DIY mini love notes for Valentine’s Day

Here’s another fun paper craft idea for Valentine’s Day. I love these little love notes, so sweet!

little love notes for Valentine's Day -

cutting die to make the little love notes -

I love this one, so simple, yet so cute.

Here is a link to the cutting die I used for this:

mini valentine

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  1. Kellie says

    Kellie said…
    You have so many cute ideas and they would be so fun to do, but most of us don't have the means to buy all of those die cuts. Do you have any valentines projects that people like me, without the gadgets & gizmos, can do? I really liked the bat mobile that you did back in October.

    • Diane Walgrave says

      Miss Kellie, I too do not have all the die cuts and gizmos. So very expensive, unfortunately. I plan to make these adorable greetings, but I am going to take a piece of festive scrapbook paper, and make my own pattern from lightweight cereal box cardboard. The pattern will be rectangular, with triangle points on either end. Then, I will create a cardboard heart pattern, also easy to make, to ‘close’ the little card. For the inside piece, just another complimentary square piece of scrapbook paper for the cute message. Just experiment a bit, it’s not hard, really. I make about 10 Valentine’s each year to send to friends and loved ones, and almost always, I make my own patterns. I actually enjoy cutting the paper with scissors, no hurry. Perhaps my results are more simple, but I think I get the same effect, and always receive many compliments!

  2. sherrie says

    Hey Kami happy birthday! I was reading your list of 32 things from last year and after I went straight to my blog and deleted all my !!!!!!! that were swimming all over the place. I never even thought of that being funny before – but you're right – it is funny. Thanks for the blog help! Now if only I could figure out how you make a line through words when you're trying to tell the truth and then cross the word out to soften your statement. I love how you do that. Congrats on all you're doing – I think kyle may have a famous wife!

  3. kami @ says

    Hey Kellie!

    I realize that not everyone has access to all the cutting dies that I have used in the projects for paper hearts week.

    I do try to show projects that anyone could do…like the project I showed yesterday: the book paper apple (which only requires scissors and a sewing machine…but you could do it without the sewing machine too).

    Thanks for your comment, I will keep it in mind as I go forward with crafts.

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