Father’s Day photo book gift idea (free printables)

I have one more Father’s Day gift idea before Father’s Day is here. Because we all love pictures, I thought a photo book would be such a sweet gift idea. You fill it with pictures of you and your Dad or your kids and their Dad. Along with these free printables, it will be a gift he will cherish.

Father's Day photobook gift idea with Free Printables- Nobiggie.net

The idea for this printable came from the Chris Farley Show. Do you remember the Chris Farley Show on Saturday Night Live?! Oh it’s too funny! He would invite famous guests to his show and rather than asking them intriguing questions, he would just run down memory lane with them and say “Remember that one time…” and then he’d finish with: “That was awesome”. I still laugh when I see it, it’s too funny!

He’s a little clip for those of you who haven’t seen it:

Basically the idea is with all the pictures, your Dad can take a quick trip down memory lane and remember all the good stuff, all the sweet stuff, and all the awesome stuff he has done with you as your Dad.

To make this simple photo book, I just picked up this little plastic photo book from the Target dollar spot. You just fill the pages with pictures and the little free printable journaling cards.
Father's Day photobook  with Free Printables - Nobiggie.net

I’ve been searching through all of our pictures and tagging the pictures of Kyle with the kids with the tag: “with Dad”, so that I will have a quick way to find pictures of him with the kids.
Father's Day photobook gift idea with Free Printables - Nobiggie.net

We are sure thankful to have such a great Dad (and husband) in our family, and we’re excited to celebrate him along with all our Dads this weekend.
Father's Day photos - with Dad - NoBiggie.net

Download these free Father’s Day printables here.

*Please note all free printables are for personal use only and are for my awesome readers. Thank you!

Looking for more last minute Father’s Day gift ideas? You will love these free printable coloring Father’s Day pages or this adorable ‘Best Dad Ever’ medallion to top a gift, also a free printable.

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