Jillee Bean and the one good thing (book review)

Jillee Bean and the one good thing childrens book | NoBiggie.net

I’m a sucker for great children’s books for my kids. I love to buy them because I know we’ll reread them over and over again. No matter how old you are, a great collection of kid’s books will always be a collection worth saving. I have a cute, new children’s book to share with you, […]

Marshal Mallow Milkshake – #legendsofOZ

Legends of OZ movie - Marshal Mallow Milkshake | NoBiggie.net

We’re getting excited about a new animated movie coming out next month: The Legends of Oz. It’s a musical and Lea Michelle from Glee is the voice of Dorothy. I just love her! She’s so talented. The star power lineup for all the character voices is pretty great too. We were invited to create something […]

Shopping for Mom on Ebay #Ebaymom

#ebaymom - a lovely kitchen - NoBiggie.net

I’ve been starting to think about Mother’s Day shopping, and it’s always so tricky to find just the right gifts for our two moms who do so much for us during the year. We are so blessed to have two amazing moms (and grandmas) who are such a big part of our lives. I love […]

10 gift ideas for Mother’s Day from Uncommon Goods

Ampersand Cheese Plate

It’s not too early to think about gift ideas for Mother’s Day this year. Did you know it’s less than a month away? Mother’s Day falls on May 11th this year, so let’s get on it! Uncommon Goods is one of my favorite shops online for unique gifts, it supports many independently owned and operated […]

How to give a hand hug (and other randomness)

Justin Bieber hand hug NoBiggie.net

Hi Friends! I have a random post for you today. A bunch of fun stuff… First up…the hand hug! How did I not know about the hand hug?! so funny! Here’s Jimmy Fallon and Justin Bieber doing the hand hug. Hilarious! Have you seen this?

Chest R Desk

chest R desk

The Christmas shopping season is almost upon us (I’m not ready!…I’m never ready). It’s always hard to find something for the kids that will be something they still like a few months later. I was thrilled to find out about this new little piece of furniture called the Chest R Desk! It’s a chest, a […]

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