Laundry room and mudroom before and after

the 'after' - mudroom and laundry room -

I’m excited to share our latest home improvement project with you. Last month, we made some big improvements to our mudroom and laundry room. We also went from a front loader washing machine back to a top loader…more on that below, but for now, here’s the new look!

Family room Makeover (part 2)

Fall Mantle ideas -

I’m excited to share the recent changes we made to our main living space. We planked a wall! Our big main wall is now whiter and brighter, and I

Avery’s bedroom update

make pedestal frames -

Hi Friends! I wanted to share a couple of fun updates we recently made to Avery’s bedroom. For the last year and a half, we have had bunk beds in her room. Did I say bunk beds? I mean ‘bonk heads’. We all had our good share of bonked heads on these bunk beds. Changing […]

Master bathroom redo (before and after pics!)

bathroom vanity after picture -

Follow my blog with Bloglovin We recently had a big home improvement project that I’m excited to share. We updated the vanities in our master bathroom and our main/hall bathroom, and I’m loving them! I love our home. We have lived here for almost 9 years, and

Home for the Holidays (2012)

Christmas decor 8

I love seeing how everyone decorates for Christmas, so I thought it would be fun to share our Christmas decor with you. Every year it changes a bit. I’ve shared our decor over the years, here’s a look at Christmas 2008 and Christmas 2009 Here’s a peek into our home this

Staycation + Summer Decor

outdoor lighting 1

I love the term staycation. I love the word vacation more, but when vacation isn’t in your near future, staycation is the next best thing. Someone once told me that a ‘trip’ is a vacation with kids and a ‘vacation’ is a trip without kids. I think that sounds about right. Boy are we due […]

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