Love is in the air…

Love is in the air around here.

Here’s a peek at our Valentine-y decor that we’ve had up for the last month. By now most all of the candy is gone. The chocolate covered cinnamon bears and the chocolate covered Ritz crackers were the first to go. I’ve been told that chocolate covered cinnamon bears are a Utah thing.

Is this true?! Have you ever tried chocolate covered cinnamon bears?! I’d love to know, and put together a best of Utah package and send out as a giveaway. That would be fun!

I hope you all are set to go for the fun day tomorrow! Happy Valentine’s Day eve. :)

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  1. Amber N says

    Yes chocolate cinnamon bears is a Utah thing…last Valentine’s day my husband surprised me with 20 lbs of chocolate cinnamon bears that he had shipped from Utah to the East Coast…no one here, unless they had gone to BYU, had ever had them before. They are the BEST!

  2. says

    Oh m’goodness, chocolate cinnamon bears are delicious. My mom (in Utah), sends me (in Africa) those on occasion. They never last long!

    Love your candy jars!

  3. jenni says far as being a utah thing…i first became acquainted with chocolate-covered cinnamon bears in utah and brought some home to my husband for valentine’s day a couple of years ago. he went crazy. cinnamon bears are his MOST favorite and when i brought home the chocolate-covered version, he was in heaven. so for the last two years, i’ve dipped my own cinnamon bears and have a 2-lb bag hidden away and ready to dip. i live in washington state and have seen the chocolate-covered ones in the higher-end stores…even in bulk candy containers in higher-end markets, but those are few and far between. my husband likes the CB’s better when i dip them because there’s more chocolate on them. i only had one of his. i’m not a real chocolate girl, but the rest of the utah candy is my fav….well, next to concrete’s at nielsen’s. that’s celestial food, i tell you.

  4. Kristie says

    The best chocolate covered cinnamon bears came from the candy counter at ZCMI, in SLC. They were so perfect. Nothing has come close, but chocolate covered cinnamon bears are so good!
    Another thing to add to the best of Utah is fry sauce. That is a Utah thing!

  5. says

    Chocolate covered cinnamon bears? Nope. Never tried them…{probably never will since I don’t like chocolate}
    I LOVE the pink platter with the 14 on it. And I love the candy assortment.

  6. Tara says

    I’ve never even heard of chocolate covered cinnamon bears. Are they like gummy bears? Here in Canada, we don’t get alot of the goodies that you do, but of course we have our own goodies that you guys don’t get either. I have to admit though, I’m always jealous to read blogs who are using “the latest” Stay Puft marshmallow. We don’t get the funky flavors and shapes that you guys get, just plain white or maybe mini multi colored ones.
    Beautiful and cheery decorations in your house though! It’s just too cold here to think about decorating!

  7. Gayle215 says

    I’ve never heard of chocolate covered cinnamon bears…but I’m sure I would love them since I love both cinnamon & chocolate!

  8. Siobhan says

    Oh my!!! Such cute decorations ! I have to sat cinnamon bears are my absolute favorite thing ever!!! My hubby introduced them to me when we got married they have been his fave since he was little he has beautiful memories of him and his mom always going to get them as a little treat when he was sad and she passed away when he was only 13 so when he was sad and missed her he went and picked some up, now when he is having a bad day I pick him up some. I have never heard of chocolate covered ones that sounds absolutely amazing!!!!

  9. says

    none of those bears here. must be a utah thing!

    your v-day decor is darling. I have none out and it’s my favorite holiday…even if it is fabricated. what is so bad about celebrating love?! Your mailboxes are my favorite of all your decor!!

  10. Brooke says

    I tried them first in Utah and then made it my mission to find them here in Texas…and I FOUND them! I can get tem at my local Sprouts store. Yeah! I LOVE chocolate cinnamon bears.

  11. Shaunee says

    Oh my heavens! Darling decorations! Maybe next year I will have the drive to do some cute things for V-day.
    I love chocolate covered cinnamon bears! It’s the best of two worlds. And chocolate covered Ritz??!! Hello! I need to try those. In my mind, chocolate makes anything good! And, if you do a “Best of Utah” basket, don’t forget to include fry sauce!
    Hope you guys have a great Valentine’s Day! Thanks for all your ideas and inspiration!

  12. lydia cowher says

    I have Never heard of chocolate covered bears but they sound delish! I wanted to say that I LOVE your blog! You are such an inspiration…you are just amazing! You are in my thoughts and prayers often as you and your precious family continue to heal. And I just LOVE how crafty you are! You make the coolest stuff! When I have my own home I can’t wait to decorate more! Also, love the mailboxes with your names on them!

  13. says

    I’m such a boring Mom, I don’t have one Valentine decoration. I LOVE chocolate covered cinnamon bears, they are my favorite. I didn’t know they were a Utah thing. Those people in other states sure have been missing out!

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