Niner Niner

Breaker Breaker…we have a Niner-Niner. :)

All this week we are celebrating the newest niner-niner at our house AKA “the Avester”.

Thank goodness I can still bribe her into the homemade birthday hat photo each year, because my plan is to do it until she’s 30…I mean 20…no…I mean 40. 😉 This is how she feels about turning 9.

This is how I feel about her getting one year closer to the double digits.

Here’s a fun look back at my girl through the years:

turning 8
turning 7
turning 6
turning 5

A few of my friends have asked about how Avery’s doing since the loss of her baby sister Afton. Seeing her in all the pictures that we have that day is so hard. It definitely was hard for her at first. Telling her the Sunday before we knew Afton was going to pass on that her baby sister was needed more in heaven than here on earth, was one of the saddest things we had to do. She is at an age where she understands so much, and she was really looking forward to having a baby sister here. Thankfully, kids are so resilient. They really are. She told one of my friends that she didn’t need to cry right then, because she had “cried out all of her tears”. I love that. As much as I know this experience will have such an effect on her life and cause her to have to grow up a little quicker in a way, I love knowing that she can bounce back to being a happy kid.

We love you Avery Jane!

Happy Birthday!

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  1. says

    Kami, you are so creative. I am a recent follower of your site, so this is the first time I saw the birthday hat thing. I love it! I pinned it on Pinterest…I hope you don’t mind. Just the part about having a different hat with the age on it for every year of their birthdays. I wish I had done that for my babies!!!
    Your strength is inspiring. And little ones ARE resilient. But it is certainly something that will stay with her all of her life. And make her stronger…
    Happy Birthday Avery!!

  2. valerie (poetic chronicles) says

    Oh kids are amazing, so resilient indeed, they teach us how to live I think! Happy birthday to your awesome (still little!) girl!

  3. Debbie says

    I heard Avery ordered mini corn-dogs at the Cheesecake Factory. So funny. She should have chosen Arctic Circle!
    Happy Birthday wonderful, smart, funny little girl!

  4. Glenda says

    “Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.”

    Happy Birthday Avery!!!

  5. Becky says

    Happy Birthday to ‘Ovary’!

    I love the three year old picture and in the Niner she looks so grown up!
    Can’t wait to give her 9 birthday hugs and one birthday spanking on Sunday!

    love you Aves! Ruler of the Elves!!!

  6. Heidi Bigler M. says

    So is today her actual birthday? :) Today is my Hailey’s birthday! She is 10. CUTE!!! Happy Birthday Avery! Love the hat pics!!! Seems like I was just looking at your baptism pics not that long ago! WOW!

  7. mindi says

    that little girl will forever be in her carseat belting out cake at the top of her lungs! i love hers…

    such a big girl. why can’t they stop growing up? curses!

  8. Colleen Bigler says

    LIke Becky, I think the three year old picture will always be my favorite – along with the current year, of course. Love you so much Avery. You are my sunshine!

  9. says

    I always think of Avery this month because it’s Ellie’s birthday month too! What a doll she is Kami. I’m so grateful that you have her. I’m sure you have both been a huge blessing to each other during this difficult time. I hope Avery had a fabulous birthday!! Tell that sweet girl that someone in San Diego thinks the world of her AND her mommy.


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