Making Valentines

robot valentines -

We made Valentines over the weekend, and by we, I mean mostly me. Avery did help a bit with the stamping and the eating loading of the candy. I had fun making these assembly line style.
Here is a bit of the how to:

First Up: Welcome to my craft room! (aka my kitchen counter). Oh the messes my counter has seen. I’ve decided to embrace this mess that seems to be pretty common around here. I’ve started to take aerial photos of it; whether it be cooking, crafting, or just bags and backpacks. The mess tells the story. The mess is where the good stuff is.

If you like paper crafting like I do, then you probably have either a bunch of craft punches or die cuts. One reason that I love the cuttlebug (or any die cutting machine, really). Is for the simple fact that die cuts are small in size compared to craft punches, which tend to be big and bulky. Just a thought…

One punch that I think IS a must have, is the corner rounder punch. Even for the non crafter, this is a great punch to have around. With it, you’ll want to round every corner you see.

To make these, I used the place card die by Quickutz and a scalloped edge heart die.

For the stamp, I used Zing embossing powder, which I was excited about (yes, I get excited about stuff like this). I have never had great results from stamps, but after trying it this way, I love using stamps now.

3 Steps:
1. Stamp with a Versamark stamp pad
2. Sprinkle powder over it.
3. Use heat tool to melt it on. (This is the fun part.)

homemade valentines -

There they are, all 24 of them, ready for the 1st grade party. Fun Stuff!

ps. Alternate Titles for this post:

a. Mission Embossible (Kyle’s favorite)
b. A Paper Crafter’s Soap Box
c. The Mom who spent too much time making Valentine’s for First Graders (please don’t pick this one)

Voting Begins Now!

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  1. Sarah Lou says

    Love the robot one! there will be some very happy people!!! and just have to say – your working mess is still pretty darn neat!!!

    ps I like a mission embossibe – makes me giggle like a school girl ( im easily amused!)

  2. Tiffany says

    I like Mission Embossible too! And, though I am not 1/100th as crafty as you, I'm quite sure that I need to go out and get the round corner cutter. I'm all about cutting corners!

  3. Tosha says

    I"ve been looking for a inexpensive diecutter! Thank you for posting this and showing us the cuttlebug! This is at the top of my list of things to get in the near future! Did you custom make your plastic plates?

  4. Kelly says

    These are really cute Kami! I have a cuttlebug too, and really love it. But, I have such a hard time knowing which dies will work with it. How do you figure out which ones will work before you buy them? I like to order online…do you have suggestions where I can shop for the cuttlebug?

  5. Jennifer says

    Mission embossible, of course!

    What did you use to stamp the letters on? Was that a custom-made stamp?

    I, too, get excited about using stamps and embossing powder on paper crafts, but I have never really ventured into die cutting. Where do you purchase a cuttlebug? I am intrigued and the wheels are turning…

  6. Erin says

    No matter what you title your post…those Valentines are DARLING! It kills me that you don't scrapbook. Your pages would be amazing. Lucky little first graders!

  7. Kami says

    Thanks guys!

    Tosha – the plates come with the cuttlebug.

    Kelly- the cuttlebug comes with plates that allow it to work with Quickutz dies, and they are my favorite. You can order them online. They have so many fun ones.

    Jennifer – The stamp is just clear letter stamps.

  8. Wendy says

    Those are cute! :)

    Im trying to make time between football, dance, college & work to have the kids make heart crayons. Heres hoping it works!

  9. Juliana says

    Adorable! I have been planning to make homemade Valentine's for my boys' classes for a month now, but still haven't figured out exactly what I'm doing. One of my ideas is something similar to this, but I can guarantee it won't be done with such exquisite taste! Love it. :)

  10. Sophia Luksana says

    What a lovely homemade valentine's craft! My favorite is the embossing powder – too adorable! I love reading your blog. You have many cool craft projects. I've done craft projects and posted on Take a look at mine and feel free to promote projects from your blog!

  11. Tina says

    These are adorable – I also vote for Mission Embossible! Your kids are going to look back on your crazy, over the top crafting with such fond memories. My girls always love to tell me about their friends’ reactions to their treat bags at school.

    I’ve been trying to track down that die cut – do you know what it’s called. Thanks, love your blog. Found you via Tip Junkie

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