Make a washi tape cheat sheet

—Giveaway Now Closed—

Here’s a fun little quick tip for those of you addicted to washi tape like I am. Make a washi tape cheat sheet and put it out on display in your craft room. This little cheat sheet is not only cute, but it can help you see what you have at a glance.

Here’s one I made – I wish I had all these fun designs, but I don’t. While I was at CHA in January, I needed a break from being on my feet all day, so I sat down at the Love My Tapes booth and they let me take a sample of all the tapes I liked.

On the opposite side, are all the tapes I really do have. I added some big letter stickers and a heart button magnet.

I love how it looks like a mini scrap quilt. I think I’ll make one for my Project Life album too, as a reminder of my love for washi tape in 2012 (and beyond!) ;).

looking for more washi tape ideas?

Here’s a great way to organize your washi tape collection:
washi tape storage and organizer using an old cassette tape holder -

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  1. deanna says

    Wow! i think I may be in love!!!

    I’d wrap random things in my house to give to my kids (like toys that need put away, etc.) JUST so I could use the tape! LOVIN it!!!

  2. Crystal says

    I would love to win this! Would you believe that I have NO Washi tape? It is hard to believe. I have been stalking it for a while now. I spent a large part of my day checking out different kinds online after seeing your egg post. I would love to win some to play with. I would use it in my art journal.

  3. says

    Ah so fun! I don’t have any washi tape either. I think it’d be lovely for decorating gifts, and also pretty-ing up mason jars & vases!

  4. Lisa M says

    Ooh, so much to do with this gorgeous tape. The first thing I would do with it would be to make some miniture ‘tape quilts’ to frame and hang above my desk at work. Second thing would be to decorate some ‘eggs’ for the easter hunt at my son’s school. How bright and colourful would they be in the childrens’ baskets!

    Thank you for the chance to win.

  5. says

    OHHHH MY GOSH!!! First off I’d do a little happy dance & then get to making little books w/ touches of Washi, I know for sure that they would be used all over my Project Life album as I actually use the one I have now to adhere pictures and give that extra little ta-da to our weeks. Thanks so much for the chance!

  6. Catherine says

    I would love to embellish handmade greeting cards and scrap booking projects with this washi tape! I’ve never used it before, but I think it would make a wonderful addition to my craft supplies! Love the new designs! Thanks for the chance to win these!

  7. Sara A says

    Thank you for the chance! I don’t have any real washi tape yet – this would be amazing! I would decorate everything – letters and journal pages mostly. ^^

  8. Emilee says

    I would love to try these out making a homeschool yearbook for my daughter. It would make the cutest patterns around pictures and quotes!!!

  9. says

    Holy moly those are cute! Gosh, what WOULDN’T I do with washi tape? All my giftwrap would look amazing, and I love the look of your cheat sheet – I’d totally frame it as easy art. :)

  10. Kim says

    I would love to win this prize, to use in my project life scrapbook and for spring cards. I love all of the colors!

  11. says

    It would be hard to part with something so pretty, but I would use it to add a little pizzaz to cards and when I wrap gifts.

    Lafayette, La

  12. Jaime I. says

    Yeesh, I don’t own any Washi tape yet, but I LOVE the endless ideas! I think I would definitely use some on handmade cards, scrapbook pages, and of course to compliment gift wrap.
    Jaime I.

  13. Candy's Clothes Closet says

    I don’t have any washi tape:( I would be so excited to win some. I would make some of those cute Easter Eggs that you made and some Cute homemade Cards. Thanks. Stay Fashionable! love,Candy

  14. Amy says

    If I won I would see what kind of creations my 5 kids ages 9 – 13 would come up with. They tend to make better crafts then I could ever dream of!

  15. Christina says

    I have never heard or seen washi tape before. I am so excited to try it! I would love to make crafts with my daughter.

  16. Becky B says

    I would have so much fun decorating so much stuff. Personslized notebooks for the kids, empty cans for pencil holders, vases, baskets……there is so much I could do with it!

  17. Amanda says

    Before you posted about it yesterday, I’d never even heard of Washi tape, but oh my gosh is it cute! I want to get some so badly now! I’d love to win some, and just like other people, I’d probably end up covering everything I could with it and drive my husband mad :) I’d love to make cute little “quilts” to hang around the house and give as gifts. The tapes are so cheerful that they’d be able to brighten up anyone’s day (My best friend needs lots of cheering up, she miscarried at 6 weeks yesterday on her first baby, and unfortunately we’re 1K miles apart so I can’t cheer her up in person like I want to).

  18. stephanie Soltero says

    I love this tape , but have never bought any. If i had the tape I would use it in my classroom . I would have my students make cute mother’s day cards or a picture. Mom’s would appreciate the cute tape!!!

  19. Carly Delise says

    I love your blog, but haven’t entered any giveaways…I have terrible luck with them, I never seem to win! This giveaway sounds fun. I would make invitations for my housewarming party I will be having in the next few months!

  20. Kelsey says

    Oh my goodness, I can’t even imagine all the cute things I would do with that much washi tape! It’s definitely time to get on Pinterest for some inspiration.

  21. Maureen Swanton says

    I just liked We R Memory keepers on FB and left a comment and am already like No Biggie. Would love to try Washi tape


  22. Amanda says

    Did the bonus entries :) Already “liked” you on FB (too bad there’s no “love” option!), so I also liked We R Memory Keepers.
    Also mentioned you in my page, but it wouldn’t tag for some reason…

  23. says

    I am not sure what my fascination is with washi tape but I’m thrilled to enter your give away!! Fingers crossed.
    I’d actually like to use mine to try decorating my Easter Eggs with! I love how colorful they are and the possibilities are endless!

  24. diana padilla says

    what will i do?….Hmmm….the possibilities are really endless. I would love to take a weekend from our busy lives to show our three kids that with a bit of washi tape and some love, our home can be beautiful without breaking the bank. Use the time to craft and repurpose items around the home. Explore their imagination and have a great time too.

  25. Katy says

    I’ve never used washi tape before, but I think it would be great for little decorating projects or to spruce up gift packages!

  26. Alicia says

    I’m just getting on the Washi Tape band wagon. I think it’s going to be great for all the card-making I love to do. :)

  27. Dina - Deliciously Darling Events says

    LOVE me some washi tape! Seriously love it. I would love to create a picture similar to the one you made above. I currently use the tape to decorate favor boxes, wooden dowels that I use for printables, mason jars and scrap booking. LOVE!!!!!!

  28. Brenda Melahn says

    I would make jewely, cards, altered art shadowboxes, and so much more!! Love the beautiful colors.

  29. Dina - Deliciously Darling Events says

    Bonus: just “liked” you via my personal page (I’ve been a fan through my Events page since I read the story about your little angel – your letter the other day was so sweet. Hope time makes things easier for you and your family!).

  30. laura says

    I’ve never used washi tape before, but if I did have some I think I would use it in cardmaking, diy projects, and probably everywhere else that I could :) It looks like it could get addicting to use!

  31. says

    I am a washi tape virgin (gasp!) but would love to use it for packaging and for a few little wanna-be crafty projects in my kids rooms. I’d love to win!

  32. says

    I love the look of washi tape! I would cover every crafty surface with it if I could… but really I would use it in scrapbooking and cardmaking. So fresh and cute!

  33. says

    I’m too cheap to buy Washi tape (at least at this point) :) , but I LOVE the look of it. I would use it for DIY party supplies and/or cards. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  34. says

    I have always loved the ways you use washi tape! I think it would help me a lot as I am trying to be better at decorating for the different holidays. I am pumping up my crafty side!

  35. says

    I taped an easter banner my kids and I made to the wall yesterday and thought to myself, “Self, this would be a lot more festive if your masking tape was magically Washi tape.”

  36. says

    I adore washi tape and this is a fabulous idea! I have a jar full too, and it isn’t always easy to readily see what is available so I am making one of these today! I use it for Project Life, scrapbooking, gift wrapping and even little notes! Thanks for doing such a fun goveaway!

  37. Alicen says

    I have always wanted some of this stuff! I would use it to make cards and scrapbook my boxes and boxes of pictures!

  38. Heidi Bigler M. says

    I liked We are the memory keepers on fb, I liked NoBiggie on fb, and leaving a comment here. :)

    I would love to win this washi tape and make a spring wreath by decorating the eggs with the tape! I saw the idea on tatertots and jello! Sooo cute! Thanks Kami! :)

  39. Melissa Morris says

    I love to do scrapbooking so I would for sure use it for that but I would also use it in crafts as well. Endless possibilities it looks like. What a great idea. Love it.

  40. Gayle215 says

    Wow, I’d love to get my hands on all that beautiful tape. The first thing I’d do is decorate a jar vase, that I saw on Pinterest of course, for all my spring flowers! Please pick me!

  41. Veronica Miller says

    Oh so pretty! I just found the beauty of washi tape. I am looking forward to making some spring decorations for my house.

  42. Kristin says

    Wow what a contest!! I have never used Washi tape before, but I think I would want to make a cheat sheet like you! Or use these as decorations for cards and layouts. :)

  43. Ashley Williams says

    OMG WHAT AN AMAZING GIVEAWAY! Seriously, one of the best of all time! I’ve never gotten to play with washi tape : ( but I can think of so many things! I’d probably dress up a white picture frame first off. It’d be so cute to make a scrap quilt looking frame like you made up there to put a picture in!

  44. Kira says

    Love this Kami! I would try out some no-mess Easter egg decorating! This easy kind of crafting is right up my alley.

  45. says

    I think I would try this first on decorating my grandbaby’s Easter Bucket. I am using a sand bucket instead of the traditional basket since he seems to be a beach lover!

  46. Julie Shearer says

    O boy….these are so amazing . I would us these for everything . Cards , tags, and layouts. I too am in love with all washi tape. Thank you for a chance to win .

  47. says

    I think we would go crazy and decorate the kids dressers! They are plain white right now so they need some sprucing up!
    thanks for the chance to win! i love washi tape =)

  48. Cricket Elieff says

    I love this!!! I have not heard or seen this before!!!!! My daughter and I love to make things and cover things with Duct tape. We have made flowers, bracelets, a wallet. And the things that have been covered or wrapped!!! I like this because it is a little bit narrower and the designs are incredible!!!!! Love It.!!!

  49. Tana Hendricks says

    I just bought my first washi tape on Monday and I am wanting to use it when I make cards. Thanks for the opportunity to win some!

  50. RobinV says

    That is soooo cool! I am a huge fan of WRM but have never seen this tape. I love the easter eggs and would probably make those and tones of other shapes with it.

    Thanks for sharing all your great easter ideas.

  51. Rebecca W says

    Awesome giveaway- so glad WRM posted about it and I found you! I would use it on cards and scrapbook pages- for layering and adding some color.

  52. Christien says

    I love all the pretty colors. Of course they would go straight onto my card making. How fun! Thanks for the chance to win. :)

  53. Danielle says

    I <3 me some Washi Tape to make pretty stuff:::::I would use it for my acrylic mini album, it makes for a wonderful embellishment!!!

  54. Annie Collins Fiskateer # 1326 says

    I have never worked with Washi tape. But, I am sure I would use it on Scrapbook pages for my children, cards and well endless of crafty things. Thanks for sharing ideas and for the giveaway

  55. Sara Westhead says

    Oh, there are so many things I could do with all this washi tape – cards, scrapbook pages, home decor items! Thanks for the opportunity!

  56. says

    Oh, what a fun giveaway! So many things that you can do with washi tape, but I love what you did for your card above. So fun, but you need many different kinds before one can pull that look… winning this would be perfect! I also love the look of washi tape pennants, too! and maybe I’ll think of some new ways to use them!

  57. Debby J says

    Just liked you on Facebook, already liked WeR Memory Keepers. I would love the washi tape and would use it on my cards and on Easter decorations and on scrapbook pages and on…….I could go on and on!!

  58. says

    I live washi tape…I think! I’ve not had the chance to use it yet, but it’s just the style that I LOVE! Thanks for the giveaway!

  59. Dana Hobbs says

    I haven’t had the opportunity to use Washi tape–but would love too!
    I would use it on my endless scrapbooking projects and cardmaking!

  60. Paula says

    You guys are after my heart with all these awesome new products!! I saw a cute washi-tape table project I’d love to make for my craft room!

  61. Mary Lee Brawley says

    I would absolutely love to work with these tapes! I’m planning a page of photos of my mother. I love the comment Kami makes that it looks like a quilt. That would work perfectly since my mother quilted. The Easter egg is adorable!

  62. Debi Stowers says

    I would use the tape on posters for my Sisters By Heart Breast Cancer Activities and to add pizazz to my church bulletin board. Thanks! Hope I win.

  63. Jenny Kingham says

    I am in love with all this wonderful washi tape. I like yours the best because of the color selection!!! I would use my washi tape in my scrapbook layouts & on some altered projects! Thanks for the chance to win :)


  64. Elena Kaufman says

    The cards are so vute! I would love to have the opportunity to play with this great product! thank you for the chance to win some!

  65. Sharon F says

    Oh my gosh! I’ve seen this tape before but wasn’t sure what I would do with it. After viewing the past postings, what wouldn’t I do with it? I love the Easter Egg and how the tape was extended beyond the template., makes cutting a breeze and looks so neat and orderly. Love it! Please throw my name in for the contest. I’ll cross my fingers and toes!

  66. Laura Sims says

    I’ve liked We R Memory Keepers and NoBiggie on FB. I have also tried tagging NoBiggie not sure if it worked or not lol.

  67. Sharon F says

    Oops, forgot to mention that of course I clicked No Biggie and have already clicked We R Memories Keepers. Thanks again!


  68. Aubrey says

    I’d love to make a cute Easter card using the washi tape…or maybe use for the decor for the upcoming baby shower I’m hosting–sooo many options!!

  69. Kay Dell Whitlock says

    This tape is adorable….I should have one of each. what a fun easy way to help grand kids make surprises for mom & dad.

  70. Rebecca Nufer says

    Love these…I make a lot of cards, and can’t wait to include this in my designs!
    Please choose me,.,

  71. Kaytee Lavine says

    I love your Easter eggs!! I’m going to have to try these for sure!! I’m also thinking of using these for scrapbooking. Framing the pictures would be awesome with all the different colors. Using the tapes in a shadow box is something I’m going to try too. Thanks for the chance to win such an awesome prize!!!

  72. Laurie Athow says

    I would definitely use these when crafting with my boys. They are turning into little craftaholics. :)

  73. rhibrix2 says

    Love, love these Washi tapes!! I’ve never used Washi tape before but I’d probably use it in my scrapbooks!! Thanks for the opportunity!

  74. Beth Ullinger says

    I would love to try Washi tape. A journal book cover would look great covered or a picture frame! How about a decorated mini scrap can for your art room?

  75. says

    Oh what fun!! I adore Washi tape! I like to use it for all sorts of things, but especially in my journaling books. They hold all kinds of fun things in there!!

  76. Linda says

    I have never seen this before, but win or lose I’m going to get some. Can’t wait to do your Easter eggs for a scrapbook layout for my new granddaughter.

  77. Krista Feagan says

    I would love to win these. These colors would look so wonderful on my baby album that I am working on! I can envision doing a border with varrying lengths!

  78. Christine says

    I would love to win some Washi tape! I don’t have any yet but I love the look of them as embellishments for cards and scrapbook layouts!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  79. Amy Jones says

    Oh so neat. Thanks so much for the giveaway. I’ve been wanting to get my hands on some washi tape for a while. If I won I would have to say Easter is right around the corner….I would have to make some fun decorations. Also I think washi tape would look so neat on cards and layouts. Thanks again

  80. Christina Pasciuto says

    Would love to win, because I am a little late on this bandwagon and I only have a few roles. I desperately need to increase my supply!! Ps I liked both on Facebook too!

  81. says

    WOW!!! I have not seen these anywhere local and would love to try them. I am working on 3 scrapbooks right now, my nephews first year, My daughters new horse and my all about me!!

  82. Ellen Tan says

    This is awesome! I would love to win this to embellish my handmade cards and scrapbook. My 5-year old would also go crazy when she sees this as she loves making crafts like mommy. Thanks!

  83. Michele Washburn says

    I don’t own a single roll of washi tape! I know, right!? So I would be thrilled if I won, then would spend some time planning what to do with this fantastic prize! Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  84. says

    What a great idea and a fun giveaway!! I am SO addicted to Washi and have been using it like crazy in my SMASH book and recently used some on a layout and LOVED it, so that’s what I’d use it for. :) Thanks for the chance to win!
    – April W

  85. Teresa Godines #6857 says

    Oh my!! I would love some of this tape… I have so many ideas on how to use it…. Like making pencil cans or covering a frame…. Thanks for the chance to win.

  86. patty says

    I have never seen it in the stores. I would use it on my elementary books I’m making! I think there is some that would make super cute finishings.

  87. Rona Thompson says

    I had no idea WRMK was coming out with washi tape! I have a couple of rolls, but love the look so much, I haven’t wanted to use it yet, lol! If I won, I would have enough not to worry about running out, so I’d use it on layouts and birthday cards!

  88. Dawn Morgan says

    I adore washi tape! One of my favorite ways to use it is to create frames for my photos on my layouts. Would love to win this!

  89. Marie says

    I “heart” Washi tape!!!! I would create some “peek-a-boo” cards with washi tape backing rainbows in them – so colourful!!

  90. Suzy Gray says

    tape is so versatile what wouldn’t I do with it would be easier to say lol…. first project would be a funky travel page

  91. eunice says

    AH!!! Love it! Haven’t started using it yet but can’t wait to scrap with some. Definitely for borders.

  92. Lee-Anne Kerr says

    Oh this is so neat. I have never used this before but would love to. Thanks for the chance to win. I can`t wait to try this product

  93. Brenda C says

    This tape looks fabulous! I haven’t used it yet. At the scapbooking store this morning I was looking at a similar product but didn’t like the designs s much as these. I would use it on the cards I make and I’m sure it would also find its way on to some scrapbook pages. Thanks for the opportunity to enter to win some.

  94. Laurie Kearnes says

    I’m just discovering Washi tapes – I am crazy about them. I’d definitely use them on a bunch of cards and Eastery things! love to win!

  95. says

    I’m just5 starting my washi tape collection so winning this give away would be fabulous! I love the look of an accent on a card with washi tape to add color and texture. Thanks for the chance to win!

  96. Nina says

    These are so cool! I haven’t used washi tape before but this was the third post I’ve seen today about it. Apparently its the new “cool” thing. I would love the chance to try them one my scrapbook of my baby boy’s first year! and making cards! ๐Ÿ˜€ Pick me! Pick me! ๐Ÿ˜›

  97. Trinidad says

    I’m thinking of using them on 3D craft paper shapes to make a mobile. I liked No Biggie and WRMK on Facebook.

  98. Machelle Nelson says

    I would love to win this! Been wanting some for so long now & keep hesitating ’cause I just can’t choose one! I’d use them on my hand-made greeting cards & scrapbook pages, as well.

  99. Sharmon Savoie says

    Omg, i love washi tape and none of my LSS’s carry them. I would just love to win some. I would use it on everything, I can’t pick just one project .They are so versatile! Thanks so much for the chance to win some.

  100. Dorina D says

    Washi Tape is new to me……………….I love learning how to use new crafts materials. I’d experiment and play making cards and other gifts. Then I’d teach my nieces how to use it. I think I need a bigger Craft room with more storage. Thanks for sharing

  101. marie sierra says

    OOOO!!i would love to makew some interesting tags using all the different tapes! that would be 2-kewl!
    thank you

  102. Bethany Becker says

    I only have 1 roll, but I use it for everything (cards, layouts, smash, journal). Thanks for the amazing giveaway and the chance to win.

  103. Dianne McRorie says

    I would love to have some tape to play with. I have seen so many great projects using it. There is not a store nearby that has it available. Thanks

  104. karenladd says

    Love what you did with the washi tape samples! Let’s see…what would I do if I won the washi tape giveaway? How about making lots and lots of colorful cards and using it on layouts as well. They would be wonderful to frame photos, make banners, even to form letters for titles!

  105. Mary Lou H says

    I make a lot of greeting cards so this tape would be great to use as an embellishment on my cards.
    Great that it comes in so many colors. They should match almost any color scheme.

  106. Amber Mansur says

    I’d love some Washi tape, seeing as I still have NONE!!!! Can’t find any at LSS and haven’t seen it at Mike’s or Jo’s, so I’d love to use some. I’m doing some spring layouts and could really use it there! ๐Ÿ˜€

  107. says

    I have just started collecting some washi tapes and so far have just used them on a couple of lyaouts but I want to stash some away with the mini book I want to do while we are visiting the Florda Keys in May.

  108. Christi Rogala says

    I would would cover scraps of paper with strips of washi tape and then punch and die cut shapes and then store for quick laoyout and card ideas.

  109. Dawn L. says

    Would love to try this tape – have not used it yet! Have a class I’m teaching to 8th graders for 6 wks called creative paper crafting & would love to include this tape!

  110. KarriLee says

    I love Washi Tape! I use it all the time in my scrapbooking; I may have tomake one of those cute little cheat sheets though!

  111. Jessica Flores says

    First off, I would probably shed a tear because I never win anything! Then I would get to work and use the amazing prize in my Smash* books!

  112. Kellee says

    I am such a fan of washi tape… I use it in scrapping I even use it and wrap it on all of the handles of my brushes and combs at Paul Mitchell so that you know which is mine!!!!

  113. Miriam Prantner says

    I would definitely make some cards and layouts with these, but I’d also like to make/decorate a composition book with it too.

  114. Sue B says

    Ooooh! How fun. I am excited to use these in my “One Little Word” Album (Ali Edwards) and everything else that comes near me and that tape!!! Woohoo! Thanks for the chance.

  115. Sue B says

    I also commented and shared the link from the We R Memory Keepers Facebook page. I have Liked them for some time now. Great company!

  116. Kristen says

    Im in LOVE with Washi Tape :) If I won I’d perhaps get around to journalling all those layouts I haven’t yet ๐Ÿ˜‰ LOVE tape as journalling strips!!

  117. says

    I would love to make some wall art. I have beige walls that can’t be painted so any color I can add without painting would be awesome.

  118. Lynn says

    I haven’t used washi tape yet, but I would love to make the fun Easter crafts from your last post as well as putting some in my kids Easter Baskets for arts & crafts ideas!! They love scotch tape…can’t even imagine what they would do with washi!!

  119. Kelly S, says

    This is great!! Besides using in my scrap booking I could also use these to lighten up some beach items!!

  120. Jinii Boren says

    I have been wanting to do a simple instagram photo wall and would use the washi tape on the corners to hang them. I am sure I can think of a lot more!!!

  121. Maureen says

    Dear Kami,

    This give-away is terrific. I can’t find Washi tape anywhere. I will not purchase it online due to identity theft fears and have tried every craft store and hobby shop within a forty mile radius. No one has it and a couple of stores never even heard of it. I have more projects than I can list that I want to do with the product. It would be great to win.


  122. Rachael Kimball says

    Love keeping tabs on all the super fun things you are up to! Would love to use this to spice up my cards!!

  123. says

    oh my goodness! I would so use them to dress up my boring lunches that I bring everyday to work to save money…and how cool would it be taping up cute pictures to my mirror? Love it!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  124. beatrice lawson says

    Would love to use them on my altered art projects – currrently making Father’s Day presents, Easter baskets for kiddie treats and my fave, a gift for my baby niece… a butterfly shadow box!

  125. Megan Stimpson says

    I am so excited about this giveaway! If I won the tape I would use it to decorate notebooks for my friends. The little notebooks you can buy at Walgreens are the best kind to cover and are so cute for gifts. Anyway, I think washi tape is the most adorable thing ever. love, Megan

  126. says

    Thats awesome. I heard about washi tapes.. And tried to make one with double sided tape :). If I could win I would love to use them on my cards and making some tags n bookmarks.

  127. Dawn Chizek says

    I had never seen these tapes before but now I seriously can’t wait to get some for my scrapbook stash! I will use them in many ways from simple “tape jobs” in my Smash books to countless other timesavers like…. I would love to use them as a shortcut on banners. I would take short lengths and fold them over my string, adhering it to itself, then snip cute little ends – No more gluing each flag and holding the ends togethr toll it dries to get a 3d look! The banner can be secured on the back of the layout without the flags being adhered to the paper if you choose for a flying in the wind effect! Even if I don’t win, I’ll be getting son Washi tape!

  128. Diamond says

    If I win washi tape I would be so happy! I want to put them on the keys of my laptop to spice it up and decorate the outside. Also I could do some very cute things to my daughters scrapbook keepsake.

  129. Cheryl says

    I have not worked with it yet either. Probably the first thing I would make would be a “quilt square” card for a special friend who is in to quilting. And then there’s crafts with the grandchildren.

  130. Alison says

    Love it!!! I’ve never seen those before! They’d totally come in handy for scrapbooking, my mind is racing with all the ways I could use it to make my scrapbooks awesome!!

  131. Julie H in MN says

    I am a huge card maker so I would definately incorporate the tape into my cards. I also decorate plastic tubes to add on a package – they would work wonderful on them and I love your idea of using them a quilt pattern, I might just make a picture!

    Thanks for the chance to win some fab products!

  132. rkokes says

    I would make cards-I was just making some cards yesterday using washi in fact! would LOVE to add to my stash-these tapes are SO pretty!!!

  133. Nancy says

    Love washi tape and the selection in this area is VERY limited. If I won, I would make a cute board like yours….love it….and use it on EVERYTHING!

  134. brittany@Lovestitched says

    I need some washi tape…it would look so cute on my packages when I ship them off or would be great for a project :)

  135. Ianina Bognanni says

    I’d love to win this and use it to decorate things for my twin girls b-day party!!!
    I already have some ideas

  136. says

    I love your beautiful cheatsheet! It make such a wonderful deco at the same time!

    I been using it to washi-fied my stuff like thumbdrive for easy recognisation! And make washi-fied bookmarks and cards!

    Thanks for the chance at the giveaway!

  137. Kayla says

    Just liked both facebook pages! I would definitely be doing easter crafts with the washi tape- maybe some cards to send to grandparents, and decorating eggs!

  138. Felicia Lie says

    I’ll pick my favourite colour and mark all my personal stuff with it! It won’t get mixed up anymore! :)

  139. says

    I LOVE Washi Tape!! It would be so cool to win this giveaway.

    I’d use it for everything! There are so many fun ways to play with it, but I’d be most excited to use it for gifts and things of the like!

  140. shelly swope says

    i would probably use it to make some seriously stellar gift tags…and then just GO CRAZY with it!
    SO FUN!

  141. Erika Norton says

    I have never used this amazing thing called Washi tape before but I see cute ideas everywhere! I like the colorful Easter Eggs with washi tape.

  142. says

    i love washi tape, i recently started collecting some, i am going to make some easter eggs, would be cute for signs, packages, birthday embellishments, anything i can stick it to!

  143. Jennifer Bridges says

    I would love making scrapbook pages of my daughter with the washi tape. Also it would be great for quick cards. I liked No Biggie and We R Memory Keepers on FB. Thanks.

  144. Lori Vogtsberger says

    I would love to win this tape. I would use it for cardmaking as we make cards for charity and these fun tapes would be a great addition to our cause. Any deals we can get, giveaways and donations help us tremendously. Thanks for the chance to win.

  145. Lori Vogtsberger says

    I like NoBiggie facebook page. thanks for the chance to win this great bundle of tape. They are so cute. Hope to win. can use them for our charity card making we do.

  146. Regan says

    Until I saw this post I had no idea that Washi tape existed, and now I can think of 8 million cute ways to use it, and desperately want some.

  147. Suzanne Queen says

    I would love to try washi tape & would like to use it on my scrapbook pages & cards. Thanks for the chance to try to win some!

  148. Shannon R says

    Where WOULDN’T I use this washi tape?! It would be so fun in my Project Life album, for making cards, wrapping gifts, decorating easter basket bags… oh the things I could do with it!

  149. Dorothy says

    i love the new colors of washi tape! i would totally make the Easter craft you showed us and decorate my journal of course!

  150. Kelly Billington says

    So many ways to use them! Use them around jars to dress up a gift, on small gift cards, big gift cards, use around a photo before framing, around a water bottle at a party, around plain vases…

  151. Melissa Pate says

    The washi tape Easter egg is what brought me here. I want to try that but I have some many other ideas too. Oh I hope I win ๐Ÿ˜€

  152. Haley Cross says

    Hi! I absolutely love washi tape, and would love to try the Easter egg and basket crafts with my 5 year old daughter! Thank you for hosting this giveaway!!
    Ps I “liked” ‘We are Memory Keepers’ and ‘No Biggie’ on Facebook!

  153. Stacie D says

    I LOVE washi tape! I first bought some when I lived in Japan and my collection keeps growing. These new colors and designs from WeRMemory Keepers are Fab! Can’t wait till May.

  154. Michelle Roth says

    I love the Easter crafts using the tape. I think my girls would love to make that craft and use the tape in thier scrapbooks.

  155. Kristin Janisch says

    I bought a whole bunch of white ceramic eggs last year and my plan is to use washi tape and let the kids have a go at designing there own. Just haven’t bought washi tape yet. This will be my first experience with it and I can just see how it can be addictive. Thanks for the opportunity and brand new to your blog!

  156. J Walters says

    What would I do? Who knows! I’ve never had any but I imagine I could find a million fun uses… Teacher appreciation week is coming up :-)

  157. Marie says

    If I won the washi tape I would share some of the rolls with my crafty sisters and other family members. With the rest of the tape, my daughters and I would copy the neat crafts on the no biggie website.

  158. Stephanie says

    I would definitely make some fun birthday decorations for my daughter’s upcoming 8th birthday. She’s growing up & these would really keep the party from looking too juvenile. :)

  159. Michele W says

    I would love to use Washi Tape on my Scrapbooks and with my Girl Scout Troop to create lots of neat Swaps for our camping weekend. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  160. Jackie says

    I would use the tape to make some handmade cards, my kids would love to decorate their handmade cards with too. Thanks for the giveaway.

  161. EclecticMamma says

    I really want to jump on the washi tape bandwagon! I just need to find some locally for cheap so I can get some as an impulse purchase :-p

  162. Trisha says

    I plan to cover anything that’s not moving! Or maybe refresh my plant pots with a few colorful stripes for Spring.

  163. Virginia Fynes says

    I think I would try this tape on actual eggs rather than dying them or over dyed colors. I loved the Easter hats, we will For sure be making them!!

  164. Michelle Mitchell says

    I would make a card a day for every type of tape I received as a washi tape challenge. Sounds like fun to me :) More reasons to use my craft area

  165. Lidia Hernandez says

    I would decorate my spice jars , I spray painted the lids but they need something extra to make them cutter.

  166. Judy says

    Just found your siste “NoBiggie” as I was looking for ideas to use washi tape. I DON’T HAVE ANY! :( but I have been trying to find a good site. Guess what I found it! I want to make my own silverware wrap for holidays, outdoor dinners, etc. I have taken paper towel rolls and toilet paper rolls and cut them into about 1 inch circles. The hardest part was how to decorate them. WASHI TAPE HERE I COME. Hope I have a chance to win this prize. That would be awesome! Thanks for all the food and craft ideas.

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