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I finally got around to making Ali Edwards butterfly collage that I have had starred/tagged since Feb. of ’08. Instead of a punch, I used one of my cuttle bug dies. To make lining them up easier, I used lined poster board. I used an array of paper for this project: magazine ads, patterned paper, old thank you notes and old cards. I even managed to get some pictures of food in there (i.e. grilled cheese, oreos, strawberries, lemons and hostess cupcakes)-so me. I really love how it turned out. Thank You Ali for all of the inspiration!

paper butterfly cupcake topper - NoBiggie.net

I love butterflies. There are so many great craft ideas with them too. Here are some easy or fun ideas to get you inspired:

-Use as a cupcake topper (above)
-make a collage like my blog friend Erin did – see here
-I love this butterfly mobile.
-I would love to make a mobile like this, if only I could figure out the whole balancing part of it.
-Framed in a shadow box like this is so simple, and pretty.

Right now at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas, they have the most beautiful real butterflies on display in their gardens. They are huge! When their wings open up, they are bright turquoise. Beautiful.
Also, at Bath and Body they had (not sure if it is still on display) big butterfly mobiles similar to the one at PB above. Sometimes if you ask, they will sell their displays.

Or better yet, save all these ideas for a rainy day and head outside to see real butterflies. Have a lovely Spring day.

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  1. Amanda C says

    Super cute! I love how vibrant and variable the colors and prints are. Great job!!
    What size frame did you mount it in?

    Amanda C

  2. Mindi says

    i absolutely LOVE IT. LOVEITLOVEITLOVEIT!!! and i just have to know: what kind of insane dollar amount would it take for every time kami did a fabulous project to just duplicate it one more time and send it to santa jorge? really, money is no object.

    not when it comes to your projects. you have such great taste. i hope you have a prominet place to put that bad boy. it deserves a place of honor!

  3. Tiffany says

    Incredible, incredible, incredible! I’m dying over this, and I love your collection of papers and patterns–I could stare at it for hours!

  4. Erin says

    Kami! It turned out perfect! I love it so much. The color and paper combination you used looks amazing. So bright and cheerful and happy. Perfect for Spring.
    You are so talented!

    And thanks so much for mentioning my post! It really is such an honor since you are the queen of blogging. It’s your blogging world and we’re all just livin’ in it. :)

  5. Rusti says

    Love it! Gorgeous!

    I’ve been wanting to make my own version of the PB mobile for a while so if you figure out that balancing issue you be sure to pass it on. :)

  6. Staci says

    That is beautiful! I would love one for my girls room, I think you should sell them. I will be your first customer! You’ve got some talent lady!

  7. DeeDee says

    LOL….I am absolutely speechless. I started doing paper butterfly collages in 2001, with several sold to a hospital in Montana and are still on display, I can’t believe that other people are now doing museum shows of there hand cut butterflies. The difference with mine is that I use a variety of butterfly patterns and not just one shape/size of butterfly. Cereal boxes, and anything stiff works well (you’d be amazed at the butterflies you can make from tampon, ziploc, and frozen pizza boxes). I also mount mine on foam board, to look like a real butterfly exhibit.

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