Minions Party Ideas and decor

Minions Party table |

We’re so excited for the new Minions Movie that hits theaters July 10th (this Friday!). To celebrate the new movie coming out, we hosted a little Minions Party of our own. We teamed up with Universal Pictures to share a few fun and new party ideas to help you with your next birthday party or […]

DIY washi tape party favors

DIY washi tape party favors | | these would be so fun for a rainbow party!

Here’s a fun project from my new book Washi Tape Christmas, that’s not so “Christmas-y”. With a rainbow of colorful and different washi tape rolls, you can create these fun gum ball party favors. I love how they look like a big lollipop, only the treat will be the gum balls. These would be so […]

DIY mini party hat

How to make a mini party hat from a cute paper plate! |

What is it about all things mini? Take regular old salt and pepper shakers for instance, make them itty bitty, and suddenly their the cutest things you’ve ever seen! The same goes for party hats, mini party hats are so fun! They’re like a subtle way of saying “hey…it’s a party!” Since they’re not easy […]

DIY graduation party favors

DIY graduation party favors |

We are just a few weeks away from the end of the year and a little graduation celebrating is in order. No matter what year of school was completed, there’s always a reason to celebrate. I invited my Instagram friend Tiffany from @paperandpleats to share this darling DIY graduation party favor idea with you today. […]

Marshal Mallow Milkshake – #legendsofOZ

Legends of OZ movie - Marshal Mallow Milkshake |

We’re getting excited about a new animated movie coming out next month: The Legends of Oz. It’s a musical and Lea Michelle from Glee is the voice of Dorothy. I just love her! She’s so talented. The star power lineup for all the character voices is pretty great too. We were invited to create something […]

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