EVO Food Workshop

The workshop I was most excited to attend at EVO this year, was the food workshop. This year at they offered two food workshops, because everyone loved it so much last year.

The Saturday Food Workshop was held at the beautiful Waldorf Astoria Hotel in Park City. The workshop was divided into three mini classes:

1. Food Styling with Diane Cu
2. Food Photography with Todd Porter
3. Cooking with Jeffrey Saad

Although I hate to pick favorites out of the three, I have to say I LOVED learning all about food styling with Diane Cu! She has such a passion for food and she makes the food look amazing in each shot.

Here’s a screen shot from Diane’s mini class:

Composition: Story – Mood – Feel

Choosing the best possible subjects – smaller scale.

She talked about how rather than taking a picture of an entire casserole dish, you should cut out a piece and focus on the ingredients on the inside. “smaller scale”

The best part about her and her WORC partner Todd was how they each ended their classes with inviting us all to share what we had just learned with them and not to keep it to ourselves. I loved that!

They both shared about how when they first started with photography, how no one would share with them what they knew, and how they had to figure it all out on their own, and how hard it was. So they encouraged us all to share what we had learned.

What special people they are! I loved learning from them.

For the third class, we learned how to cook the dish that we had first styled and photographed. Jeffrey Saad (Food Network), was so fun to learn from! His excitement for food was so fun to be around. And I thought I was excited about food. 😉 This guy wins them all! :) He is awesome!

The workshop was sponsored by Bush’s Beans. It was a neat workshop and I feel so lucky to have been in attendance.

*If you too love the White On Rice Couple, and would love to learn from them. Good News! They are teaching at The Creative Connection in September!

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  1. says

    You already do such a great job with your photography but I bet you learned some new tricks from the classes. Isn’t that Waldorf hotel gorgeous!

  2. says

    Thank you for this amazing write up! It was such a huge treat to meet you in Utah. And I loved spending a little more time with you at the last party. Wish we had more. Look forward to really getting to you know you more Kami.
    Hugs and love,
    diane and todd

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