Make an apple out of book paper

With Apples in Season, I thought a little paper craft would be a fun way to celebrate. Also with back to school happening this time of year all things Apple are making me happy right now.

I love the combination of old vintage book paper and the layered look this 3D apple has together giving it great dimension.

I used this old Jane Austen book. This is a fun paper craft that anyone could make, because you don’t need a bunch of tools. Although you do need a sewing machine (that’s a big one). You could also try hand stitching too if you don’t have a sewing machine.

Here’s how to make it!

step 1 – Tear out about 4 pages from an old book.
step 2 – The older the book the better.
step 3 – Fold one page of book paper in half and cut out a half of a small apple shape and then layer that shape back onto the page and repeat cutting a bigger size each time.
step 4 – Continue on with the layers 4 -5 times.
step 5 – For each layer, just fold over the folded edge with all the layers cutting a bigger size each layer.
step 6 – Try not to cut your thumb as you hold scissors in one hand and a camera in the other. 😉
step 7 – Gather up a bunch of paper scraps in apple colors: bright red and green apple.
step 8. Fold in half a fun red paper and repeat cutting a bigger layer.
step 9 – Add as many layers as you’d like, I did about four layers in red.
step 10 – for a nice touch, ink the edges with a small brown ink pad.
step 11 – Sew together the book pages and the red papers separately both with zigzag stitch.
step 12 – Glue both the layers together and add in some apple seeds, a brown stem and a leaf.

Side note: Learn from my mistake: pay attention to the words on the inside layer, or you might end up with words like: blood, despair and SAVE YOURSELF!

Whoa! not quite the words I was hoping for. (LOL)

step 13 – Make a second one with more appropriate words on the top layer.

Ahhh…much better. 😉

step 14 – Put your little decoration in a shadow box for all to see!

That’s it. Isn’t it cute?! This is a fun one to make.

DIY book paper apple - make this fun paper craft with cool vintage book paper |

*Post originally published 11/10/2010 – sharing new for new readers

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  1. Mandy Coffey says

    TOO TOO TOO CUTE! thank you for sharing! I'll be featuring this post on my blog 11/23

  2. bridget {bake at 350} says

    That is so, so funny about the words that ended up in the middle! :)

    I've never seen anything like this little book….it's darling!

  3. CandaceAshley says

    I love this idea! This is very creative and a great way to recycle old books or I bet newspaper or old papers with typing would work too. Such a fun idea.

  4. Kim P says

    Love this idea! Would love to do it with my Girl Scouts…but without having to sew. Anyone have an idea for a different method to attach the layers?

    • Rhea Kraszewski says

      Stack up all the layers, place them on either a piece of scrap wood or an old bread board and using a small nail tap the nail until it pierces all the layers of paper, then you could use heavy button thread and a large hand sewing needle and hand sew them together. Might even look cuter hand sewn!

  5. hellesbelles86 says

    This is absolutely adorable and I laughed out loud when I saw your note to pay attention to the words on the page because as I was finishing a wreath today with rosettes made from dictionary pages I realized that my 'give thanks' wreath would be graced with not only the purposeful "thanksgiving" definition, but also "venereal" …. Oops!

  6. Mod Podge Amy says

    This is so cute!! I recently made some leaves from book pages and the words were so funny. They didn't fit like these do!

  7. says

    Hi Kami, this is my first time on your blog, and I just love that apple! It would be so great if you would join a very nice group of international crafters at my weekly linking party, Craft Schooling Sunday. Always full of really inspiring projects! Hope to see you there and feel free to share a few of your best ideas, so we can get to know you!

  8. jodi@Pleasant-Home says

    Loving this!ooooh and the possibilities are endless. I'm thinking Christmas stuff. Love it! Thanks for the tute.

  9. Sassy Sites! says

    This is an adorable idea! I'm your newest follower, I found you at Tip Junkie! You can find me at Sassy Sites- xoxo!!

  10. Van says

    This is truly cute, I love the textures the book pages make. And the darkness, blood, and despair are a nice too, too!

    Cute blog! I'll back for more inspiration. I love how clean and well-edited the blog and blog design are!

  11. Garden Lily says

    Cute! I wonder why you'd sew through the two stacks and then glue together, rather than sew through the whole stack? Is it too much to sew through that many layers?

  12. Fran says

    This is SO gorgeous – I love it! And I just had to laugh at your words on the top layer – I learnt that the hard one once spending ages on a really special wedding card – and sat back to admire it only to notice the word "DIVORCE" staring right at me!!LOL. So I had to remake it!!;)

  13. mousee23 says

    I made mine slightly different.I used 2 pieces of felt for the back of the apple and made it a ornament for my child's teacher.Thank you for the inspiration.

  14. themangospanker says

    don't feel bad about blood, dispair and save yourself. my friend has a wall hanging from hobby lobby with a flower panted over a book page background, the book page is from a spiderman novel. the words spidey and dr. octopus are clear and obvious.

  15. Angela says

    This is super cute! I’m going to make these with my kiddos to give to their teachers for Teacher Appreciation week! :) Thank you for the inspiration! :)


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