Honeycomb paper Halloween crafts – Friday Fab Five

HoneyComb Paper crafts for Halloween | 5 festive crafts – NoBiggie.net | Honeycomb Paper is such a fun party decoration. It’s great to store too, because it folds flat.

I have a thing for honeycomb paper, especially for Halloween crafts and Halloween party decorations. I love that you can have big decorations and fold them up flat when you’re done. And they’re cheap too! You get a lot of bang for your buck. :)

Here are five great ways to craft and decorate with honeycomb paper:

1. Honeycomb paper jack-o-lanterns via Country Living. I love how they turned these simple paper pumpkins into Halloween jack-o-lanterns. I just bought a bunch of mini honeycomb pumpkins at the dollar store and even tinier honeycomb paper pumpkin cupcake toppers. Love them!

2. Honeycomb paper ghosts via Country Living. I love that by covering these white honeycomb paper (wedding) bells with cheese cloth and adding faces they look like spooky ghosts. How cute! I bet your local dollar store has a bunch of these white wedding bell honeycomb decorations.

3. Honeycomb paper pop-up cards. These little paper pumpkin cards would be a fun Halloween party invitation. Easy to make too!

4. Honeycomb paper Medallions via Amy Atlas – I love the idea of filling a wall with these simple medallions adding such dimension to a Halloween party backdrop. Amy’s entire Halloween dessert table still inspires me!

5. Honeycomb paper candy corn – for those of you also obsessed with candy corn decor (like I am). These decorations would be so fun!

Are you too a fan of honeycomb paper decorations? kind of a weird thing to be a fun of…NoBiggie! :)

*For more fun Fall and Halloween ideas that are Pintastic, join me on Pinterest!

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  1. Jenn says

    So many great ideas! Not sure how I haven’t come across your blog before but I LOVE IT!! Happy to be following along and looking forward to exploring more of it {although I have already been here far too long!} Have a great weekend.
    Jenn :)

  2. says

    Hi Kami! Catching up on your blog this morning. FUN posts! Those decorations are darling and I love your Downeast clothes! Avery is so adorable and YES! Celebration for Rukkus!! :)

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