little heart beets (pun intended)

Time now for me to declare my love for pickled beets. I say that because I have a couple friends that think it’s sooo funny (and gross) that I love pickled beets…but I do. I really do.

You might remember the beet salad on a stick recipe or I shared all my must have salad bar toppings which included sliced pickled beets, but here’s a quick way to consume and present your sliced pickled beets in a pretty way for Valentine’s Day.

Or you could serve them up on a tooth pick as an appetizer. Either way, I think they are good and cute and pretty and smart. 😉 (I’ve lost it…)

To make them, find the tiniest heart shaped cookie cutter you have and just press down on one beet slice to make these tiny hearts, I mean heart beets.

To make the little tooth pick arrows, I used this arrow die from Lifestyle Crafts. I love that little die, it’s perfect for Valentine making.

Tell me are you a beet lover too? Or do you strongly dislike them?

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  1. says

    These are so cute (and so punny!) I’ve been living under a rock on Mars for the last twenty-odd years and I don’t think I’ve ever actually eaten a beet, but reading this makes me want to try one. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Wendy Klik says

    I never used to like beets but my husband did and my CSA always gave me an abundance of them. I learned to pickle and can them and now I love them. I also love them roasted. If you don’t pickle your own, you are welcome to stop by and grab my easy peasy recipe. Thank you so much for the cute idea. I think I will use it when I make my hubs his valentine dinner this year.

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