Father’s Day Coloring Pages

My kids love to color!

Here’s a fun little coloring page to help your kids wish their Dad a Happy Father’s Day. There are 3 versions.

#2 can be folded like a card, and they can write something on the inside, and #3 is my favorite. :)

Father’s Day Download #1

Father’s Day Download #2

Father’s Day Download #3

Happy Coloring! :)

*Download these free simple printable coloring pages. Each printable coloring page is available for your own personal use courtesy of NoBiggie.net. Click on each image below to download and print each coloring page in PDF format.

ps. On BabyCenter I’m sharing more Father’s Day gift ideas in case you need a little last minute help. :)

Looking for more Father’s Day ideas? You will love these handmade cards for Father’s Day or this fun photo idea for your dear old dad.

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  1. says

    Thanks Kami! Love these! My girls will be coloring them tomorrow. :) And that pic of your kids with the DAD letters – so cute. I can’t get over Aiden’s sweet little face all smushed in the D! ADORABLE.

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