10 last minute St. Patrick’s Day ideas

10 St. Patrick's Day ideas

Top O the mornin’ friends! As a blogger I have to always be thinking holiday ideas way before the actual holiday, that by the time the holiday rolls around, I’m so over it, and my poor kids are a little confused…”Didn’t we already celebrate St. Patrick’s Day this year?!” …you get the idea. And then […]

St. Patrick’s Day mantle + printables

St. Patrick's day mantle - NoBiggie.net

Hi Friends! I have some adorable free printables to share with you today and they all come from the fantastic duo: Bettijo and Aimée of Paging Supermom. They are the printable queens when it comes to festive holiday printables. From worksheets to keep little hands busy to cute banners and frame worthy prints, they’ve got […]

Shazamrock Pops

DIY shazamrock pops for St. Patrick's Day - NoBiggie.net

Happy month of March friends! March is a good one, because it’s one step closer to warmer weather. With St. Patty’s Day only a few weeks away, I have a fun idea to keep you pinch proof: Shazamrocks!

How to make a black and white paper kite

how to make a paper kite (tutorial) NoBiggie.net

Happy Monday! I have always loved the classic look of black and white kites with the little bows trailing behind. It’s such a sign of Spring time and the month of March. I love it. Here’s the simple how to for a paper kite. This kite is made to be a decoration, so please don’t […]

St. Patrick’s Day muddy buddies (with free printable)

St. Patrick's Day printables - NoBiggie.net

Whether you call them muddy buddies or puppy chow, I think we all can agree that chocolate + peanut butter on anything will always be a winner. I’m a fan of celebrating all holidays, St. Patrick’s Day included. It’s just fun…fun for the kids, fun for everyone. Here’s a simple

Get your green…mustache ON!

green mustaches 1

Happy St. Patrick’s Day this weekend! We hope you have a ball gettin’ your green…MUSTACHE ON! Forget the shamrock…it’s all about the green mustache! Using the Lifestyle Crafts mustache dies you can make a bunch! Once they are all cut out, hot glue them to wood skewers and you are ready to go! Happy St. […]

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