Candycorn Rice Krispie Treats

Learn how to make Candy Corn rice krispie treats for Halloween |

Do you have a thing for candy corn, but not actual candy corn candy… those are gross! They’re right up there with Circus Peanuts…eww. I mostly just love the colors and classic shape of candy corn, and how they make me think of this time of year with Autumn and Halloween.

Ever since we drove past the cute little store Fancy Flours in Bozeman, MT (where I also got the idea for this Giant Candy Corn Cupcake), I’ve wanted one of these candy corn cookie cutters but since they were all sold out, I had to get creative.

So what’s the next best thing to giant Candy Corn Cookies? Giant Candy Corn Rice Krispie Treats, of course. Plus they were a lot easier to make…no baking required. Here are all the tips and tricks to get rice krispie treats right every time! I used Almond bark for the top coat. I love rice krispie treats for kids, because they are crumb free.

For the frosting, I bought one pkg of White Almond Bark and divided it into three (with a little more for the orange color). I chopped up each section so it would melt quicker in the microwave. Then mixed in the food coloring. I started with orange to make sure that I had enough.
I made two batches of Rice Krispie Treats, and one pkg of Almond Bark was enough to cover all of them.

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  1. Anners says

    I too don’t love the way they taste, but love the way they look. I have friends that LOVE candy corn though. Your treats look delish!

  2. Lauriej says

    I love to eat candy corn! I first bite the orange and then eat the white. Weird, I know. :-)
    Those are cute and I am still in awe of the candy corn cake you did last year!

  3. buddens says

    What kind of frosting did you use? I’m just trying to think what would taste best with rice crispy treats. They are so darling!

  4. Logan says

    glad to hear you don’t actually like the real candy corns. YUCK! But those candy corns look quite yummy and tempting!

  5. Tiffany says

    Those are the cutest! Please explain how you did the Almond Bark on top, because that was like Japanese to me. I’m not that advanced in the kitchen, I guess.

  6. Krista says

    You have quickly become a favorite of mine. I love candy corn but my husband doesn’t…so this is a great idea!

  7. MiaKatia says

    We can agree on the candy corn for sure. Yuck. But for some strange reason my hubby and kids love it. I think we could totally compromise on the krispie corns. Very cute.

  8. Lorilee says

    you don’t like real candy corn? crazy. I have a handful in my hand right now that I’m eating for lunch.
    but your fake candy corns are really cute, and I’m sure really yummy.

  9. Sara says

    Those are awesome! Now I agree that candy corn is not that great to eat alone. But, have you tried it with some dry roasted peanuts? Think salty-sweet, payday, peanut roll. . . yummmm! I usually have a jar full of the mixture somewhere in my house from Oct. 1 until Thanksgiving.

  10. Moreau's says

    Crafty Kami! Your family is so lucky to have you as the mom! I love Aiden’s laugh he is so dang cute! Happy fall!

  11. Rusti says

    I agree- candy corn is gross to eat but SO cute! My husband is a r.c. fiend and would be so happy to have some of those.

  12. jon and kir says

    I love candy corn!!! I think the sweeter the better! What a cute idea!! That would make a perfect treat for the kiddo’s at Preschool!

  13. Tiffany And Co. says

    Fancy Flours is one of my most favorite baking stores! I miss it! Yummy rice krispie candy corns! I will have to try.

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