Last minute trip to New York

If you would have told me one week ago that I’d be in New York for the weekend, I wouldn’t believe you. But it’s true…I just got back from a WAAY last minute trip to New York and it was amazing and meant to be.

It all started when Kyle walked in the door last Wednesday night asking me if I was spontaneous. Ha! Me…spontaneous?! Ummm…Sure! :)

He was just returning from a business trip to Seattle and his younger sister Bree (remember Bree on SYTYCD?!) talked him into sending me to New York to see her dance compete at the A.C.E. Awards (Award for Choreographic Excellence) in New York City. The dance she choreographed was being dedicated to our little Afton Jean.

It was midnight and I said “YES!” and freaked out (with excitement, of course). I had a few blog posts to write, shower and pack…I didn’t sleep Wednesday night at all. But how could I when I’d be in NY the next day. CRAZY!

Looking back, this trip was guided by a higher power and I am sooo thankful that I got to go. Here’s a travel log of my trip via my iPhone. This was my 5th trip to New York, and I am still amazed by this city.

I think I “overgrammed” a bit on InstaGram, but I had to…I was in New York! :)

Last Thursday was a horrible day to travel. There were a bunch of rainstorms that made for a bad day to fly.

I had a 3 hour layover in Denver and on my flight to New York, our plane ran out of fuel circling above Laguardia Airport. They sent us up to Syracuse New York for fuel. By the time our plane landed, it was 11 PM New York time. It was suppose to be landed at 5 PM. Oye! I was on that plane for an extra 6 hours, but it was all worth it.

By the time I got my bags and found a cab, I was so hungry. My cab driver was so nice. He swung me by this cute diner and let me eat in the car on our way into the city.

The next day – Times Square. I love the police station right in the center. The police officers in New York are so great. It’s almost like they are more like tour guides than Police officers. :)

Bree needed to grab some black pants for some behind the scenes stuff during her dance, so we ran into Forever 21. Only this was a 4 level Forever 21. Oh how I love this store. What was suppose to be a quick in and out turned into a good hour. The store where I live is jam packed and sooo not fun to shop in. This store was so nice and neat.

In Times Square we ran into this little visitor center. We met this guy. He was Hilarious! So much personality.

He had us posing with the mini New Year’s Eve Times Square Ball. We were crackin’ up.

Times Square is crazy. Fun to see, but I can’t stay long. Sensory Overload! Whoa!

From Times Square, we had a few errands to run before the competition. One of the places we all wanted to see, was Ground Zero. We didn’t have enough time to see the 9/11 Memorial fountains up close, but I loved seeing the new Freedom Tower.

We also went into the 9/11 preview site.

This mini statue of Liberty completely covered in items found on 9/11 is so powerful and says so much about a day I will always remember so well.

After Ground Zero, we grabbed lunch at Shake Shack which came highly recommended from my friends on InstaGram. There are a bunch of locations in the city, so it was easy to find one near us downtown.

I loved seeing the icy cold concrete coming out. Oooh it looked so good!

The food was great, we all loved it!

From downtown we headed uptown in a cab. I loved seeing so much of the city in a quick amount of time. We were on the edge of the city. It was fun to see the bridges up close. Here’s the Manhattan Bridge (pretty good photo for an iPhone pic, don’t you think?)

I loved seeing this little building uptown. It totally reminded me of the movie UP, surrounded by giant buildings.

I wish we had more time to do it all (driving by The MOMA).

On our way to dinner.

Red Velvet cupcakes at Magnolia Bakery. I love how they whip the frosting around with a blueberry in the middle.

In the elevator after dinner. One of these cute dancers was born the year I graduated high school…made me feel old. :)

The line at this cart on the street was forever long at midnight (made me wonder…must be good food).

Saturday morning – 6th Avenue was blocked off for a street fair. It was fun to see all the vendors.

We had the best fried ice cream!

I spent the day with Kyle’s youngest sister Logan. We had fun finding our way around the city. Finding ourselves near Washington Square Park was a fun surprise.

While on the Subway, we saw this cute couple on their way to a Yankees game. I had to take their picture and text it to Kyle. Yankee fans are the best!

We also found our way near Crumbs,

with some of the happiest cupcakes I have ever seen. :)

We finally made it to Fishs Eddy. I fell in LOVE with this store! More on it later. I loved everything about it.

New York diet pepsi :)

On Friday we went to Mood fabrics (think Project Runway). I didn’t think to question why we were there.

It turns out we were there buying ribbon and this pretty jewel so Bree and Logan could make this:

a beautiful ribbon for me to wear to their special performance which was dedicated to our little Afton. I cried. All 5 of Bree’s dancers along with Bree and Logan also wore a small white ribbon in Afton’s honor. It was so sweet.

Afton was with us this weekend, we all felt her presence. I cried (and cried) during their dance. It was beautiful. Bree did such an amazing job with the choreography.

Their dance was one of 16 pieces competing, and it took 3rd place. The girls did such a great job. The dance is so moving. I wish you all could see it in person. I will share it here once it’s live, along with a few of my other favorite numbers from the night.

It really is so crazy when I think about how I ended up seeing it live and sitting just a row back from Mia Michaels who was one of the judges. It was such a fun night!

We went out later to Serendipity to celebrate their big win!

Best way to end the night!

The next day (Sunday) we all flew home. Here’s the view from our room. It was weird staying at the New York Hilton one week before BlogHer. I guess I was at “DanceHer”. 😉

This trip was meant to be. I loved waking up to these sweet faces Monday morning, happy to be home with my little family and backyard to roll around in (New York does that to me).

Spontaneous?! Who me? …You betcha! :)

ps. Once Summer slows down a bit for me, I’ll be back to posting with more regularity, but as for now, I’m just flying by the seat of my pants. :)

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  1. dianap says

    well, well… made it back to the NYC, Kami. I began following your blog mid laast year – a few months before the loss of your dearest Afton Jean. You are an inspiring mom and wife to me. Your posts really feel ‘homemade’ and full of joy. I look forward to a good read every time. As I read this one I felt a bit of sadness as if I had missed the opportunity of meeting you….in my home town no less! You always sprinkle your posts with a sense of familiarity. They make me feel as if i’m catching up with an great friend. With this post i often I found myself answering your Q’s ~ aloud. I heard myself respond: “Yes I remember Bree and the clip of her dance”; and, “Times Square IS really awesome”, adding other thoughts aloud like, “The ribbon sentiment was a caring touch”, and “Girl, its been so long since my first (and only) from Serendipity”…….finally: I LOVED the blue and pink I HEART NY for the kids. Many blessings to you and yours.

    • says

      Diana! You just made my night! What a fun comment to read! I would have loved to have met you in your hometown (lucky girl!). 

      Next time…for sure. :) hopefully its sooner than later. 

      I wish I could visit often. 

  2. Brittany Davis says

    this trip looks AMAZING! wish I could have seen the dance I am sure it was so beautiful! Glad you got a fun little get away for a couple days! xoxo

  3. says

    What a sweet story, Kami! I’m so glad you have such thoughtful family members and that you had such a wonderful, spontaneous weekend! I’ve never been much of a spontaneous person, but I think I just changed my mind! I’m so glad you felt your sweet Afton’s close. Welcome home!

  4. Annie Dow says

    What a special moment to be a part of (you are a good husband Kyle). I am glad you got to go. Being spontaneous is very hard for (the Tyler) in me too. Looks like you reaped some wonderful things by “flying by the seat of your pants”. Good for you!

  5. says

    Its not possible to “overgram” while you are in New York! That is so great that it worked out for you to go last minute. What an honor to be able to attend a dance performance done for your sweet little angel. I’m so glad you had a good time:)

  6. diane says

    Hi, Karni- I am so glad you had your whirlwind tour to NYC- and for such a beautiful reason. There is a video of the dance on you-tube. It’s very dimly lit, but one is able to get a sense of what it’s like. So beautiful, and what a loving tribute to Afton. You’re a sweet lady- I’m glad I found your blog.

  7. Melanie says

    How fun!! The food, the company, the sites, the dance and then the beautiful kids back home!! WOW!! You are a blessed woman!! Love you!!

  8. says

    Just getting caught up on blogs. Loved this re-cap. I’ve been wondering about how it all went. Follwed your instagram though. :) I LOVE LOVE LOVE Fish’s Eddy. Cant wait to see that post. So glad you went. So glad you felt your sweet Afton with you. AND…I can’t wait to see the dance. Miss you. Mwah.

  9. says

    You have inspired me. My husband went to nyny on a LDS mission 13 years ago and we have never gone back. I felt we should wait till we could go for a week, but after reading this I started looking into hotels for weekend.

  10. says

    I am thrilled that you were able to take this trip. I am sure it did your heart and soul good. And nothing like some comfort food which it sounds like there was no stortage of! :)

  11. says

    so, my friend went to BeiJing, China and her son bought a I <3 BJ shirt after the I <3 NY tradition. You know. BJ for Bei Jing. Only no one here knew about the city in china, and everyone in his middle school bugged him for weeks about the kid who loves blowj@# True Story.

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