DIY Glitter Toes

Last summer I had glitter toes done and at first I loved them, but after the 6 months it took to get my toe nails back to normal, I realized I was not a fan. The gel that is used to adhere the glitter has to be filed off with a drill leaving your toe nails thin and flimsy.
I am however a big fan of GLITTER (!), so when a friend of mine shared with me how she does it herself, I was thrilled to give it a try. It worked great and I think it looks good too.

These are the three products that I used. What’s great is that there are so many beautiful colors of fine glitter available now.

Here’s the How To:

1. Paint one coat of a coordinating color to the glitter you choose.
2. While paint is still wet, sprinkle glitter all over each individual toe to cover well. Make sure to do it over a pan with parchment so that the excess glitter can be saved and reused. Also a small craft paint brush is helpful to brush away any excess.
3. Paint a clear top coat over the glitter to help keep it contained and to add a shine to the sparkle.

Give it a try, you’ll love the way your toes sparkle at the pool this summer.

Here’s a look at my glitter toes.

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  1. Vanessa says

    I had some last summer and while playing softball, I almost ripped one of the nails off my big toe. It has been almost a year and my toe is still recovering!!! Thanks for the tip…I'll have to give it a try, because I love the glitter!

  2. Becca says

    Sarah has been asking me to "paint my fingers" for weeks. She even requested blue. I think you just inspired me to do it today!

  3. Janae says

    thanks for the tip!! I love glitter toes as well and besides what they do to your toes afterwards I don't like the price either, so this sounds like the perfect solution! Can't wait to try it:)

  4. Whitney says

    Ya! I am out in FL and nobody does glitter toes! I am way excited :) Oh, and I want to see the finished product..

  5. Vanessa says

    Ok I am glad you told us that cause I was just going to go get it done with Abby, I will try this 1st

  6. MiaKatia says

    Well, I was jealous of Tib's toes this morning but I didn't know of anywhere locally to get it done. Thanks for the tips so now I can do it myself!

  7. jenjen says

    Thanks for the tip! I was going to have glitter toes done, but that gel stuff is very hard to get off. This sounds like a much better plan. Thanks!


  8. Chessie says

    I'll have to try this. I already have that same NYC color on my toes right now, but glitter would make it so much better!

  9. Omgirl says

    I want to see pictures of the final result! Do they look as sparkly as the other kind (which, btw, I just had done. I had no idea they were so hard to remove!!!)

  10. april~living the sweet life says

    Did you know you rank #1 for glitter toes on google search. Just saying in case you wanted to know.

  11. also known as shell says

    yes for the love of everything pure and good I so love you right now!!!!

    i've been dying to do this but not one person in GA knows what I'm talking about!!!

    seriously I'm going to go do this right NOW!

  12. kami @ no biggie says

    Hi Sara! You can buy the glitter at a craft store like Michaels or Roberts. I got this one at Sally's Beauty Supply.

  13. Petit Elefant says

    Does the glitter have to be beauty grade glitter {is there such a thing?} or can I use my regular old craft supply glitter stuff?

  14. Kenzie says

    I had a bad experience getting my toes done at a party where a salon professional did glitter toes. I payed $15 for them and the next day two of them fell off! At the end of the week all ten were gone! It was such a waist! So I started to do what you do and it’s a great idea although I put on a coat of sparkle nail polish on before I put on the top coat so that there is extra glitter :)

  15. Sharon Lippert says

    To remove use ACETONE… $5.00 at any hardware type store. It’s what they use in nail polish remover only this is the straight stuff. Hold your wet cotton ball on there for a few seconds and it’ will come off… I use a paper towel folded up so I don’t have the cotton sticking to the glitter but that’s just me.
    So GLITTER those finger’s and toe’s… A can of acetone will last you years!

  16. Marj says

    I love love love my gel glitter toes! They come off easily on my toes with minimal nail damage! They are pricey but polish never stays on my toes longer than a week and these last 4-6 weeks before I can’t stand the regrowth lol it’s worth the money to me knowing I don’t have to check or repaint my toes when going out. As a mother of two toddlers time is everything! Lol

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