Oprah Party Cupcake Toppers {free printables}

Are you counting down the last Oprah shows on her final season like I am?! I’m going to miss her! A going away party is in order, don’t you think?! Oprah party cupcake toppers are a must as you celebrate the 25 years we have had with Miss O.

When I was on bed rest and pregnant with my girl, the Oprah Show was most definitely the highlight of those long days laying around on doctors orders. Isn’t it funny how we feel like we know her?!

I never got to check “going to Chicago to see Oprah” off my list (sad), but now I’ve added “have an Oprah party” to the list, instead…and I think you should too!

I mean…how cute is baby Oprah on a cupcake?! :)

Okay…you know the drill. Grab a pair of scissors and a 2 inch craft punch and make yourself some Oprah cupcake toppers!

To download your free Oprah party Printables, click on the images below, or:

Oprah Party Printables 1

*All Oprah images are from Oprah.com

Oprah Party Printables 2

Because even though you didn’t get a car, you should get a cupcake. :)

I would love to know…will you be having an Oprah Party?

*thanks to the NBC affiliate KSL’s Studio 5 for the mention!


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  1. says

    Those are awesome! What a great idea! You should totally be sharing these w/ Oprah’s people! I know one of her producers you should totally share these!

  2. says

    This is such a cute idea!

    I don’t want to gloat or anything…but I got tickets to one of Oprah’s last shows! If only I could smuggle a cupcake through security!

    I agree with Michaela…it will be so weird not to watch Oprah everyday!

  3. says

    OH MY GOSH KAMI!!! I love Lady O!!! Have you seen my whining about her departure? I’ve been dreading it for a year. I don’t even know how I’ll have one single educated conversation topic ever again. I’m not in love with her personally, I just love having something to watch every day. Oh man. I’m gonna cry. And it’s right about my birthday time too. Maybe I’m throwing myself an Oprah themed birthday party. Wanna come?

  4. says

    Fun Kami! So here’s a revealing tidbit. I’ve never really watched Oprah and I don’t have any great affinity for her…I know. Weird.

    I am always up for a party though and I LOVE your fun cupcake toppers.

  5. Sara @ Mom Endeavors says

    Those are hilariously awesome! Lady O herself should really see this post! :) So fun!

  6. says

    Im sooo going to miss Oprah. I remember watching her as a little kid.. probably shows that I shouldn’t have been paying attention too (ha!), but I just love her! I will totally miss her show, and since we don’t get her OWN network I wont be seeing anything of hers for a long time. *sigh*
    For some reason I have always remembered a line she used to say at the end of her show…. “All guest stay at the All Suites, Omni Hotel. Located on the heart of Chicago’s Magnificent Mile.”….or something a long those lines. :)

  7. Kristen says

    I don’t get to cross that one off my list either and it has been on there for a very very long time! Bummer! Love the cupcake toppers though!

  8. alli says

    Love these! I tried to open the 2nd printable and when it tries to open it says there is a drawing error and I cannot open it. I tried it on 2 computers – any thoughts? I just need the second set of printables? I was able to get the first. Any chance you maybe able to do the water bottle label printables :) Thanks for your help!

    • says

      Hi Alli!

      Which set do you need? I can try to email it over.

      Is it the sayings one or the faces of Oprah one?

      Sorry…I’m not making water bottle labels, but you could wrap with white paper and add the circle printable to the center, if you’d like.

      • Cami Hanson says

        Any chance you could email me the printables with the sayings? I’m throwing an Oprah party tomorrow and just came across these. I would love to use them!

  9. Christi says

    Can you email me the sayings printable. Adobe is not letting me download it. It says there is a drawings error.

  10. miranda says

    YES!!! We are definitely having a party. Four of my closest friends and I went to see Oprah last year and what a wonderful experience and I absolutely love the city of chicago. I am eternally grateful that we made the pilgrimage.Thanks for the fun template, I am turning them into stir sticks toppers.

  11. Tiffany says

    We are having a fundraiser for my daughter who has a life shortening disease. Is there anyway you could send this file over with out Oprah’s face on it? I don’t know how it works, but if there is anyway that I could just insert my daughters face…that would be awesome.

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