Mini Mugs

Aren’t these little root beer floats adorable?! This was our dessert Sunday night. Ever since our trip last summer, I can’t get enough of the mini dessert. All things mini are cute, don’tcha think?

I love these little mugs. They’re called 4oz. Frankfurt Sampler Mugs by Libbey. You can also find them on Amazon. These mugs are all about presentation; something as simple as a root beer float becomes a conversation piece at the end of a dinner party.

Here’s a tip with these little mugs…long skinny spoons. The spoon needs to be skinny enough to fit into them.

If you’re looking for more sweet treats, visit our recipes page.

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  1. Sarah says

    Love those mini mugs! Did you thrift them? I will be so proud if you did, but sad too – casue I want some as well.

    Funny how tiny things makes them cute. When I worked in the NICU everyone thought everything was cute – even a blood pressure cuff. It was two inches long but it was "cute"! :)

  2. Ruth H. says

    These are fun! I became a big fan of the mini dessert when I joined my husband on a business trip last fall. They had all kinds of tiny, delectable desserts at one of the company parties. I couldn't stop! Seriously, the presentation is what makes such a little thing become such a big deal!

  3. Lisa says

    I am so jealous if you thrifted them!!! They are $88.00 on Amazon!! Out of my price range…. I'll just stare at yours :)

  4. Susan says

    I love this post. I immediately set out to find these mini mugs on (where else) ebay. I wsa worried about shippping costs though. I found 18 of them from one seller for 12.00. SCORE! I'm doing a mini party theme for my baby girls next birthday and these will be perfect.

  5. Michelle says

    These are SO cute! I'm lucky enough to live in the land of Libbey so I'm going to run over to their store tomorrow. Thanks for posting. I can thin of 101 uses already!!

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