DIY custom drinking glasses

I love how you can take random mason jars and with a few stripey straws and a little glass paint, you can make them look like a set.

DecoArt recently came out with a bunch of fun new paints that work great on glass. They also have 3D glass paints that are really cool. I love the 3-dimensional look! To create these citrus glasses, I used the 3D gloss enamels. They work great to get the citrus look, making it transparent and dimensional.

Even though our Summer is technically over, I’ll still be sippin’ lemonade as long as the temps are in the 90s, and these glasses make it fun. These glasses would be cute at a Lemonade Stand too.

The stencil that I used is self clinging, so it stayed in place great. It’s part of the “Party Time” stencil set.

I love that my girl and her friend wanted to paint along with me. Using the cling stencils make painting easy for kids too.

Next Up: His and Hers drinking glasses. Or should I say “Mr. & Mrs.”.

For the design on these two, I just googled clip art images of a mustache and a kiss mark, then I just set the glass on top of my phone to get an idea of the shape I was painting. I’m an awful artist, so this was helpful to have an example right there. I then just freehanded the Mr. and Mrs. lettering. Super simple!

These would be fun as a wedding gift, or at a dinner party with couples. It would also be a fun Bridal Shower activity.

Here’s the “Mr. Mustache” glass in action. :)

Check out DecoArt’s Glass painting site or their glass painting Pinterest page for a bunch more inspiration and project ideas. All of these products are available at Michaels Craft Stores.

Happy Crafting!

ps. does your Summer end this week too? so sad…

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  1. says

    Kami, I have followed your site for quite some time now. I think the mustache and lip project is such a unique idea! How innovative of you to use your phone to trace the images! I never would have thought of that! I’ll definitely have to try it out with my hubby. I think the dinner date night idea with other couples is a perfect way to showcase what you’ve done!

  2. Haley says

    I’m trying to think of something cute to make my boyfriend. I know he wants a nice set of glasses, but he’s lazy and would only like ’em if they could go through the dishwasher. Do you think these would survive the dishwasher?


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