let them be little (in honor of Sandy Hook)

I’m at a loss for words today as I (along with our country) try to make sense of the unthinkable events that took place last Friday at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut. It’s one of those days where time stands still. You will always remember where you were when you first heard the news. I was about to walk into the post office when I called my parents. Hearing my Dad’s voice crack as he told me the details of what took place, is something that will always stay with me (tears).

Our children are our greatest gifts. Our families who we love and serve each day give our lives so much meaning. We all have put ourselves in the shoes of these families who will live with this heartbreak, it’s just unthinkable. Losing a child in a peaceful way is hard enough, but to lose a child in a terrifying way like this makes my heart hurt.

So much innocence was lost on Friday. Childhood is a such a special time, and it’s something we all guard. As parents we do all we can to protect our children and we all have felt so helpless with this tragedy.

This printable is for all of you, who just like me have hugged your children tighter this weekend. Who have looked at your daily tasks in taking care of them in a new light. To honor the innocent lives lost on Friday, we can love and serve the children in our own lives even more than we already do. (You can download this print here.) Sandy Hook’s school colors are green and white, so the colors of this printable are to honor Sandy Hook and the brave teachers and children.

One of the quotes I have loved that has emerged through this tragedy is by Fred Rogers (Mr. Rogers):

There will always be more good in this world than evil, so many helpers.

My friend Rachael of Today’s Mama wrote a great post about something we CAN do in our own lives to make change.

My prayers will be with the town of NewTown, Connecticut for a long time. -Kami

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  1. says

    Thank you for this beautiful download. It’s so applicable and I couldn’t agree with it more. Your thoughts expressed exactly what I feel. – Suzanne

  2. says

    What great sentiments, the one from you and the quote from Mr. Rogers. I ignored the whole story for two days as I couldn’t face it (coward). I finally sat down the other night and googled Sandy Hook heroes and learned all the horrible details, but at least through the stories of those who were bravest and so selfless. It’s still a horrible tragedy to know about, but what amazing examples of humanity are on display right now. Thanks for the download, it’s so so sweet.

  3. Shannon says

    I like the phrase you chose for the download, it emphasizes the innocence of youth and what was lost. Thanks for your post too!

  4. Glanna says

    Reading about this still breaks my heart. How I wish that something like this would never happen again.

    “Let them be little” – such a beautiful and encouraging quote. May all our kids be like Mr. Rogers who still believe that despite the tragedies that’s been happening on our society, there are still good and caring people out there who’s willing to go out of their way to help and bringhope.

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