Our Moms and Their Moms and Us

My Mom

– is a blogger, I love that. (Except when she posts ugly pictures of me)
– is a great cook
– is not afraid to send us all home when she thinks the party is over
– reads Nie Nie (and loved this post about being feminine and wearing dresses)
– taught me to have a sense of humor (so I can tease her about putting on her denim jumper after reading Nie Nie’s post)
– loves to read
– doesn’t get to see her own Mom as much as she would want to
– is a fantastic Grandma
– always takes Kyle’s side first (lame)
– continues to be such a support to me with her love and service

Kyle’s Mom
– is also a great cook who has mastered the art of having 10 different dishes ready at once
– has 6 brothers (and then had 4 boys in a row before she had two girls)
– lost her mother this last November (who was like a sister to her)
– got pneumonia at the same time her mother passed away and was not able to attend all the services (it broke all of our hearts)
– serves her family with so much love
– is a big Yankees fan
– is a wonderful grandma (Avery is counting down the days until the next sleepover)
– gives me a night off from cooking every week to go out(which is much appreciated)
– is one of the kindest people I know (and I am not just saying that)

Both of our Moms are great in particular because of their Moms. What great examples we have of Motherhood. We love you all.

Happy Mother’s Day!
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  1. amanda says

    I love my sisters but there is nothing like a mom. So all you had to say is “she lost her mom”–that explains it all. There is nothing like a mother.

    I love your mom. I loved what you said about your mom. Your mom brings me glimpses of my mom and I love that. We all crave a little Debbie sometimes. Even Tobe can’t wait to see Dibi :)

    I hope you had a special mothers day this year. You deserve to celebrate being a mother and all the sacrifices to get to where you are.
    See you in a few days:):):)

  2. Sylvia {+ Mark} says

    No wonder you are so fantastic…your apple didn’t fall far from their tree. They sound like amazing wonderful women. What a blessing.

    {And your mom had made me laugh many times over the past year and I don’t even know her personally!}

  3. Kyle says

    The second-to-last point for your mom reminds me why she is so smart.

    Same goes for the sixth point for my mom.

    Two great ladies.

  4. tiburon says

    Happy Mother’s Day to yoU!

    Looks like you had a great weekend (but I can’t comment on that post…)

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