DIY: mini snow globe ornament

DIY mini snow globe ornament | | Make a mini snow globe ornament for your Christmas tree.

Earlier this holiday season I shared my love for little bottle brush trees, so when I found these clear plastic old-fashioned Christmas light bulb ornaments at Jo-Ann’s, I knew they would be perfect for mini snow globes with tiny bottle brush trees.

DIY snow globe ornament |

DIY snow globe ornament -

Here’s what you’ll need for this project (all these items found at Jo-Ann’s craft store):

– clear plastic old-fashioned Christmas light bulb ornaments
– Martha Stewart course white glitter
– mini bottle brush trees
– red and white striped baker’s twine
– a low temp hot glue gun

To start, I gave the tiny bottle brush trees a bleach bath. This step is completely optional. These little trees were really dark in color and I wanted to lighten them up a bit. I’ve seen that you can do this to change the color of the trees completely, by bleaching and then dying them, but I just wanted the same tone, just lighter. I really like how they turned out. They were also covered in lots of that flocking stuff, and I wanted it to not be so heavy, so I ran a plastic comb through the little trees while they were in the water. Then I rinsed and dried them really well.

bleaching bottle brush trees -

Once rinsed and dried, I checked to see if they would fit inside of these bulb ornaments, and they fit perfectly (yippee). I then gave a little dab of hot glue to the bottom wood piece of each tiny tree and then used a wooden skewer to press it down in the bottom center. Next use a funnel to add the course white glitter to each one.

snow globe ornament - How To -

To finish them off, I added a few dabs of hot glue to the lid of each one to secure the lid on tight. Then I just tied a bow of red and white baker’s twine onto each each one. You could do a bow or use the baker’s twine as the actual hanger itself.

DIY snow globe -

Christmas washi tape works great as little stands to hold these up right. These would make adorable place settings for a fancy Christmas dinner too. You could personalize them with little tiny name banners inside.

DIY snow globe ornament -

Or just hang them on the tree.

DIY snow globe: light bulb ornament -

Either way, they’re really sweet.
snow globe ornament -

make your own snow globe ornament -


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  1. Helen Membrila says

    Could you tell me where you got the ornaments as we don’t have a Joannes in town and I can’t find them on their website and I am eager to try to make my own! Many thanks

  2. judy says

    I just saw these bulbs at Joanns last night. Wish I had seen your post sooner. Oh well, its not like I won’t be back to Joanns. These are so cute.

  3. Sandy Kelley says

    I also live in a small town, (Martin, TN) that doesn’t have a JoAnn’s. I went to their website and couldn’t find them either. Tried typing in the bar code and every word of your discription. Is there any place else that carries these ornaments. I love the craft and would like to do it. Thanks for your help.

  4. Judi Johnson says

    I do need to ask the pictures show a big gap at the top. How do you keep the glitter from falling out? Either when you store them or cats and or kids play around the tree? Did you seal it?

    • says

      Hi Judi! I did not seal them. I keep them towards the top of my tree so they wont spill and I keep them up right when they are stored. You could try to seal them. Maybe a big dab of hot glue or something, to keep the lid from coming off and the glitter from coming out.

  5. Piglet says

    I found these bulbs at Joann’s – but the opening is so small…how in the world did you get that tree to fit into that small opening???

  6. Kara says

    i think these are the cutest ornaments. I’m in the process of making them now, one question I had is after you add the glitter how do you seal the top off? When I just put the top of the bulb back on there still remains the hole and if I tip it all the glitter falls out.
    Thanks for your help

  7. Jennifer says

    These can be tricky, I had trouble dropping my tree straight down inside the bulb. The hot glue would stick to the sides inside the bulb. I recommend holding the tree with tweezers and lowering it down that way. It worked a lot better than my fingers!

  8. Kathy says

    I have several of these bulbs and don’t want to use for Christmas ideas….what other things can I put in them? There is no seal at the top, so cannot be a liquid or water in them ulb, the top silver part is a hole.


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