Dog Breeds

It has never really bothered me that we haven’t known what type of dog little Rukkus is, until this weekend. We rented Marley & Me, and when it was over I realized that when Rukkus dies, we don’t know his breed mix.

He has been the best dog for us (I’m not gonna lie…he’d be the best dog for anyone), and although he is irreplaceable (cue Beyonce), I would love to have an idea of his breed mix so that we could find another dog similar to him. I realize that we could have a test done at the vet to try to figure it out, I just haven’t done that yet.

So calling all dog lovers… Can you guess what breed mix he is?

P.S. Don’t you think it’s funny how we aren’t hesitant to ask what type of dog someone has and yet we would rarely ask what kind of human they are. Well, I’m not embarrassed to ask. What type of human are you?

I’m American, which really means that I’m a mut. wink

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  1. Sylvia says

    I know nothing about dog breeds but he is honestly the cutest dog I've ever seen.

    Cloning? Is that a possiblity? I guess maybe if you move to England.

  2. Staci says

    I don't know either Kam but he really is so handsome! I cried so hard during that movie, I didn't think that it would of had such an impact.

  3. Shaunee says

    Haha! Very funny! I'm not sure what kind of dog he is but someone told me that our German Shepherd puppy looks kind of like him (I'm sure it's more of the color similarity than anything else). Maybe he's got a bit of German in him?!?

  4. sara b says

    I am a German girl all the way. Dad was born in Hamburg and Mom's family hails from there as well.

    As for your dog….he is from the cute breed. The really, really cute breed. That I know for sure.

    You should have him tested. I am very interested.

  5. Becky, yep says

    He's part loyal, part trick master and part bird hunter…do you really need more?

    I want take-backs! or we could trade?!?!?

  6. Lisa says

    I love reading your blog! You have awesome tips. From your blog, I learned how to post my picutres bigger! Thank you so much!

  7. Mindi says

    the only dog alive that i actually covet.

    have you found out yet? i want to know so when i actually cave on this (as i've done with felines) i can get a rukkus in my life as well.

  8. Omgirl says

    From his face and coloring and what I can see of his back, he looks like he definitely has some German shepherd in him. But I'd have to see him standing up from the side to take a better guess.

  9. justjayma says

    Did you ever find out what kind of breed is Rukkus? I was thinking he looks like a Beagle and Chihuahua mix. He has the small face like the Chihuahua, and the little bit of longer body and tail of a Beagle. He sure is a super cute doggy, tho.

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