Look out 3rd Grade…cause here she comes!

Here we go again! Ugg…why do I still get that nervous-ness when it’s time for back to school.

My girl is excited, and that’s all that matters. I’m excited for her. I’m excited for her to be back to a normal schedule.

All last year, I think I was packing too much in her lunch from home, because she never ate her sandwich or the main thing I was hoping she’d eat. So this year, I’m doing things different. The treat will be her after school snack aka reward for good eating at school.

Do you do this? Or what do you do to encourage good eating when you have no control?

The clothes (aka the uniform) were laid out, the lunch was packed, and off she’ll go. Our big 3rd Grader!

Here’s to a great school year!

* for a fun look back at my girl’s first day’s back to school:
2nd Grade
1st Grade

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  1. says

    Avery looks DARLING Kami!!! Such a little doll in that cute outfit. I feel like shedding a tear for you! Hope her first day is the best!

    Oh – and as far as the eating healthy stuff at school, let me know if you figure out a solution because I sure don’t have one!

  2. says

    She looks adorable. She has got to be the cutest 3rd grader in her class with that short blond hair! Love the uniform. I wore one all through elementary school and it was so nice to not have to wonder what I was going to wear each night….but at the same time cursing that I just couldn’t put on my favorite pair of jeans.

    Kaia is off to high school and there is no dress restrictions. She has worn flip flops everyday and is in Heaven!!

    • says

      Yes uniforms are so great for moms, but not so much for the kids. This is her first year to really have an opinion about it.

      Flip Flops everyday sounds nice!

  3. says

    We start next week, so I was just reviewing the calendar and I saw that coffee for the parents after the first drop-off is called Ya-hoo/Boo-hoo. I thought that was a super cute way to express how we might feel about school starting and summer ending.

  4. Rakitia says

    Hi there! I am a new follower but I just wanted to say that I love your photography. I especially love the cute props that say 3rd grade…both ideas I want to steal when my girls are old enough. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Melissa says

    I love the picture of your daughter laying on the ground with chalk saying “3rd grader”. It gave me an idea to do that, too, but I have no flat concrete.

  6. mindi says


    hers is so cute! i can’t believe she’s in 3rd grade already. wasn’t it just yesterday she was belting out some of cake’s greatest hits in her carseat? :) :(

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