How to make a dirty diet coke

Hi Friends! It’s Summer! Which means we all should be sippin on a big old bevy (aka beverage) everyday.

Last week I went to dinner with some friends, Jen and Jyl, and we were talking about how to make a dirty diet coke, and I was surprised they hadn’t heard of it! And I thought if they hadn’t heard of it, then I definitely needed to share it here with you too. It’s so good! If you’re a diet coke drinker, than you’ll love it! It’s like a bit of tropical paradise in your mouth.

how to make a dirty diet coke -

Here’s the run down:

You’ve got to start with the good ice. Whether you call it pebble ice, pellet ice or crushed ice, the ice with any icy cold beverage is key. My local gas station sells the good ice by the bag, or I know Sonic sells it too.
step 1 for a dirty diet coke -

Once you’ve added your diet coke to your ice, you’ll add a big lime wedge. Not a slice…you need a wedge here to squeeze it all in!
step 2 for a dirty diet coke -

Finish off with the special ingredient: the Torani sugar free coconut syrup. Stir it all around and enjoy!

step 3 for a dirty diet coke -

how to make a dirty diet coke

One last thing…I need to share a little tip with you. In keepin’ it real, I need to share that truthfully, I can’t stand drinking out of those darling striped paper straws, they gross me out. It’s just that I think they’re too cute and I love to use them as a photo prop when I can.

For the best icy cold bevy experience, I love a big 32oz. sturdy plastic cup, one I can squeeze the ice around if I need to. I then love to put that cup into a big sonic cup that I reuse and reuse. The styrofoam Sonic cup keeps the ice frozen for so long, it’s awesome! No condensation on your hands too. And a skinny plastic straw. You’ll have to try it!

the secret to the perfect summer drink -

*I first learned how to make a dirty diet coke on my favorite local show Studio 5, and after that I had to try it! Apparently, the Torani sugar-free coconut syrup is hard to find here in Utah right now. Typically you can find it at the World Market stores or Orson Gygi (a specialty kitchen store), but they can’t keep it in stock. I found mine on Amazon.

I’d love to know, have you tried this yet? Are you a big diet coke drinker?

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  1. Laurel says

    In Southern California we make it with Coconut Rum! We call it a Malibu! I like your NON alcohol version!

  2. says

    you drink that up girl right now…because it is so not part of the plan!! looks yummy though. i may have to try one next week before going back on the challenge! :) and is it bad that i kind of like the word ‘dirty’?!

  3. says

    hehe. I use Malibu…. then it’s not only dirty, later on, I’ll get all frisky and hubbs gets to enjoy it, too. *giggle*

    I LOVE the idea about putting the cup down into a sonic cup! Genius!

    However, lemme tell ya!

    $5! Walmart.

    It’s those plastic dual walled cups with the lids? KWIM? only it’s got GEL BETWEEN THE LAYERS! top shelf dishwasher safe… I pull the right out of the dishwasher and into the freezer they go. we have 6, two for each of us… one to use, one to freeze.

    and they come with a handy silicone wrapper to keep your hnds from freezing. and no condensation because they’re dual-walled like the tervis cups! (but without the tervis name, you avoid that RIDICULOUS price tag!

    • says

      I’m not really sure. It’s up to you, how you like it. If it’s a 32oz. cup with ice, I think one to two tablespoons would be good.

  4. Shauntel says

    My favorite is the Dirty Dr. Pepper! So good, but without the lime. Also, give me the full sugar! No diet crap! 😉 I also hate the paper straws. They are so dang cute, but bleh GROSS! Ick makes me gag just thinking about them!

  5. says

    Thanks for sharing the “real dirty” parts of the Dirty Diet Coke. I have been wondering what I was doing wrong and now I know. Also, nice to see you keep it real without the paper straws in the 320z cups! I LOVE IT!

  6. Joyce says

    I like to add just a Tb of half and half or other cream to it….just sayin’….try it, ‘cuz that’s what really makes it good!

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