Lewis and Clark Caverns

Hi friends! Last week I went to Montana for the second time this Summer. This time I went with my mom and sisters and all of our kids up to the tiny town where my mom grew up: Glasgow Montana. We also had a nice visit with my Grandparents who still live there.

We took a different route on our way up this time, and I’m so glad we did. We stopped at the Lewis and Clark Caverns. It’s a huge limestone cave. It was amazing to see in person. It’s crazy to me that in all the times we have been up to Montana visiting family, we had never been to this giant cave.

It was so neat! Although I will admit that I felt a little claustrophobic at times. Even for someone who feels claustrophobic, I would still recommend it.

If you are ever near WhiteHall Montana, you should go through it. Aiden was the youngest of our group and I held his hand the whole time. The stairs can be pretty steep at times.

Near the top of the cave is where you “could” see bats. We didn’t see any, but they do live in this cave. ew! :)

At one point, you have to sit on your bum and slide through the cave. It felt very Goonies/Indiana Jones. My kids LOVED it!

Once deep inside, it is huge! I loved learning all about it’s history.

It is still actively growing inside. You can see where parts look glossy or shiny, this is where it is growing OR where someone has touched it. You have to be careful inside not to touch the limestone on the path. There is a hand rail to hold onto for most of the tour.

It amazes me how brave the people who first explored this cave must have been. At one point on our tour they turned off all the lights and you could not see your hand in front of your face. It was freaky. Especially since we saw a giant rat in there at an earlier time. Ew!

On these steps leading back up, there is a step that reads: 1 Mile High. It means 1 mile above sea level. This is how deep you go down into the earth when you are on the tour. crazy.

The tunnel to exit the cave is really cool to see too. It is a long tunnel and they have two giant doors on it because the wind is so strong where you exit.

When you come out of the cave, you are on the same side of the mountain, just a lot lower.

It’s about 3/4 of a mile walk to and from the cave from where you park.

They have a cute little penny souvenir that the kids loved.

So…next time you’re in Montana, add the Lewis and Clark Caverns to your agenda!

Have you ever been to the Lewis and Clark Caverns before?

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  1. girlsmama says

    We have never been to Lewis & Clark, but we have been to Jewel Cave in South Dakota! It was an amazing experience. And after you catch your breath from the hike up, our very own Timpanogas cave here in Utah is pretty cool too!

    We love caving!

    • says

      Yes! Timp cave is really cool! I need to go again soon, it’s been a long time.

      I have been to Jewel Cave in SD when I was little. so neat!

  2. says

    Hi Kami! So glad you are having such a fun summer! Your New York trip looked like a blast (Mia Michaels!? – how cool is that!). These caverns remind me a lot of the Lurray Caverns in Virginia. Love your pictures – especially ones of your two sweet little munchkins. :)

  3. says

    I love the L & C caverns. My whole family (well everyone who was there) went through them about 6 years ago. I have many pictures similar to the ones you used in your post. I also had the same thought about the “slide” feeling very Indiana Jones-ish. Definitely need to go back.

  4. says

    Never been…but I was curious about your SECOND trip to Montana this summer. Although call us crazy too….we are heading back down to San Clemente in a few weeks for a fun hand plane surf day.

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