe:

Quick Lemon Hummus

1 – 15oz. Can Garbanzo Beans (Chick Peas) – drained with liquid reserved
3 TBL. Creamy Peanut Butter
1 Lemon zested
3 TBL. Fresh Lemon Juice
1/2 tsp. Ground Cumin
1 clove of Garlic minced
1/4 Cup Olive Oil (EVOO)
Salt & Cayenne Pepper to taste

Combine in a food processor. With the machine running add oil and bean liquid to make it smooth at the end.

So that’s it. You should try it.

What are you bringing to your Superbowl party?

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  1. Emily says

    I don't normally love hummus either but I'm a big fan of the sun-dried tomato Sabra hummus from Costco. Yummy! We always do the chips and salsa thing, maybe some jalapeno poppers, artichoke dip, taquitos…who knows! By the way, super cute juicer!

  2. Erin says

    That's a great Superbowl treat! Ah the Superbowl…now Kenny will sink into a post football depression until next fall. :)

    LOVE your Valentine bullet list. That post you did on Stuff and Munch (breakfast in bed) was one of my all time favorites! I also love the conversation hearts. Cute stuff Kami! As always.

  3. Staci says

    I will have to try that recipe. Whenever I have made it, I have to buy a big old bottle of tahini only to use a couple tbs so that works great to do it w/ PB.

  4. sara b says

    Peanut butter huh? I am going to have to try this version. We are hummus lovers around here. Mya eats if with a spoon if she can.
    Last weekend Mac and I ordered hummus and fresh pita to go from our favorite mediterranean restaurant and snuck it into Avatar. It made for the perfect movie treat (alongside our gigantic Diet Coke of course).

  5. Lilly Higgins says

    This looks gorgeous! I love hummus. And you have the same oxo garlic chrusher as me! It's the best isn't it? x

  6. Jennifer says

    Just tried this for the first time–delicious! Fabulous recipe, I am so glad you shared it. I used my blender because we don't have a food processor and it worked very well. Thank you!

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