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We’re getting excited about a new animated movie coming out next month: The Legends of Oz. It’s a musical and Lea Michelle from Glee is the voice of Dorothy. I just love her! She’s so talented. The star power lineup for all the character voices is pretty great too. We were invited to create something fun to accompany the new movie coming out. I decided to highlight one of the new characters in this movie: Mr. Marshal Mallow who’s voice is done by Hugh Dancy (love him!).

Legends of OZ movie - Marshal Mallow Milkshake |


You will see all the usual characters in the movie that we all know and love, but there are also a few new ones, like this guy: Marshal Mallow. His skinny stripey legs reminded me so much of the paper striped straws that we all love so much. Plus his name is Mallow, so I had to create something edible!
Marshal Mallow - Legends of OZ

So we made Marshal Mallow milkshakes.
Marshal Mallow + the Marshal Mallow Milkshake |

Here’s a peek at the trailer so you can see Marshal Mallow in action:

To make the gold medallions, I just use a craft punch to cut out a gold paper circle. Using craft paint and a toothpick, we traced the letters OZ onto the paper. A small glue dot and a piece of red ribbon to hang it around the neck of the milk bottle.
Legends of OZ movie craft -

I love the OZ medallion that you see a few of the characters wearing in the movie.
Legends of OZ milkshake |

To make Marshal Mallow’s face, I used a serrated knife to make a cut in the center for his mouth. Using a toothpick and some melted chocolate, we made little dots for his eyes. The hat is just blue card stock wrapped around and the circle in the center was also painted with red craft paint.
Marshal Mallow - Legends of OZ |

Now for the milkshake, you can make whatever kind of milkshake flavor you’d like. We made vanilla milkshakes with marshmallow fluff, and my kids loved them!
marshal mallow drink |

Looking close at Marshal Mallow’s costume, you can see a small pretzel on his hat, so I decided to add chocolate covered pretzels to the milkshake, and it worked great with the two striped straws and the wood skewer holding his marshmallow head.
add in a pretzel to match his costume #marshal_mallow |

Aiden and his little friend loved them!
drinking the marshal mallow milkshake -

When your kids fall in love with this new movie, you’ll have to surprise them with a Marshal Mallow milkshake for fun, they’ll love it!
Legends of Oz the movie | Marshal Mallow milkshake |

Okay…I’d love to know, what’s your favorite thing about the wizard of OZ? Please share!

Legends Of Oz: Dorothy’s Return will be in theaters May 9!
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