Our sweet baby girl: Afton Jean

Last night at 6:02pm, we welcomed a sweet baby girl to our family. The circumstances surrounding her birth were not ideal – I went from boring bed rest to emergency C-Section within a 5 minute period – but the important thing is that she made it safely through her first big hurdle.

Things are currently stable (considering the circumstances), so I thought I’d share the details (with Kyle as my scribe) of her birth story while the crazy events of the night are still fresh on my mind.

Monday morning, November 14th, started off normal. I went to my twice-weekly ultrasound and learned that everything we’ve been monitoring (IUGR, lack of diastolic flow, low amniotic fluid) had remained stable from my previous scan. There was no reason to think anything immediate was going to happen. No news was good news.

Other than my scan, most of the morning was spent in bed (it is bed rest, after all) hooked up to the fetal heart monitor. The baby’s heart rate remained very consistent compared to the last 10 days in the hospital.

I took a long shower in the afternoon – the one indulgence I am allowed – and was back in bed at 3pm. I had a couple of visitors in the late afternoon and the heart rate monitor continued to provide normal readings during this time.

My nurse came in around 5:45pm to tell me she was leaving and to introduce me to my new nurse for the night. While the nurse was in the room, the baby’s heart rate experienced a deceleration from the normal 135 range down to 85. While an occasional deceleration hasn’t been unusual, it always makes you hold your breath and pray that the rate pops back up. Unfortunately, this time the rate did not return to normal, so things started happening very quickly.

Next thing I knew, I was surrounded by four nurses working on IV’s, cutting my shirt off and getting things ready for an emergency C-Section. Just as they were rolling my bed out of the room, Kyle and Aiden showed up. It was such a relief to know I was not alone.

They wheeled me down the hall to an operating room that was buzzing with activity. I knew from the beginning of this pregnancy that I was going to have a C-Section, but that didn’t prepare me for what I was experiencing.

Once they put me on the operating table, I was in pure panic mode. Things were happening so quickly that I had not yet received any medication and was fully aware of everything going on. It was so overwhelming to go from my normal bed rest routine to laying exposed on the operating table within a period of 5 minutes. Without enough time for an epidural, I was given a general anesthetic and I was out!

Next thing I knew, I was awake and learned that our sweet little Afton Jean had entered the world at 6:02pm weighing a very scary 12.7 ounces. I was wheeled back to my room where a bunch of concerned family members were waiting.

After several minutes of trying to grasp what had just happened, Kyle returned to my room from the NICU where he had been with Afton since her delivery. Kyle had talked to the delivering OB, our perinatologist and the neonatologist working with Afton and learned that a placental abruption was responsible for the sudden turn of events and the drop in heart rate. As hard as it’s been at times to be confined to a bed at the hospital, I am so thankful that I was here when this happened. Who knows what would have happened had I been on bed rest at home.

After a short visit with family, I was taken to the NICU to finally see our baby in person before being transferred to the Mother/Baby floor. It’s so emotional to see such a small little person and know that she has such a long, tough fight ahead of her. I feel so scared for her and protective of her. I would do anything to have kept her inside longer and given her more time to grow and develop. I still can’t get over how unbelievably small her little toes are.

Much of this situation is overwhelming – 1 day shy of 26 weeks, 3 1/2 months premature, 13 oz birth weight – and yet, despite all that is working against her, I have so much faith in her and hope for her situation. With my history, I have to feel there is a reason this pregnancy made it this far. Afton’s spirit had to fight so hard to get a body and get to this point. I know she won’t give up now. Add that to the technology and resources available today, along with the miracle workers at our NICU, there is great reason for optimism, even if waves of doubt and fear are unavoidable.

I was joking with a nurse earlier in the day that I may be on hospital bed rest through the holidays and that we could bring in a Christmas tree to decorate the room. The thought of spending over a month on bed rest in the hospital was tough, but after seeing how small baby Afton is, and how hard she is fighting, I can’t tell you how much I wish I could have had the blessing of those extra days and weeks of bed rest.

We are so grateful for all the thoughts and prayers you have sent our way. I hope you know how much they mean to our little family and our sweet baby girl. Please keep them coming! We love you all.

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  1. says

    Oh Kami, my heart breaks for how hard this must be for all of you. No matter how prepared you are your never prepared enough for any part of deliver and parenting. Afton, you and the rest of your family are in our prayers. She is so tiny and yet so perfect, what an absolute miracle and blessing. To see her so small and yet so perfect, I hope and pray things continue to go well for you and her, grateful you were where you needed to be so everything could get taken care of so quickly.

  2. faith says

    I’m praying for the sweet baby and you guys.
    You may not know me, but prayers will help, no matter what.
    My stepdaughter was a 2 lb premie and it now an honor student and she wants to be a NICU nurse.

    Stay strong!

  3. aNNIE lEMASTER says

    My thoughts and prayers are with you! I had my son at 29 weeks, so I know how scary things are for you right now. I like you kept a positive outlook and knew everything would be just fine eventually. He is a thriving rambunctios little 2 year old and has no health problems. I know the lord is with you at this time. Let him carry you through this trial.

  4. says

    My thoughts and prayers are with you all. I have a great aunt named Afton. She’s the cutest little thing, but tough as nails. You picked a good name for your little fighter!

    • says

      I have just said a prayer for you and your sweet little angel. She is absolutely perfect. Our Heavenly Father has many many miracles to go around and she is one of them! Congratulations on your sweetheart and we will be praying that everything goes smoothly for her and your family! God Bless Kami and Happy Holidays! :)

      Mallory @ Classy Clutter

  5. says

    Praying for you, Kami! I had a similar experience with my son’s birth 4 years ago (IUGR, low amniotic fluid, constant monitoring, emergency C section when his heart rate disappeared), and I’ve been following your blog for some time. I adore the name Afton, and all of your family will be in my prayers.

  6. says

    Oh Kami! Sweet Afton has already proven to be such a fighter – she can do this (and you can do this)! You will continue to be in our thoughts and prayers.

  7. says

    Our prayers are with you and your sweet little family! I keep this little quote handy, because I’m in constant need of this reminder- and I hope it’s of some comfort:

    “When in situations of stress, we wonder if there is any more in us to give. We can be comforted to know that God, who knows our capacity perfectly, placed us here to succeed. No one was foreordained to fail or be wicked. Let us remember that we were measured before and were found equal to our tasks; therefore, let us continue with a more determined discipleship. When we feel overwhelmed, let us recall the assurance that God will not over-program us; He will not press upon us more than we can bear.”
    –Neal A. Maxwell

  8. Dawn says

    Kami – we are praying for you and your family and especially your sweet little girl. We know we are witnessing a miracle and praying for more. We love you and your family.

  9. Tricia says

    Isn’t the candy store at Gardner’s Village named “Sweet Afton’s”? How appropriate for your precious little baby girl!!! Your entire family is in our family’s constant prayers, and you all have been at the forefront of our minds since we knew you were pregnant (I may not EVER admit how early Aves let that one out of the bag to our family, hehehe). As I look in awe at the pics you posted, I can’t help but notice that, although extremely tiny, Sweet Afton is ABSOLUTELY PERFECT. I don’t have any knowledge whatsoever of the journey that you are on, I can only imagine it… and when I do, I pray fervently for each and every one of you. Yep, we’re already loving that newest addition of yours… that sweet Afton. :)

  10. says

    Sending prayers and love! You are such an image of strength. How lucky you two are to have eachother (you as her mom and her as your daughter). Congrats on your baby girl!

  11. says

    Oh, Kami, I have a little bit of an idea of what you are experiencing right now, and my heart goes out to you and your family. I am so thankful that you were at the hospital. You did everything you needed to to give Afton her best chance–you are an awesome mommy. I know that Heavenly Father will watch over Afton. I will keep all of you in my prayers.

  12. Kelley says

    I, too, am thankful you were in the hospital when this happened and glad you have family and friends close to offer support. Sending all the prayers and hugs in the world to today to you, your family and that sweet baby girl.

  13. says

    Congratulations! I posted a Happy Birthday message to Afton on Momfo. I thought you wouldn’t mind since you posted this and I hope you don’t! When I was in the hospital with May I clung to the internet since I couldn’t cope with one-on-one conversations. I can’t possibly know what you are all going through but I hope the post brings you some encouraging messages from your readers on BabyCenter.

  14. says

    Wow. As I prayed for you guys last night I would have never thought she was already here. Five min to prepare for such a moment must have been so scary kami – I’m amazed with you. And I’m sure Kyle was not prepared to walk in and see that happening. BUT now I’m sure she is meant for one of my boys bc afton Jean is a name I’ve had on my never used girl list forever. Brians darling grandma who I’m crazy about is named afton and his dad is named gene. I LOVE the name! Love it! She’s going to be a fighter- I agree with you that she must have been meant to be here. Sending you much much love!

  15. Chelley Black says

    I’m sitting here reading your story with tears just streaming down my face. My daughter was born at 30 weeks and was 3lb 4oz. When I think of her tiny body being 4x the size of your precious daughter, it’s too much to comprehend. She seemed impossibly small to me, but is now a healthy, beautiful 3 year old. I will continue to pray that your ordeal has a positive outcome. They can work miracles in the Nicu.

    Even though you don’t know me, I just wish I could be there to hold your hand and to reassure you that you did all you could to give her a safe transition into this world. Hang in there, Mommy. We’re all pulling for you.

  16. Leanne says

    Oh Kami, I’m sending out tons of prayers for you, your family and sweet little Afton. She s such a fighter and both of you are so brave. I’m so thankful you were at the hospital with all the equipment and professionals there to help you have a swift delivery. We’ll keep praying for you and your family.

  17. Arianne says

    Praying for your sweet little girl. I am also praying for your family and your other children as they watch their little sister struggle.

  18. nicole furness says

    tears are streaming down my face as i relive my baby’s unexpected premature birth as i read about yours. words can’t describe the empathy i feel for your little family right now. you are an amazingly strong person and your faith shines through!!! i have always felt my baby came early because she couldn’t wait any longer to gain a physical body and start her earthly experience. i will keep you and your family (esp afton) in my prayers. God bless!!

  19. Kristi @ Addicted 2 Decorating says

    You and your family, and of course, your sweet baby have been on my mind since I read the status that your husband wrote on your blog Facebook page last night. The first thing I did this morning when I got on my computer was to come here and see if any update had been posted. I’m so thankful to see that your sweet baby has made it past this big hurdle. She is truly a fighter, and I will be praying for her to get stronger and bigger as each day passes, and for peace of mind for you and your husband.

  20. says

    Prayers and good wishes to your family and tiny girl. She made it to almost 26 weeks, that’s good! (better that 24 anyway?!) As you already said, you are at one of the BEST NICU’s in the world. (I can vouch for that, I used to work there.) They are fantastic at treating babies as early and tiny as yours, and have great outcomes. Your tiny girl is a fighter, and she has that on her side. 1st, that she’s a girl, (they just typically do better), and 2nd, that she’s been in a stressful situation with her IUGR and other issues, she’s already beaten odds and she’ll keep doing that.

    Keep the faith, it’s what will get you through these next few months. :)

  21. says

    My sweet friend, you are AMAZING! Kam she is the sweetest tiniest baby I have ever seen. She was saved until this time because she is one of the most faithful fighters that our Father has. She will fight I just know it. You are such a wonderful mother and I am one of the most blessed people on earth to be able to call you a friend. If there is ANYTHING that I can do please let me know. HUGE prayers are being sent your way!

    Love your guts (and Mini’s tooo)

  22. says

    Kami….sending you hugs and prayers. Your story brought back so many memories of our son’s early arrival via emergency c-section. So glad you were being monitored so closely in the hospital.

    I’m sending up prayers for you and your precious baby girl. ♥ She’s already a fighter and a miracle.

  23. says

    Hey it’s Audrey, your Pebbles Egg Nog sucker friend from years ago. :) Your family and sweet Afton are in my prayers and know that you are both in the best possible hands right now. That NICU is the best in Utah and they saved our little Darbi who was 23.5 weeks and 15.5 oz. Keep strong and take any happy pills they offer. :)

    “Often do the spirits of great events stride on before the events. And in today already walks tomorrow”
    — Samuel Taylor Coleridge

  24. says

    First, congrats in Afron’s arrival even though it was not under ideal conditions. I couldn’t imagine the stress you were feeling during that time but I am so happy you were at the hospital as well. I will be thinking about her and your family while she continues to fight to grow big and strong.

  25. holly says

    Thoughts and prayers with you guys and that sweet little angel right now! My boys spent two months in NICU and I remember seeing tiny babies, like yours, that fought and fought! Hang in there! Big luvs your way.

  26. lindsay weiss says

    Love and strength to all of you…I’m inspired by your little fighter! You are in my prayers every single day, Kami. Hugs!

  27. says

    So glad you were in the hospital when this happened. What a miracle. Little Afton looks oh so sweet. I know you have a rough road ahead, but we will all be praying for you every step of the way. Hang in there.

  28. Tiffany Hood says

    Oh Kami- my heart is braking for you and I’m crying reading your story. I pray for strength for you and your darling little one and hope for the best as the next chapter opens. I’m so glad for you that you were in the hospital when her heart rate dropped and that they were able to see it and help her right away. Though I don’t know you- I’ll be thinking of you and praying for you.

  29. Brook@BeingBrook says

    Congrats on sweet baby Afton’s arrival. Prayers for your sweet baby and best wishes for your recovery. I have nephews that were born at 27 weeks. They spent many months in the NICU but are now happy, healthy two years olds. Praying for your family!

  30. says

    D&C 64:33 Wherefore, be not weary in well-doing, for ye are laying the foundation of a great work. And out of small things proceedeth that which is great.

    I love you to pieces, and so does our Heavenly Father. Make sure you tell him how scared you are and how much faith you have. He will help.

    Thinking of you, Lara

  31. says

    Oh Kami, I can’t imagine the emotions you must be feeling. I think you are exactly right, she is here for a reason and though she is small she sounds like a tough little baby girl. My thoughts and prayers are with your sweet family!

  32. Melanie says

    We arrived in your room right after they took you back to deliver Afton so we didn’t know what was going on or where you were. When the nurse told us what had happened Maddie asked if she could offer a prayer for you and then went on to give the most heartfelt and faith-filled prayer on your behalf that it brought tears to my eyes. The nurses brought Aiden back to the room and we played until Kyle’s parents got there. Maddie continued to play “finding the bad guys” with Aiden as we talked and the doctors and nurses brought back information about all that had happened.
    We were so relieved to hear that “Mini Afton” had been delivered and that they were able to get her breathing tube in! We wanted so much to be able to stay to give you and Kyle a hug, but Greg and I had to sing at his parent’s theater and so we had to leave before you came back to your room. Colleen sent us texts keeping us up to date on how your recovery was going and how Afton was doing, and we’re so grateful that she’s been stable so far!
    Your family is in our thoughts and prayers and we want you to know that if you need anything we are here for you!! May the Lord bless you with strength, comfort and peace each day as you face each challenge ahead. Thank you for the joy and love you have brought into our lives!! We have great love and hope for you!
    God bless you, Mel

  33. Mindy Rice says

    Kami and Kyle,

    You are such an amazing family! Afton Jean is a special little girl for a special family. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Afton is a precious blessing. xo

  34. Michelle Rowan says

    Oh Kami, seeing your sweet baby brought back so many memories for me. 12 years ago I had a baby boy at 20 weeks. He weighed 10.4 ounces and was 9 inches long but only lived 5 minutes. I’m very happy that the technology is SO much better to help little babies today. She will make it! Congratulations! I will keep your family in my prayers for sure!

  35. neysa says

    See how many people love and care for u and baby Afton. She will make it through this…I know she will. Reading about ur whole delivery brought tears to my eyes. You guys r both very strong. Loves! :)

  36. Kimberly Cox Killiings says

    My prayers are with you! My husband and I know exactly what you’re going through. I had our son at 27 weeks and it is a very emotional process. Our son is now 2 years old, 37lbs, and he is perfectly healthy. I pray for your family’s strength and for your little angel’s perfect health. God bless you!!!

  37. Regan says

    The Golding family is sending baby Afton and your family positive vibes and caring thoughts. I really look up to you Kami, you are an amazing mother and person. Stay strong!

  38. Juli says

    I am not sure where in UT you live, but if you need anything let me know. I can bring dinner or watch kids or give rides to/from the hospital or clean or whatever you need. I was on bedrest for 9 weeks with my second baby and I am so grateful for those that helped me. Let me know if I can do anything! julinewman@gmail.com

  39. wendy ward says

    Sending lots of prayers for you and your little girl. My friend delivered at about the same stage in pregnancy over a year ago and her little girl is doing great.

  40. says

    Oh Kami! How scary! I’m so glad that both of you are okay…..sending hugs and prayers. Thank GOD you were in the hospital already. My heart was racing while reading your post and the frantic nature that it all happened. I know Afton will grow stronger and stronger each day I’ll be praying for her and your family! Praying for a quick recovery for you as well! I’m recovering from surgery as well so I know it will take some time…..but you’ll be back on your feet in no time and standing over your baby girl! What a precious miracle she is!



  41. says

    Congratulations on the new baby! But I’m sorry this all is happening much earlier than you had hoped. I hope everything goes smoothly from here.

    I laughed when someone at the top of the comments called her Ashton. :)

  42. says

    Oh Kami! I wish so badly I could come by and give you a big hug. She is BEAUTIFUL. So tiny and perfect. I am beyond grateful that you are both ok. I know first hand how scary emergency surgeries are. Thank goodness you WERE at the hospital. I know this little one made it this far for a reason – a fighter just like Avery. I’m praying your recovery will be quick and before long you will be holding that sweet little angel in your arms. Such a precious gift!

    Praying for you and your sweet new addition! Right along with the rest of the world. :)

    Love you Kami! Hang in there.

  43. says

    We’re all baby around here right now, so I brought my 4-year-old in to see your little baby picture. I told her how you were worried for your baby, and she knelt down next to me by the computer and promptly said a prayer that you would be happy and that baby girl would be healthy. I know we’re hopeful around here! We will keep you in our prayers.

  44. Heather Gay says

    Kami, Kyle, Avery, Aiden, & sweet baby Afton. You are in our thoughts and prayers. You never cease to amaze us all with your strength, your conviction, and your ebullient spirit. I am inspired by you and your shining example of Faith in every footstep. Please know how much you are loved and supported through this experience. Love you Kami.

  45. liz johnson radcliffe says

    congratulations kami! i’m so sorry for the very difficult circumstances that sweet little afton was born in, i can’t imagine how hard and joyful the experience must have been all at the same time! i just wanted to let you know that you and your family have been in my thoughts and prayers and i’m sending lots of positive energy your way. much love..

  46. says

    Prayers for Afton, your family, and everyone who has been touched by “Mini Bigler’s” early debut. Thank you for sharing your story and keeping us updated.

  47. Kirah C. says

    praying for you and your sweet baby Afton. my cousin was born at 1 lb. 3 oz (just 6 oz. bigger than Afton) and that was almost 10 years ago. praying for God to keep her strong and for your beautiful family. <3 hugs.

  48. Keri Glazier says

    Kami and Kyle

    We love you both so much!!! Many tears and heart felt prayers have been going up in the Glazier home last night and today, even from our little crazy little preemie!! When we were in the middle of my complicated pregnancy and NICU stay I used to repeat to myself over and over ……”You Can Do Hard Things” !!! The Lord has a way of carrying us during these times and His will, will be done. I am thankful for the lessons that I learned during these times in my life to rely on the Lord and put my trust in him. Now I find it easier to do hard things. Even when I just recently got called to be the YW’s president I kept repeating……….. “You Can Do Hard Things” so I know that your family will make it through this and there will be many lessons to be learned.

    Kami YOU CAN DO HARD THINGS!!!!!! YOU ALREADY HAVE!!!!! Hang in there, I wish so, so bad I could come up there and wrap my arms around you and give you a hug and a kiss. Love you.

    xoxoxoxoxo Keri xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

    • Cami Shipley says

      Kami and Kyle,
      Our prayers are with you and sweet baby Afton. I was thinking about my wonderful sister in law while I was reading this and scrolling through the comments and here she is! I just found out that we have more in common than our name. I asked Keri when she was pregnant with Dax how she could go through this a fourth time knowing how hard it is. She told me that it (horrible pregnancy and premature birth) was only for a short time and that after you have this wonderful person that you get to be a mother to forever. I have been very inspired by your wonderful blog for a while now. And I think that Afton is one lucky little girl to have such a wonderful family. ((hugs)) Cami

  49. Stacey says

    Oh, Kami! I am praying for you and your sweet baby girl. I have been down this road. My daughter was born at 30 weeks and spent 2 months in the NICU. It is tough but I KNOW prayers help and are SO tangible when you’re in the NICU. I know that I was buoyed by so many prayers during that time and I hope that you feel the peace, comfort and love coming from so many during this time. It is GREAT that she is a fighter now. These tiny babies have a way of having huge spirits inside them. Many many prayers and good thoughts your way.

  50. Lori says

    Congratulations on the beautiful new addition to your wonderful family! So glad you were in good hands for the sudden arrival!

    We will continue to pray for all of you, and especially for precious baby Afton. Your mom and Kae have been passing the news to Jeff, so we’ve been praying for some time. We’ll keep asking for miracles and blessings in your behalf and know that Heavenly Father will take perfect care of all of you.

    Much love,
    Jeff and Lori

  51. Katie R says

    There is so much hope! My sister was born at 23 weeks and is an active, social 8 year old now. Your family will definitely be on my mind and heart.

  52. Stephanie says

    So scary! My prayers will continue to be with your family during this time- lets watch how big of a fighter is in that teeny little body of hers! Afton is such a blessing! Hang in there and keep us posted!!!

  53. Tammy says

    I had a partial abruption with my first, and I know all the thoughts that go through your head as it’s happening. I’m so glad you were already at the hospital. Many thoughts and prayers to you and your sweet baby girl.

  54. says

    My thoughts are with you and your family… I hope you are able to cuddle on your baby girl very soon and that she grows at a wonderful, healthy rate. Please keep us all posted as I am sure you will be on everyone’s minds!

  55. says

    oh my goodness… what a scary experience you’ve had! We’re all thinking of you and Afton Jean and sending positive thoughts and prayers your way!

    Love- Ashley, Pam & Michelle

  56. says

    From someone who has been down this road a few too many times,…you are in tremendous hands both medically and spiritually. Know this and let this knowledge give you great comfort. In 17 years your precious Afton Jean will be discussing with you the merits of the various ugg boots on sale and how she needs an inside pair and an outside pair…..

  57. says

    Oh Kami! My emotions are high reading your experience! It’s amazing how much love we as mothers have for our wee ones from the beginning and at 13 oz. you’d do anything to fight and protect her! That is beautiful!

    I love little Mini/Bigler and I will pray for her to fight! And I will pray for you Kami, to have the comfort and strength you need to get through this.

  58. says

    Kami, thank you so much for sharing this post! I have been wondering how things went ever since I saw the news on Facebook. You are all in my thoughts and prayers!

  59. says


    I will be lifting your daughter up in prayer for the strength to manage each day until she is strong enough to go home. I will be praying for your healing and strength and courage for you and your family through every hour. Know that many arms are (virtually) around you and that God is with you at every single moment of this journey.

    Welcome to the world Afton Jean!


  60. Michelle {Fun On A Dime} says

    Talk about timing! As much as any parent hates the idea of not making it full term, if things are going to happen, you couldn’t have been in a better situation….in hospital and a nurse in the room right when the baby’s heart rate dropped. Blessings all around. Keep your optimistic attitude going. It will get you through a lot. I’ve been a nanny for infants born at 25 weeks and the parents’ attitude makes the difference in everything. You are amazing! My prayers are with you!

  61. says

    Oh my dear blog friend – I had no idea you were going through all of this. My story is SO similar to yours! My son (now 5 1/2) was born emergency c-section at 1 lb 3 oz at 30 weeks. My baby was severe IUGR SGA and had many trials in the NICU. I promise you – these babies are fighters. They are stronger than they look. My prayers are with you. if you want to talk, I’m here – just email me and I’m a phone call away :) mrsmomomma@aol.com http://www.momomma.com (see about me for details on our babies)

  62. Emily says


    I am incredibly moved by your bravery and strength throughout this journey. You and your family are an inspiration. Afton looks like a tough little cookie and she will make it through!! I am keeping you guys in my prayers and look forward to seeing her grow big and strong. :)

  63. Barb says

    You don’t know me..I had tears in my eyes reading your story. Please know that my prayers and good thoughts are flying your way for everyone involved. As someone mentioned before..Trust that everything will be ALRIGHT.

  64. says

    I just found your blog and just want you to know you and that adorable baby will be in prayers and thoughts!!
    Best wishes and I look forward to following Afton’s story!!

    Meesh :)

  65. Christina says

    God bless you, baby Afton & the rest of your family. I will be praying for you. One of my nieces was born under similar circumstances, spent quite a few weeks in the NICU, and is now a perfectly healthy 6 yr old! I pray that little Afton has the same good fortune.

  66. Jodi says

    My prayers are with you and your family. My son spent some time in the NICU last Christmas and it was the hardest thing I had to ever go through. But Afton sounds like a tough, amazing little cookie and I pray for you all.

  67. Dawn I. says

    My thoughts and prayers are with you … Afton is a fighter.
    16 years ago my sweet niece Kayla Jean was born also at 26 weeks weighing 18 oz and 13 inches long.
    She was breathing on her own after only two weeks and is a healthy, smart and beautiful teenager today.
    I wish the same blessings on you that my family was able to enjoy.
    with Love

  68. Gailanne Upton says

    You don’t know me either Kami, but know you’re in my prayers along with Afton and your husband…
    May God bless you all, and keep you under His watch.

  69. says

    We may not know one another, but your sweet Afton, you and your family are in my prayers, my thoughts, everything.

    Sending lots of love along with these prayers.

  70. Kimmy says

    What a tiny yet tremendous miracle…my heart hurts for the stress&worry&long road ahead you face, but you have been in our prayers and will continue to be so. She obviously has one amazing and extremely strong little spirit, and one extremely special, strong and loving mommy. Hugs&well wishes to you.

  71. says

    Oh what a beautiful little mini, we are praying for her to be strong and fight! What a lucky little girl to have been born to a mother like you. She gets to have you forever and ever, what a special thing for her to have. Lots of prayers & thoughts for you all day long from our house!

  72. Brooke says

    I found your blog on a link from facebook and your story sounds all too familiar, except that I was blessed to make it to 37 weeks and our baby girl weighed 4 lbs, 6 oz. I know what it’s like to have a horrible pregnancy and I know that your emotions are so on edge right now. I am praying for you and sweet baby Afton.

  73. Jill says

    My prayers are with you. Although for different reason, my son had a NICU stay due to open heart surgery at 4 days old. He too will have a long road which seems more exhausting for his mommy & daddy than him. On another note, my friend was born at 26 weeks old and you would have no idea by looking at him now 31 years later. He’s perfectly healthy and science & technology has advanced so much over 30 years. Prayers to you and your baby.

  74. says

    Oh Kami – congratulations on the arrival of beautiful Afton – if even under very scary circumstances. Our family is holding yours in our thoughts and prayers. Fight on Afton – this whole crazy world is cheering for you. XO – Sarah

  75. Brooke says

    Jennifer Spink posted asked for prayers for your family and linked to your blog. My family went through a similar situation last year. We just celebrated our son’s 1st birthday! During this time we were pleased with amazing NICU nurses and doctors. I pray for your little one and strength for you and your family during this time.

  76. Michelle says

    I’m praying for Afton and your family. She’s a fighter and I believe that she will be your miracle baby. My friend had her baby at 26 weeks and is now a very healthy active 4 year old.
    Lots of love!

  77. Jill Sumsion says

    Oh Kami, what a story. Tonight I told my little girls about Afton and how we will be praying for her for a long time. I’ll call the DC temple tomorrow when it opens and add Afton’s name to the prayer roll.

  78. Jana says

    Lifting your sweet Afton and family up in prayer. I gave birth to my girls 4 months early and they weighed 1 lb. after about 6 months in the NICU my girls came home. They are now 2 years old and unbelievable. It’s amazing how strong these tiny babies are. May god hold your family in the palm of his head and bring you comfort.


  79. Royanna Fritschmann says

    My prayers are with you and that sweet angel! – I was emergency delivery with both my boys 26 weeks and 29 weeks. They are now 13 and 10 – and the younger is an honors student in the gifted program. So stay strong to your faith – may the Lord hold your family in his hands and give you peace and strength.

  80. Lisa says

    First of all, congratulations on your beautiful tiny baby girl! She is a blessing from above! God does amazing things, and He will be with you. I pray that the long journey ahead will have comforting family and friends, rest, and lots of love and blessings for ya’ll! I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers :) take care!

  81. says

    Oh Kami! How I am praying for you and your little fighter. I’ve had all my babies early…not that early…but I’ve been on bed rest for them all and remember so well those feelings during the long nights in the NICU. Those were scary but really special times. It really is a miracle little avery came this far! You look beautiful, and I am praying that you and your family will receive the blessings that are waiting for you!

  82. Gail Phillipd says

    Praying for your sweet baby and your family. My grandson, Grady was born at 26 weeks and weighed 2 lbs at birth. He DID spend 68 days in NICU and several months on a heart monitor once he came home but I am happy to say that today, he is a bouncing, bubbly, normal 5 year old with no developmental delays and is the light of my life. I am praying that Afton has the same result. Just know that you have lots of prayers going up for you and your sweet family as you go through this trying time. Take care and stay positive! Great things can and do happen everyday!!

  83. Patti says

    Dear Kami, I know personally how scary this is! My son, now 38,was born at 24 weeks weighing 1&1/2 lbs. At that time he was the smallest baby ever born and he had many ups & downs,but he survived and the only thing he had later on was some loss of hearing in one ear! So Kami you all keep your chin up,because what the docs can do today is amazing! And GOD performs miracles everyday..he did in 1973 & HE does every day! I will definitely keep all of you in my prayers! By the way love her name!

  84. Jenna says

    I’ve been thinking of you and praying for your family all day. I’ll continue to send prayers. May you all find strength during this most difficult time. (And I too love her name – Beautiful)

  85. says

    Sweet Kami,

    I just want you to know that my entire family prayed for you and your baby girl tonight… I believe God listens to my children more than me.

    We send you our best wishes and love… Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you during this time.

    Have a sweet night sweetheart…♥

  86. says

    I am moved to tears at your little picture! What a blessing and a miracle! She looks like a fighter!! May you feel God’s love for you and Afton to sustain you. HUGS!!

  87. Melanie Briggs says

    I could not help but cry at your touching story. My son was born the same way, emergency c-section. Not nearly as scary as your story but I do know how you feel. The turn of events, nurses rushing in, getting wheeled into the emergency room, something I was not prepared for at all. I had my first two as natural births and was determined to have my third the same. Well thank god to my wonderful doctor because he made the call to get a c-section and saved his life. My boy, Connor, had the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck twice and tied in a knot. I was told if I delivered vaginally he would not have made it. I am blessed with my little guy and will be praying for you and your new bundle of joy to make it through :)

  88. kim-todays creative blog says

    Kami, I keep coming back and looking at the sweet photo of you two. I heart breaks for you my sweet friend that this road is so bumpy. I wish I could be there for anything you need.

  89. says

    Dear Kami,

    Your birth experience was a lot like me, except I had an epidural and my husband couldn’t be there because we live far from the hospital where I was on bedrest. I delivered my twins at 34.5 weeks in complete panic, and we also went through the struggle of the NICU (but for a shorter period of time). I just wanted to tell you to hang in there, I saw many tiny babies fight hard and grow stronger every day, and then leave home with their loving parents. It is a long, difficult process but one day it will be over, and you will be home together. I will keep you all in my prayers. Stay strong!

  90. says

    Sending healing thoughts your way. We had a 23 wk micropreemie who despite of her initial “preemie” complications (which self resolve) has turned into one of the most amazing children I’ve ever known. This will definitely be an emotional rollrcoaster but God is good and we are all here cheering your family on through these difficult times. Please reach out when you need us and always know your not alone! We’ve been there!! Preemies ROCK!

  91. Kirsten Wright says

    We send prayers your way! Wow! There is definitely a plan for each of us and YES she will be a fighter….hang in there mom and know that we are all keeping your family in our prayers. She is such a beautiful tiny girl! Hugs and kisses!

  92. Amy says

    Oh Kami, that’s wonderful you were able to have another baby girl! I’ve seen little babies born this early who fight and win! I’m praying for you guys. Go go go Afton!! :)

  93. says

    I’m a new reader and my heart is totally breaking for you and your precious little daughter. Praying for your family. I can’t even imagine what you must be going through. Prayer for healing, peace, and healthy growth for Afton. Blessings!

  94. says

    Remember these words..if God brings you to it, He will bring you through it. Angels are with you, your family and your sweet baby girl. My prayers will have you and your sweet family in them. Good luck my friend.

  95. says

    Hi Kami,

    We met at evo over the summer and I saw the link to your story on the Crafting Chicks facebook. Thank you for sharing your faith and optimism during such a hard trial. I’m sure there will be lots of overwhelming times throughout this process, but I hope and pray for you to have those constant reassurances of peace.

  96. Julia says

    Kami, I love your blog and have been reading it for a few months. I have been praying and thinking of you in this pregnancy and will continue to pray for you, Afton and your entire family. Keep strong for your little girl!!!!

  97. says

    Your sweet little girl is so cute! We are praying for her. We have a lot in common. I wish I would have found your blog before now. I have 5 children, 2 of them are adopted. 3 of them were preemies. My identical twins are in heaven watching over us. They all had severe IUGR and were itsy bitsy, not quite as small as Afton. I read through your medical history. After 4 years of questions I finally have a diagnoses. I know how busy you are right now but if you have any questions please feel free to email me. Take care. Hang in there.

  98. Angela says

    We don’t know each other, but I read your story on Mom Endeavors and wanted you to know I will be praying for you, your family, and your sweet baby. God does hear prayers and especially when there are a lot of people praying for the same thing. Take care!!

  99. says

    My heart is full of love and hope for you. I am praying for baby Afton and for you as well. I’ve known other babies born this early and grow up practically perfect in every way. Miracles are performed everyday and you have one in Afton.

  100. says

    Congratualtions on your tiny bundle of joy! I can imagine that she has lots of fighting to do but with prayers, love, and Jesus (really, all she needs :) – anything is possible.

  101. jessica says

    Dear Kami,
    Reading your story brings back so much emotion… 18 years ago I also gave birth early to a little 1 pound 5oz baby boy. Andrew was 2 1/2 months early… I am happy to report that he is now 145 pounds and 6 feet tall..!!!! Graduating from High School this year… I am saying my prayers for Afton, your family and the Doctors and nurses. Take lots of pictures you will cherish them when she is a teenager … being a teenager..! :-)
    Hugs <3

  102. Julie says

    Thinking and praying for you and your sweet little family this morning. Our extended family had a Little Miracle Baby also, nearly a year and a half ago. Now he’s running around chasing after his brothers! Sending lots of love and warm hugs to surround you and your family.

  103. Jen says

    Praying for you and your tiny miracle…Last night I was making dinner using a recipe of your moms from the old 8th Ward cookbook. Seeing her name made me smile and think of your family. Later I saw the link on Facebook to your blog and I don’t know if I would have realized it was you unless I would have been thinking of your family earlier. I was heartbroken to see what you have been through but inspired by your strength. You have a beautiful family, may the Lord watch over and protect you at this time. Jennifer Hodges Richards

  104. Normi says

    Your story has brought me to tears, but not from sadness but for the strength that you and your precious baby have already shown. I will continue to pray for baby Afton, you and your family. Stay strong and positive during this long road. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful story. Thinking of you.

  105. Tara Ondrick says

    My heart goes out to you! I am praying for your daughter and your entire family. My youngest was born at 25 weeks and was 1lb 15 oz. He had a very long stay in the hospital, but the technology and excellent care these babies get in the NICU is miraculous! Please feel free to contact me if needed…I know how it is share with those who have been through it. I also used caring bridge to keep family and friends updated…it helps. Take care and God Bless all of you!

  106. says

    What an emotional story. I am such a sucker for babies and their sweet disposition so its tough not feeling any emotion, combined with your situation, and being a mother myself. Your sweet baby girl will be in my prayers as she was last night. I have much faith in the hospital care and the lord that her sweet little soul and fighting heart will pull through. Lots of love, strength, and prayers coming your way. Xo Jen

  107. Lana says

    I know just what you are going through! My 1st child was born at 33 weeks. She stayed in the hospital for 3 1/2 weeks. I had never know anyone with a premie and my doctor did not talk to me about premie’s. It was quite a shock. I lived far away from any family, so I was quite scared, when my water broke. My friends were wonderful to my husband and I, and have become life long friends! The 1st year of my daughter’s life was very trying, because she caught everything that came along. We had many doctor’s appointments, but we had the best pediatrician. Our pediatrician was God sent. With lots and lots of prayers, we came through that 1st year just fine. My daughter is nine now and is the picture of health. My daughter is very smart. She is even one of the tallest kids in her class at school. – – You and your family will be on my mind and in my prayers! May God bless you and your family!

    • says

      Hi There:
      A friend of mine just showed me your blog. I wanted to let you know that a month ago I gave birth to my son Liam who was born at 15oz. He is doing GREAT for being so tiny. Please don’t give up hope and if you wish to talk I’d love to be some support for you. I know how stressful and scary those first few weeks are. Keep having faith!

  108. Brandy Miller says

    Congratulations! I wish you and Afton the best of luck. She is absolutely beautiful. I will keep your precious girl and your family in my prayers. I cannot imagine the road you are headed down, but stay strong and believe in the power of positive thinking. May God bless you all.

  109. says

    Oh my sweet friend… she is beautiful and you are so remarkably strong. I am thinking about you and your family – sending you all kinds of love and prayers… Will keep wrapping you in virtual love for as long as you need me …

  110. Lindsey Turner says


    Your story really hits home for me. My first pregnancy, I was 27 weeks and I had a placental abruption while I was at home. It took a few hours before I knew that something really bad had happened. After about 24 hours, my son, Lucas, was born stillborn. You were truly blessed to have been in the hospital where they were able to take immediate action and give your precious little girl the best fighting chance. I am always thinking of you and your family. I am sending so much love to you and your sweet baby girl. She is already such a fighter!

  111. says

    We are keeping you, your family and especially baby Afton in our thoughts and prayers. You are both such fighters, and she is so, so beautiful.

    Hang in there, and know there are people all over the world sending up as many prayers as we possibly can.

  112. Heather says

    Congratulations! She is so perfect and beautiful, as is her name. You don’t know me but you have been in my prayers constantly Her spirit must be SO full in that itsy bitsy body! Heavenly Father must have such a mission for her :) May angels gather around Afton and your family to guide you through this fight. Sending lots of prayers and love your way.

  113. mallie lanham says

    my heart skipped beat when I saw her, Biglers! She’s beautiful.
    All of the struggle means something– stay strong– especially you, Afton! can’t wait to see more of you, little doll.

  114. Heidi M. says

    Still praying for baby Afton’s strength to get through this time. She’s got a lot of angels on her side. :) Hang in there Kami. xo

  115. Amanda Armstrong says

    I asked a friend of mine who delivered her son at 24 weeks what verses gave her strength during that time. He is a 1 YO now and doing great! Keep the faith and stay strong!

    “Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.” Philippians 4:6

    “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding. In all your way acknowledge Him and He shall direct your paths.” Proverbs 3:5

    “For I know the plans I have for you” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11

  116. Victoria @obSEUSSed says

    What a darling and strong baby! Congrats on her joining your family. Lots of prayers and love sent to your family.

  117. says

    Oh my friend. Praying that little girl and your family and your doctors. Such a sweet little thing…so sorry you have to fight right now. You have a huge community here for rooting you on!

  118. Hanna says

    She is just beautiful and perfect! Such a little miracle. I will keep you in my prayers and look forward to reading about her progress.

  119. Shannon Roberts says

    OH boy thoughts & prayers!! I agree with you Afton may have made a grand entrance but she is here for a reason.

  120. Laura says

    I was so touched by your story…I too am on bed rest and know that every day can be a challenge. There is no doubt in my mind that everything happens for a reason which put you in the right place at the right time. She is a beautiful gift and my thoughts are with you for the long road ahead. She is a true miracle.

  121. says

    You’ve got a little fighter there! My last baby was born at only 6 ounces and I wished and wished for just a few more weeks. They can do so much now with premature babies. I’ve had a placental abruption with every single one of my pregnancies and they can be very scary. You are definitely lucky you were in the hospital when it happened. Hopefully things will only go up from here!

  122. Ashley - Embracing Beauty says

    This breaks my heart as my little one is only a few months old and wow, I don’t know what to say. I’m praying for you and your little baby girl. I’ve shared this on my blog’s facebook page so others can pray to.

  123. Becky Hart says

    Please know that you are in our thoughts and prayers. Afton is joining an amazing family, and the Lord will bless you in the difficult road ahead.

  124. Sarah says

    I am experiencing a heavy dose of deja vu here. I delivered my third child in much the same manner, with placenta previa at 29 weeks. It was the day before Thanksgiving, in 2011. He was intubated and on a respirator for the first two weeks, and I wasn’t able to hold him. I remember feeling the same way you do: I just wished desperately I could have kept him in longer. There are a lot of ups and downs with the NICU life, but it looks like you already have learned that with Avery. Hang in there, and believe in miracles! They happen every day in the NICU! The fact that we can now deliver a 26-week gestation baby weighing less than a pound and save that baby’s life is amazing, isn’t it?
    Prayers for you and yours!

  125. Amy Desrosiers says

    May God bless this child, I will keep her in my prayers. i am currently pregnant, and completely understand the complications you had experienced with your baby as I also had many in my first pregnancy. Your baby is beautiful!!

  126. kim long says

    Dear Kami, As I write this I have tears running down my face. Tears for all the hard times you and your family have endured already and tears of joy because she is doing so well! (praise God!) Thankyou for sharing your story. My daughter spent quite a while in Nicu when she was born 12 years ago under different circumstances and I know how stressful a completely normal day in the hospital can be and how tiring the process can become day after day. I also know that most Nicu nurses are simply sent from God above because their expertise and compassion go above and beyond. Like someone previously said, God will only give us what we can handle (with His help) and I like so many others has and will be praying for you and all your family including your newest little miracle! I pray God blesses each one of you!

  127. Shawna Rioux says

    Dear Kami,
    I cannot believe how small she is! But I am sure you guys can’t either. Keep you chin up and know that so many people are praying for you and your sweet family. She is already a fighter like you said and I am optomistic that she will keep fighting until she is able to come home to you.
    God Bless!!

  128. says

    Kami, little Afton is a miracle. I am amazed by her tiny body and will pray for her to grow and thrive, for the doctors and nurses to feel a real connection to her and to your family, and for your family to one day sleep soundly under one roof. Jesus has you all in His loving hands.

  129. says

    First of all, congratulations on the birth of your little girl! I found your blog through a mutual blogging friend, and just wanted to stop by and say you and baby Afton are in my prayers. I’m a NICU nurse and don’t want to give too much unsolicited advice, but try to have faith and take it one day at a time.

    Being in the NICU is a roller coaster ride, but the high level of technology and expertise is amazing. We take care of babies age 23 weeks gestation and up at my NICU, and I know I certainly see my share of miracles every day.

  130. Heidi E. says

    Hello. My heart is breaking for you right now. You don’t know me but I read about you on a blog that I read by Allison, Petite Elefant. My heart goes out to you! I also had the experience of having an emergency c-section giving birth to 24 week micro-preemie twins. It is beyond “rough”. I am so sorry for the difficulty of what you are feeling and experiencing. I wish you the very best. The prayers and support I received helped me more than anything else. I hope you can hang in there. It’s a very long road ahead. But it will one day be o.k. My twins are 3 and a half years old now and doing great. They still have issues with certain things but they are here and I am here. I pray that you can have peace and comfort during these difficult days, weeks, and months ahead. God bless you and your little baby girl. Miracles happen everyday. P.S. Hold her as much as you possibly can. It’s crucial for you and her! Much love, Heidi

  131. angela says

    I just had to show my kids. I gave them a 12.6 bag of M and M’s to hold to give them an idea of just how small this precious baby really is. We are praying for little Afton and you!

  132. says

    Oh darling. I’ve been there. Not quite so early, but know how hard it is to see your baby for the first time and not be able to hold her. You are surrounded by the best care possible. I pray for strong lungs, strong heart and for a calm for you. Get to know your social work, they are a great resource.

  133. says

    I recently just went through a very similar situation. Reading your posts was like reading my story. Our 1 pound little Avery is now 6 weeks old and 3 pounds 5 ounces. It is truly amazing how much strength such little bodies have! Best of luck in you journey!

  134. whitkae says

    I had a friend who went through a similar situation. Her little buddy went through lots of ups & downs, but now he’s over a year old & a healthy guy. I wish you the best of luck with your little girl. We’ll be thinking of you & your family. Congrats on the beautiful baby!!

  135. says

    kami, i don’t see your blog a lot but happened to look today. my heart is hopeful and full of love for you and your little girl. i can’t imagine seeing a baby at only 12 oz. we will pray for your little family during this difficult time. we just lost our little boy a day after birth so our hearts are tender for your situation at this time. best wishes, jon and steph bletzacker

  136. Jodi says

    Just discovered your blog recently, never commented before. Truly can’t imagine what you are going through. I wanted to let you know you are in my thoughts & prayers.

  137. says

    As a long time reader of your blog and (randomly) a classmate of Kyles from good old Timpview, I’ve been praying for your sweet baby since I heard of your pregnancy. Your sweet family will surely be blessed by Heavenly Father during this scary time. I wish you the best in your recovery and in Afton’s challenging battle ahead. We will be praying for you all and especially her doctors and nurses. Internet hugs from Michigan!

  138. Michelle says

    You are right…sweet, precious Afton has been entrusted to you and I pray that she will grow stronger with each passing day. The care that is provided by medical teams is amazing and the both of you are in good hands. Care for yourself so that you can be strong for her. I pray for you and your family to be strong for Afton and strong for one another. There are blessings in store for all of you, of that I am certain. God bless each and every one of you. Hugs and Kisses from someone who was touched by your story.

  139. Roshanthie says

    Hi…Kami GODS in control your baby Afton is under his wings don’t worry dear she’ll be fine and be a blessed child to your family just TRUST in LORD
    Love…and Prayers your way
    God bless your family

  140. says

    I just found your blog and reading your story takes me back to when my youngest son was born 9 weeks early Seeing your sweet daughter in the incubater made my eyes tear up. My heart goes out to you and your sweet family. Prayers are coming your way that she will pull through all that is ahead of her. I also agree take care of yourself so you can be strong for your sweet little one. It truly does help.
    I hope that all continues to go well for you and your lovely family.

    Lisa from A Touch of Pink

  141. Shaunee says

    Cam and I have been thinking about you, Kyle, and Afton constantly. We want you to know what amazing people and parents you are. I am constantly in awe at the things you have to go through and the upbeat attitude you have. You are a wonderful example of strength and faithfulness in trials. Our family is praying and praying for you and baby. We have been so blessed by our association with you and we know the Lord will bless you in this difficult time. If you are in need of anything, just know we are there!

  142. Julie says

    A friend of mine sent me this link. My cousin was born 3 1/2 months early in 1980. She is now 31, healthy, happy, and is a Licensed Nurse Practioner. It is amazing how far the medical world has advanced. Afton is beautiful and she was sent as this time because she is a strong girl. Heavenly Father has saved his strongest spirits to come to this world now. I’m so happy she has finally made it. Congratulations!

  143. Amy says

    I found your blog via Mommycoddle this morning. I am not a religious person but I just wanted to say that I will keep wonderful thoughts for you and your tiny little girl. Please take care…

  144. says

    After 6 miscarriages and a 37 week stillborn, I am reading your post while breastfeeding my miracle Abram. I am so blessed and feel so helpless all at the same time. I know that he got here when so many little ones couldn’t and really try to hold on to that. I really do know just how you feel.
    Piles of prayers for you and Afton.

  145. says

    I will be praying for your sweet little girl. I have a 10 month old, Lucy, Who was born at 26 weeks and weighed 1 pound 8 ounces. It was horribly scary and she went through a lot, but now she is a healthy 17 pound baby. Take it one day at a time. Hold on

  146. says

    Keep up the fight baby Afton.
    I am almost 26 weeks pregnant too so I will send good uterus energy to your little girl. Prayers and thoughts being sent your way from Seattle.

  147. Senja says

    Congratulations and soo much good luck with Aftons growth and progression! Can’t wait to read more.

    Many good thoughts from Sweden!

  148. vicky t says

    Best wishes to you & your sweet little girl. May Heavenly Father give you the strength you need to see her in that tiny body of hers & know that He is in control & loves her as much as He does you. Good luck & thanks for sharing this beautiful, intimate moment!

  149. says

    just some words of encouragement thru this amazingly trying time for you. My best friend for 23yrs was 3.5mo premature, from an intense emergency c-section and she is healthy as a horse, 5’11” and has never had a major illness or repurcussion or disability from being born so premature. She is an amazing human being and meant to be on this earth, as i think your sweet Afton is. My prayers are with you, and hopefully this is but a small moment and she will flourish, just as my BFF Abbey did. Good luck to your sweet family!

  150. says

    Hi Kami,
    I just found your blog through Love Stitched and had to come over to let you know that you and your sweet new baby girl will be in my prayers. I was on hospital bedrest for five weeks and can somewhat relate. I know you have a long road ahead of you and I will keep you in my thoughts.

  151. says

    Oh Kami, how scary that must have been! I have had 2 c-sections with about 30 minutes to prepare on the last one and I thought that was scary. You are so brave for your sweet girl. We are praying for you and hope all is well with your recovery and the fight for your sweet miracle girl. What a blessing that you were in the hospital!

  152. Jenny Smith says

    Lots of prayers coming your way……

    I too welcomed a son three months too early just shy of 28 weeks. There will be lots of one step forward three step back days but hold on to that hope that she made it this far for a reason. My water broke with my son at 18 weeks and he held on for ten more weeks before going into labor. I too was on bed rest in the hospital over the holidays, and sometimes the only thing that got me through it was knowing he was here for a reason. I know your situation is very different but I hope just knowing you are not alone will help. And my little boy is now five years old and doing wonderfully. The hard times will all be worth it.

  153. says

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your beautiful baby girl. She looks like a fighter and is lucky to have loving parents and big siblings to help her along her way. Miracles happen everyday… and I feel blessed to be looking at yours.

  154. Ieasha says

    I will keep your precious little one, you and the rest of your family in my prayers! My mother went through the same ordeal 29 years ago with my sister and I (we were 3 months early as well). Looking at us now you would never have known I we were premature! Your little girl is fighter like we were… I know it!!!

  155. says

    Kami and Kyle, Our prayers are with you. Rest on god. He can be strong when you can’t. He will hold her when you can’t. He loves every tiny little flower…He knows about your darling little Afton.

  156. Holly says

    Praying for Afton. What a strong little girl she is! Praying for you and your family, and Afton’s doctors and nurses, too. Hang in there!

  157. says


    I am so sorry that your sweet daughter has entered the outside world too soon. My twins were born at 29 weeks and were 2 lbs. 10 oz. and 1 lb. 15 oz. We nearly lost our daughter several times. Sadly, I know the sheer terror, love and Mom guilt (doesn’t matter that you have no reason to feel guilty, Moms do) you are going through right now and I’m so sorry. We’ll keep your sweet Afton in our prayers and ask the Lord to bring about the best possible outcome for your family. There was a baby just leaving the NICU to go home when our babies arrived who had weighed just 10 oz. at birth. 11 years later, she’s doing great. There is hope but the ride is hard. Expect some setbacks and some miracles. I’ll pray for the miracles!

  158. Shannon R. says

    (please print this for Kami)

    You, your daughter and family have a very long road, but you can do this…

    My name is Shannon, All 3 of my children have been born early. My first was born at 26.5 weeks. Jack is now 5 years old and thriving. My second and third boys Max and Noah (twins) were born at 29 weeks. They are now 20 months old and doing wonderful as well.

    The NICU is your new home, make it your new home. The nurses are now your new extended family and caretakers of your baby, let them care and let them care for you. They are there not only to help but to listen, as are the social workers, these women are not just for folks in financial need, they are there for you too. They are all there to teach you how to care for your baby while she lives and grows in the NICU, your new home for now…

    Learn everything, but be patient. There is not much you can do the first few days, but it will come quickly, you will find a groove. And yes, pumping milk with a pump is your new job, the most important job you can do right now for your tiny baby. Contact the Lactation consultant, ask questions, don’t be shy… You can do this…. And yes, a few drops of yellow colostrum at first is WONDERFUL and SAVE IT!!! it is “Liquid GOLD” and they will freeze every drop and give it to your baby when she is ready!!! Don’t be shy and modest if it is a tiny amount~ it is the best thing ever for your baby~

    Try and make a routine to come to the NICU, and also leave the NICU to recharge, because you can’t stay there 24 hours a day~ it will drain you emotionally and physically…. trust me. Go for walks, eat good food “outside the hospital”, spend time at least outside in the courtyard of the hospital with good nurturing friends, it will help your milk production, your heart, and your stress levels…

    I know this is a ton of info. but I’ve given birth to all three of my children and raised all of them in the NICU. We have had many ups and downs in the NICU with all 3 boys, but you don’t need the serious stories now, all I can say is that the NICU Doctors will do everything in their power to help Afton. And I have been told girls do better than boys! So I know from much experience. You might not want to talk now, but if you ever do, you can email me~ All the best to you and yours. Sincerely, Shannon

  159. Ashley England says

    Kami.. Thinking about you (always)! & I have a constant prayer in my heart!
    Know that you are so loved!

    I love you, my friend!

  160. says

    wow, kami. what an amazing birth story; i’m so happy to hear you’re doing okay. my thoughts are with you and your darling family. i love her name and hope her fighting spirit stays strong. and for you as well. xo. marta

  161. says

    My heart an prayers go out to you. My best friend experienced the same thing only a week ago. We’ve all cried together, and now I am crying for you. I’ll pray for peace and healing for your family.

  162. says

    Hi my name is lauren. I’m friends with kylie. I share a similar story with you with my Logan. My heart aches for you. This is such a hard time. I had my little boy at 24 weeks and he lived 5 days. He also had a brain bleed. You have written her story so beautifully! Much love your way!

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