Disneyland 2009

Four days in Disneyland/California Adventure is a lot of fun and a long time. What was great about this trip, was that we were in no hurry. We did the rides that we normally never would have, like the Disneyland railroad for example. We road it as a ride rather than a means of transportation. Who knew that there were dinosaurs at Disneyland?

I think it will be a few years before we are back there, but I do look forward to taking Aiden to one of my happy places.

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  1. Letti says

    It looks like you were able to meet every character that is rare these days. I am glad you had fun at the happiest place on earth.

  2. Shaunee says

    I want to be there. What is it about Disneyland that just makes you happy even looking at someone else's pictures? Looks like a great vaca!!

    P.S. We totally have that Jessie doll and she is creepy. Ours even has an arm that's "disconnected" and it makes it even worse.

  3. Mindi says

    LOVE the photos–big shocker there.

    i was wondering why kyle didn't get his photo taken w jasmine? i think he might have been a little more excited about it…

  4. tammy says

    The pics of your daughter with the princesses look so much better than the ones of my husband with them.

  5. Julie and Matt says

    It looks like you guys had so much fun. And you got to meet so many characters! Last time I was there, half of those characters didn't even exist. I can't wait to take Brooklyn.

  6. tiburon says

    I thought I had a ginormous monitor – but i HATE that all your pictures cut off the right 1/3. I always miss the good stuff!

  7. Catherine says

    LOVE THE PICTURES! looks like you had a great time. nothings better than california right? and that collage at the top is amazing. you got skillssss girl!

  8. Omgirl says

    Little known fact about me: When I was a little girl, my fondest dream when I grew up was to be a Disney princess character at Disneyland. Seeing those pictures of Tinkerbell and Cinderella brings a tear to my eye.

    p.s. LOVE Avery hanging out with Manny!

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