Handmade gift card holder

Here’s a simple way to dress up any old gift card. Make your own homemade felt gift card holder.

handmade felt gift card holder

Welcome Danyelle! Danyelle blogs at Dandee {Dandee Design} I’m so happy to have Danyelle as my guest today. You know what I love about Danyelle?! …besides the fact that she posed with this gorgeous raspberry cream cake, her love of paper crafts. You must see her little shop. When you order anything from her shop, you will just love the way everything is packaged up. so very cute…so very Dandee.

Hello, hello!  I’m thrilled Kami asked me to join you today.  I can tell we’re going to be fast friends.  Wanna know why?  Well, you’re here which means you like Kami.  I like Kami.  We have so much in common already!

Recently my sisters-in-law and I chipped in and bought 3 gift cards for a cousin’s bridal shower.  The idea was to provide a fun date night for the newlyweds.  Dinner, movie and dessert.  I sorta have a thing for packaging so I was pleased as punch when the task of wrapping the cards was given to me.

I decided instead of slipping the cards in a box or an envelope, I would create a card around the gift cards themselves.  Each gift card was placed in a mini kraft envelope.  I then made a few labels to affix to the front of each envelope with a teaser word about what was inside.  The card was designed for the envelopes to be attached.  When the envelopes were removed, a message to the recipient was visible.  After the card was folded, I wrapped a piece of wool felt around it, stitched the brides initial on another piece of felt and tied it securely to the card with seam binding ribbon.  Here is what it looked like in action:

handmade gift card holder

creative giftcard holder

All of the supplies to make this card were already in my stash but in case you’re wondering, here are my sources:

mini kraft envelopes
one inch round labels
Seam binding ribbon

Thanks for having me Kami + happy packaging to you, dears!

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  1. Becky, yep says

    Those are darling! I think packaging/presentation is the key to telling someone you care. It's just that added touch!

    I know I'm the last person on the planet that doesn't know how…BUT I'd love to learn how to do that stitching. I know you have to go back and fill in the gaps. perhaps you could teach that one…for Just Me! Yep!

  2. Shaunee says

    Geez! How do people come up with these things. So darling and creative. It would take me a whole day to make one of those.
    Very, very cute! I love it!

  3. {april kennedy} says

    Oh I just love Danyelle. She is so talented and inspiring. These are darling and so Dandee!

    Kami, I am off to go explore your little blog here. I'm sure I'm going to love everything around here to. Glad to have found you!

  4. Whatever Dee-Dee wants says

    Danyelle is amazing! She sent me the sweetest packing in a swap and I have been in awe of her since then.

  5. heather says

    Something so simple as a gift card has now been elevated to a whole new level in gift giving. Packaging is so clever and lovely – and the embroidery is the icing on the cake! Thanks for sharing!

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