Inexpensive party decor ideas

Inexpensive DIY Party Decor ideas | | make your party personalized and special with a few of these ideas

Thank you for all your sweet comments yesterday on Avery’s birthday. They were all so nice. We had a fun day celebrating our girl.

I wanted to share with you a few simple ways to make party decor on the cheap. !

To start…the party hat. I love making a party hat for my kids every year. Usually I just cover an existing party hat with simple card stock to make it my own. One thing I don’t love about store bought party hats is that they are sometimes too big. When I look back at the first photos of Avery when she was little, I wish that the party hat was smaller. And the little string that goes under your chin always seems to come unhooked.

Here’s the solution: use a sno-cone (cup) cone. It’s thick and durable. Flip it upside down. Spray paint it the color you want. cover it with glitter and decorate it how ever you’d like. For the little chin strap, I poked a hole on each side with a thick needle and then I used stretchy clear jewelry cord and a crimp bead (crimped on tight) from my at home jewelry kit to make sure that the under chin string doesn’t come undone.

For the center rosette I used this rosette die from Lifestyle Crafts (you can get 20% off with promo code NOBIGGIE at check out on all Lifestyle crafts dies). I then used American Crafts thickers for the number 10 and a circle die for the circle using gold glitter card stock.

Next up: giant birthday numbers! I really wanted giant birthday numbers for this graduation to double digits. I looked all over and I couldn’t find any, so I made my own.

With a sharpie I traced out the number 10. I then used a serrated edge knife to cut out the cardboard numbers (be very careful doing this). I found a bunch of red, silver and gold tinsel garland at Target for 90% off! The red garland would be fun for Valentine’s Day or the 4th of July. Using a regular stapler, I wrapped the numbers with the gold garland adding a staple to the back side every couple times around.

You could also just spray paint the numbers and glitter them. That would be a fun look too!

Make a giant poster collage: This is my favorite thing we did. The idea all started with these giant blue print posters my friend Becca of Blue Cricket Design shared a while back. Did you know you can print giant black and white images on blue print paper for cheap! The print quality isn’t the best, but the impact of the size is worth it. These posters turned out great with the chalkboard look, like the ones my friend Jen printed out for her cookie exchange.

Using photoshop, we made a bunch of 4 -5 image collages. We bought a template online that simplified the process. Each collage was a mix of photos of our daughter from over the years for a more random look. Once we had about 20 different little collages, we put them all together into one BIG collage. Some of the images were not saved at a high resolution, so those images are in a smaller spot. Using photoshop is the best way to create something like this. Take it to your local staples or blueprint shop and they can print it for you under 10$.

That’s it! just a few ideas to inspire your next party.

Happy Friday!

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  1. Michele N says

    I wish the information for the giant photo collage would have been available last week so that we could have used that idea instead of the photo memory board for my grandma’s funeral yesterday. But I will definitely keep it in mind for the future. Thank you for all your great ideas.

  2. Michelle R says

    Hey Kami!
    I would love to do something like this for Annie’s 3 year transplant anniversary party. Can you give us specifics on the page sizes you created for each collage and the print size you ordered or and maybe a link to the templates you bought? I hope St. George will have a print shop that does this!

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