Apple Pie Caramel Apples

apple pie caramel apples - step by step |

Apple Pie Caramel Apples – step by step recipe along with all the tips and tricks to get them right. Have you ever had an Apple Pie Caramel Apple? If not, you must! They really are a taste sensation. I’m so excited to share with you the recipe along with all tips to make them […]

Paleo Alfredo

Paleo Alfredo recipe |

Dairy Free and Gluten Free Alfredo recipe | When you are off gluten and dairy (not to mention soy and peanuts), one of the things you miss most is good old fashioned Alfredo…rich and creamy, sinfully delicious. In my quest to eat as normal as possible with these restrictions, I’ve been thrilled to find […]

How to make Overnight Oats

How to make Overnight Oats - such an easy and delicious breakfast! |

Learn How to make easy overnight oats! You’ll be amazed at how good they are. How’s the new back to school routine going at your house? It’s going good for us so far. One thing that helps are quick and easy breakfasts. Have you ever made overnight oats before? We’re loving them lately as an […]

Cucumber side dish

cucumber side dish #recipe |

Happy September 1st! I hope you’re all having a nice Labor Day weekend…Summer’s last hurrah. Here’s a great little recipe to put all those garden fresh cucumbers to good use. It’s an old fashioned recipe that reminds me of my Grandma Kae whenever I make it. Here’s

Egg Salad Sandwich with homemade mayo

egg salad sandwich with homemade mayo on gluten free bread |

Egg Salad Sandwich with homemade mayonnaise – soy free and sugar free! I’ve been learning so much about food lately including good oils vs. not so good for you oils. Store bought condiments like mayo and ketchup are big staples for many of us and something we don’t think much of when it comes to […]

Sweet Potato Sliders with homemade ketchup

Sweet Potato Sliders with homemade ketchup |

Sweet Potato Sliders with homemade ketchup | We’ve been making a bunch of changes in our diets and with this change, I’ve been cooking from scratch a lot lately. I’ll be honest it’s so much easier to just grab the bottle of ketchup out of the fridge when you need it, but the truth […]

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