Halloween Treats!

To a few of you, this Halloween treat table might look a little familiar. It’s a spin off of the first Halloween treat table I did 3 years ago…only Spookier! (Bwahahah! this is as spooky as I get.) :)

I changed it up a bit this year with a little Halloween chalk board graffiti and biggie sized juice box mummies, both Pinterest favorites I’ve been wanting to actually do…and I did! :)

Luckily I had a lot of the same stuff on hand, so pulling this all together wasn’t that hard. Although I couldn’t pass up these adorable chevron striped bitty bags at our local party store Zurchers. Have you seen all the great stuff Zurcher’s has these days?! Like: paper goodie bags, paper straws and baker’s twine. I’m loving it!

A lot of the treats stayed the same…I just can’t pass up on a marshmallow Peep ghost, and the candy corn rice krispie treats have become my Halloween go to treat, because they are so easy.

I also found these fun black and white whirly pops at Zurcher’s too!

*I’ll be sharing all the details of this Halloween treat table on Studio 5 today (if you’re in Utah), otherwise, I’ll have to share the t.v. segment tomorrow once it’s online.

Where to find all the stuff shown here:

Shop Walmart for the:
– rice krispie treat ingredients
– Juicy Juice juice boxes
– honey comb paper pumpkin picks (Halloween section)
– Peeps marshmallow ghosts
– candy: tootsie rolls, candy corn taffy

Shop Zurcher’s Party store for the:
– chevron striped bitty bags
– whirly black and white lollipops
– Honeycomb paper decorations

*Thanks to Studio 5 for having me back!

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  1. 1

    So cute! Can’t wait to see the clip!

  2. 3

    It looks great! Good Luck today! You will do great!

  3. 5
    Jill Sumsion says:

    To cute for words!

  4. 7

    LOVE this Kami! You are SO creative. And congrats on another Studio 5 appearance! Forget mailing me Becky Higgins’ autograph — I want yours!!!


  5. 8

    This looks great! My husband made me a huge chalkboard once for a party backdrop that I now have in my dining area. Love how you used yours! :)

  6. 9

    This looks awesome! Love the table and the backdrop.

  7. 10

    Saw you on Studio 5 this week!! You did fabulous! I’m a new reader/follower. I fell in love with those mummy juice boxes and straws. How fun would those be at your child’s school Halloween party or for a fun Halloween lunch?! This table spread makes me want to host my own neighborhood Halloween party! Great ideas! Great job! Thanx for sharing!

  8. 11
    Rachel Adams says:

    Where did you get your cute top and cardigan you had on Studio 5? Super cute! Thanks!!

  9. 12

    The sweets really looks so good and colorful too!

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