Christmas Past: Boo-Ga-Lee

Christmas morning 1991: Here are Kyle’s two younger sisters (Bree & Logan) showing all of their Christmas presents. The best part is when Kyle’s youngest sister Logan holds up the game Boggle. It’s a family Christmas Classic!

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  1. sara b says

    I love that you are sharing these, Kami.

    This is so great. Makes me want to dig into the archives of Christmas past and do the same.

  2. Colleen Bigler says

    Of course, mom was there to correct immediately!(: But we still call it Boo-Ga-Lee! Thanks for saving this for us, Kami.

  3. Logan says

    I'm pretty much the coolest person you know. :)

    For the record, my favorite part of that video (aside from mine and Bree's super frizzy hair) is Sonic the Hedgehog playing in the background. Pretty sure we played that game nonstop until the next Christmas! I'm sure mom and dad got so sick of that music.

  4. Logan says

    p.s. Not only do I have the opportunity to be embarrassed on your super popular blog, but you put it on YouTube too?! Sweet.

  5. Erin says

    HA! Love it. What a fun idea for this weeks posts.

    I'm going to check out that Mrs. Claus book…looks like such a fun one!

  6. bethany says

    oh man, hilarious! reminds me of me and my sisters and our silly home videos. you are so amazing to digitize everything, such a good idea!

  7. Shelley~Maren says

    Hahaha! Logan, I was so going to mention that Sonic music, you beat me to it! :) LOVE the frizzy BLOND hair too! Sonic… SUCH memories. *sigh*

  8. Bree says

    Did we really sound like that? I think the video must be in fast forward! ha!

    Love how mom is so blunt correcting: "Boggle"

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