Halloween around here…

Have you decorated for Halloween yet? I find that each year I put out less and less decor. I like a good mix of Fall and Halloween decor so that I can keep some of it out when Halloween is over.

I was laughing with a friend about Halloween door covers. You know the plastic door coverings that read “keep out” written in blood. Seriously…who makes that stuff?! Or should I say who buys that stuff?! :)

Here’s a look at Halloween at our house. The fall/Halloween (for now) wreath:

Glass apothecaries filled with all non-edibles. I’m doing my best to avoid buying Halloween candy until I have to!

My favorite pumpkin pillow that I leave out all fall.

The cackling witch with an OFF SWITCH (thank goodness!) :)

Our big family calendar:

Just a few decorations outside:

“Frankie” is my favorite!

The candy corn lollies with the free silhouettes (Did you print some out yet?)

And the Halloween Countdown calendar:

I still have some ghosts to put out, (here’s what I’ve done in years past) We’ll have to see if I get around to it this year.

Then there’s the giant spiderweb. Not sure if I can talk Kyle into putting it up like this again this year.

How about you? Have you pulled everything out yet? Are you avoiding the Halloween candy like I am?

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  1. Jamie says

    I love Halloween and fall. It snuck up on me this year…so I’m just now getting decorations up. Such a short window of time for it…your house looks great!

    • says

      Halloween did not sneak up on me this year! I’ve been actively decorating since August! I so appreciate when I see decorations on homes (Spiderwebs, ghosts etc). I know the time and planning it takes to put a display together and I try every year to streamline my efforts. Thank you Kami for your darling posts!

  2. says

    Love your decor..the eek! pumpkins are too cute! And where can I get those plastic door covers i’ve been hunting for them?!?!………..JK.

    I bet your kids love how you decorate the season for them. nice job mama! :)

  3. says

    I love all your decorations. I don’t have kids so I don’t usually do much more than put out a few pumpkins. But I really love your candy corn colored “lolly’s” and may need to they to make those!!

  4. says

    Your posts are really cute. I especially like halloween kitties and I have 5 of the same you show on your fireplace hearth. They have special places in my home decorating too but not as cute as those bookending your ‘eeeek’ pumpkins! Darling!

  5. Suzanne Hart says

    Kami, congrats on the baby news. You are always in my prayers that everything will go well! question: where did you get the pumpkin cupcake toppers that are in the glass jar? Love those! Thanks!

  6. angela says

    Hi, Thanks for being an example to stay away from the Halloween treats. I have already eaten too many. Now I am going to stop. I love the non edibles to fill your glass containers. Cute!!!

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