Christmas decor with thrift store finds

Happy Thursday! “Thrifty Thursday”!

I’ve had these classic white ice skates for a while now, and I finally figured out a fun way to display them, and I love how it turned out.

Both the skates and the frame are thrifted. I spray painted the frame red. It’s plastic, so it took spray paint really great. I wish I had a “before” pic of the frame, but let’s just say it looks so much better one solid color. I love how the red makes the design pop.

I got a little crazy with the red spray paint earlier this month. “Paintin’ the town red!”

Here’s another upcycle idea for you: make a gift wrap station!

With this little wood display case, I found the perfect compartment station to make a festive gift wrap display. It’s perfect for tiny bows, gift tags and washi tape.

One can never have enough washi tape. (my favorite words of wisdom.) ;)

Any great thrift store finds for you lately? Please tell me you are as addicted as I am. sheesh!

You know the thing about thrifting is that it helps get your creative juices flowing. You are forced to think outside the box… or in this case inside the box. If you haven’t ever been, you should try it!

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  1. 1

    The skates are so cute, you are one creative girl!

  2. 3

    Those skates look great! They remind me of an ornament that my mom has somewhere in her Christmas trunk – at least I think she still has it. It was a mini pair of skates just like that with greens sticking out of one of them as you did. Oh what memories seeing this post brings back!

  3. 5

    Love the skates!

  4. 7

    I had a pair of ice skates like that and just last year I donated them. Makes me wonder if they found their way to your house. Wouldn’t that be cool? Super cute idea!

  5. 9

    Darling Ideas! I’m going to be on the look out for some cut skates! Also love the box, I usually buy any tray I can find at the DI this is a fun idea!

  6. 11

    you are the cutest. and so dang creative. and stylish. and hip. and i promise i’m not brown nosing. i really do love you and everything you do gives me butterflies. thank you.

  7. 13

    I LOVE the gift wrap station! I’m so jealous of people who find those divided printer trays at thrift stores. I have a million ideas for projects to make with those, but I have literally never seen one for sale used.

  8. 14

    That is SO cute Kami! Love the bit of greenery in the ice skate. :) Such a fun Christmas display. You are so creative!

  9. 15

    Cute! I love the wrapping station too! I need to get myself Some washi tape! So cute!

  10. 16

    I love this! I am definitely a thrift store addict too

  11. 17

    love love love your ideas and want to give thrifting a try. any good thrift store suggestions?

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