Celebrate 40 Years (the dessert table)

I have been in love with dessert tables at parties for way too long, and my parents 40th was the perfect opportunity for a little dessert table. It’s so fun to celebrate them!

Isn’t it fun?! It was a total labor of love.

YES – I did all the paper craft party decor…and NO – I didn’t bake a thing, but that’s okay, because my local grocery store and “Little Debbie” DO! :)

For all the party decor, I used these dies from Lifestyle Crafts:

-the rectangle box with the clear plastic sheets
-mini flags for the cupcakes
-treat bags for the cookies + scallop circle
– belly band and insert for vase wrapped and filled with candy
-wraps for the little apple juice bottles + the seal in the center

Thanks Mom & Dad for giving me a reason to roll out the “yellow” carpet. :)

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  1. 1
    Evelene Sterling says:

    Oh I bet your parents loved it. Everything came out so pretty!

  2. 2

    I love the vase with yellow candy – it looks like an icy glass of lemonade! The yellow *pops* so well against the black and white board!

  3. 3

    Oh my! I love this Kam! I suddenly want to have a party and hire you to do all the tables and decorations!

  4. 4

    Oh, this is fantastic!!! I especially love the “40” made out of photographs! Beautiful job…

  5. 5

    Oh, how I love a good dessert table. Yours is fantastic! Excellent work. (And nice pics, too!)

  6. 6

    This is adorable. I am so loving the “40” in black and white pictures with the chalkboard for well wishes. This is fantastic!

  7. 7

    so cute Kami! this would work perfectly for a 40th birthday! i should know….this little friend of yours just turned old!!

  8. 8

    That was such a fun party, I especially loved the lemon heads, so lemony!

  9. 9

    The party was really so fun. We think our children are the best. Thanks for everything especially the picture of the 4 of you. So nice. And the lemon heads…divine.

  10. 10

    I love it!!! You do such fun things!! Happy Anniversary to your mom and dad!!! :)

  11. 11

    i needed to comment on the ’40’ picture board, and now THIS? i DOUBLE need to comment!

    as usual, you have outdone yourself, kami. i love that you would spend the time and effort to do this for your parents–it’s how you show your love. and they should feel very loved, indeed!

    xoxo miss you friend.

  12. 12

    What a fun celebration! I love the yellow and black!

  13. 13

    Very cute! What a fun thing to do for your parents. Congrats to them for being married so long!!

  14. 14
    B Fryman says:

    Love the 40 background out of pictures!! I’m with you, I’d much rather craft than cook!

  15. 15

    Kami….I love, love, LOVE this party! Oh, so adorable! (and happy anniversary to your parents!)

  16. 16
    sparkling74 says:

    We are doing a big bash for my parents 40th this year and I love what you did! NOw I have to go on a photograph search! I also love that it’s in front of a chalkboard. Hmmmm, I see some projects coming up!!

  17. 17
    Kristen says:

    Love this!!!

  18. 18

    Love the “40” in photos, and the chalkboard~ Original! Of course the goodies too:)

  19. 19

    I love the photos! That is such a great idea. I want to this for my son’s second birthday party. The yellow is really pretty too.

  20. 20

    I love everything about this party!! Great details :) Yellow rocks!

    Fancy Frugal Life

  21. 21

    I LOVE this idea! My parents 40 is coming up this winter and the 40 made out of pictures…. I must make one! :)

  22. 22

    what a fabulous party! SO many wonderful ideas….
    I’m visiting from Tip Junkie- hope you’re having a great day!

  23. 23

    Great idea to put a chalkboard behind the 40 photos. Cute idea!

  24. 24

    I love the picture/chalkboard idea!! I have so pinned it to my pinterest!! Thanks for sharing!!

  25. 25

    What a beautiful party! I picture this fitting in on the pages of Martha Stewart’s Wedding magazine. I love the color combinations, and particularly the photo/chalkboard vignette. Great way to make the party feel extra special!

    Stephanie from Deviantly Domesticated

  26. 26

    PS you have a lovely blog–excellent talent with photography and design. Love it!

  27. 27

    I saw the idea for the black & white photos in a number shape in Martha Stewart Living Magazine. You did a great copy! The black & white with the yellow is stunning!

  28. 28

    This is super cute! Love the ’40’ black and white pictures.

  29. 29

    Cute party! I love the photo numbers!

  30. 30

    Kami I LOOOOOVE this!!!

    Thanks for linking up! I featured your post in my wrap up! http://tidymom.net/2011/great-ideas/

  31. 31

    Hi! Just saw the link over at Savvy Moms Guide’s FB page…and wanted to let you know I love the backdrop! Great idea.

  32. 32

    Hi Kami! I know I commented and told you that I LOOOVED this project and I made my own version last year, but hadn’t posted about it until now… I gave you a shoutout and just wanted to say thank you again for some awesome inspiration! If you want to see my version, you can check it out here: http://www.thecraftyscientist.com/2012/09/dads-60th-birthday-present.html.

    -Mel the Crafty Scientist

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