Harry Potter World + Butter Beer!

One of the big highlights for us at Universal Orlando was Harry Potter World (aka The Wizarding World of Harry Potter)! It was so fun to see the books and the movies come to life in Harry Potter World.

They did such a great job at capturing the little village of Hogsmeade. In Harry Potter World you can find three rides:

The Flight of the Hippogriff: this is a small roller coaster that most small kids can ride. Aiden was able to ride this one.
Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey: this is currently the most high tech ride in the world. It really is an amazing ride. As you make your way through the line, you can see the pictures on the wall come to life just like the movie.
Dragon Challenge: this is a big roller coaster where your seat hangs from the track. I loved this one! I had never been on a roller coaster like this. It’s crazy when you can’t see the track and then you know you are going to be going upside down. It’s so fun! Avery could not ride on this one because she was not tall enough.

At the beginning of our first day at this park, we divided into two teams. Our team was Team Hufflepuff.

Don’t ask me why I wore a sweater on this hot humid day?! I instagrammed this pic of Kyle and I with the caption “Just a couple of Muggy Muggles”. We definitely had to get use to the humidity.

We had a guide throughout the two parks on our first two days there. Our guide Taryn was so cute, our kids loved her. She helped open Harry Potter World in 2010. She’s a huge Harry Potter fan, so it was fun to get the VIP tour from her. She really knew her stuff. Here she is with her hands up on the Flight of the Hippogriff with us. She’s awesome!

One of the biggest highlights for me was the Frozen ButterBeer. Oooh, it is sooo good! We tried it frozen and non-frozen, and we all loved it frozen, best. I’ve been experimenting at home trying to create something as close to the real deal. I’ll have to share it here soon!

We even had a little “Who has the best butterbeer mustache” contest.

Seeing Harry Potter world was so neat, something you can only see at Universal Orlando.

Here are a bunch of pictures from our time in Harry Potter World including my favorite shop: HoneyDukes the candy store.

I have a few more posts sharing our wonderful trip to Universal Orlando.

** Universal Orlando Resort sponsored travel, accommodations and activities for my family and I during our stay at the resort. No compensation was received. Thoughts and opinions here are 100% my own. ** A major big thank you to Universal Orlando, Loews Pacific Resort and Mom it Forward for an amazing trip!

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  1. Bonnie says

    How fun! We were there last October for our Fall Break. We happened to be at Harry Potter World on my husband’s birthday. We celebrated with a Butter Beer! We had SUCH a great time there – a highlight of our trip!

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