Neighbor Gift in a Tin Can

I love a good neighbor gift that’s different from the norm. This flowering bulb in a simple tin can wrapped up pretty with burlap is something everyone would love.

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What you need for this Flowering Bulb Gift:

-an empty (washed out tin can)
-potting soil
-flowering bulbs (we used small paper white bulbs, but a big Amaryllis would be fun for a bigger sized tin can)
-peat moss
-strips of burlap
-holly & berries

The How-To:

1. Fill the can about 60% of potting soil.
2. Add in your flowering bulb making sure it is right side up (important tip here!)
3. Add a bit more soil and top with peat moss.
4. Water your bulb.

Now here’s the fun part! Wrap your tin can with burlap and make it look festive with holly and berries!

It should flower in a few weeks…and they will love it! Cheap and easy! It might be too close to Christmas to make this happen for all your neighbor gifts this year, but it’s a fun one to bookmark for next year. Or better yet what it could make a great New Year’s gift! I think I love that idea even more.

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  1. Tauni says

    Wasn't this the best idea? I put together a couple of pots from things I have around the house this year…

    I have to remember to collect some cans so that I can make more next year!

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