Halloween around here…

Have you decorated for Halloween yet? I find that each year I put out less and less decor. I like a good mix of Fall and Halloween decor so that I can keep some of it out when Halloween is over.

I was laughing with a friend about Halloween door covers. You know the plastic door coverings that read “keep out” written in blood. Seriously…who makes that stuff?! Or should I say who buys that stuff?! :)

Here’s a look at Halloween at our house. The fall/Halloween (for now) wreath:

Glass apothecaries filled with all non-edibles. I’m doing my best to avoid buying Halloween candy until I have to!

My favorite pumpkin pillow that I leave out all fall.

The cackling witch with an OFF SWITCH (thank goodness!) :)

Our big family calendar:

Just a few decorations outside:

“Frankie” is my favorite!

The candy corn lollies with the free silhouettes (Did you print some out yet?)

And the Halloween Countdown calendar:

I still have some ghosts to put out, (here’s what I’ve done in years past) We’ll have to see if I get around to it this year.

Then there’s the giant spiderweb. Not sure if I can talk Kyle into putting it up like this again this year.

How about you? Have you pulled everything out yet? Are you avoiding the Halloween candy like I am?

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  1. 1

    I love Halloween and fall. It snuck up on me this year…so I’m just now getting decorations up. Such a short window of time for it…your house looks great!

    • 2

      Halloween did not sneak up on me this year! I’ve been actively decorating since August! I so appreciate when I see decorations on homes (Spiderwebs, ghosts etc). I know the time and planning it takes to put a display together and I try every year to streamline my efforts. Thank you Kami for your darling posts!

  2. 3

    Love your decor..the eek! pumpkins are too cute! And where can I get those plastic door covers i’ve been hunting for them?!?!………..JK.

    I bet your kids love how you decorate the season for them. nice job mama! :)

  3. 4

    I love all your decorations. I don’t have kids so I don’t usually do much more than put out a few pumpkins. But I really love your candy corn colored “lolly’s” and may need to they to make those!!

  4. 5

    The porch is decorated for the fall and the inside of the house has some Halloween touches. That way I can get both in.

  5. 6

    You should call it Falloween.

  6. 7

    Your posts are really cute. I especially like halloween kitties and I have 5 of the same you show on your fireplace hearth. They have special places in my home decorating too but not as cute as those bookending your ‘eeeek’ pumpkins! Darling!

  7. 8
    Suzanne Hart says:

    Kami, congrats on the baby news. You are always in my prayers that everything will go well! question: where did you get the pumpkin cupcake toppers that are in the glass jar? Love those! Thanks!

  8. 9

    Hi, Thanks for being an example to stay away from the Halloween treats. I have already eaten too many. Now I am going to stop. I love the non edibles to fill your glass containers. Cute!!!

  9. 10

    I couldn’t resist the new white chocolate candy corn m&m’s. And the autumn colored peanut ones.
    Geeez I’m bad!

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