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Wahoo! It’s our first week of Summer! And so far we have had great weather. Last night we took in the most amazing sunset. There is just something so special about June. It has a scent. This time of year, I just can’t get enough of how it smells outside in the evenings. I wish I knew what flowering thing it was, because I would plant it all over my yard. I don’t think it’s lilacs, because most of ours have seem to already come and gone by now. Any idea what it could be? Anywho…

Okay! Father’s Day! It’s coming up quick! Because we made the Best Mom Ever free printable, I figured it was a must to make a “Best Dad Ever” free print too.

Father's Day Printable - free printables on

Just like the How-To on the Best Teacher Ever free print, you’ll need the Martha Stewart scoring board tool to make even score lines to do a clean accordion fold.
Father's Day gift topper - (free printable)

Father's Day Printable medallion - free printables -

and a low temp hot glue gun. …and scissors, and a 2 inch circle punch.
Father's Day gift topper -(free printable)

I love these 3 dimensional medallions, and I think your Dad will too. Download your Best Dad Ever print here.

Father's Day Printable medallion - free printables on

*Please note, all printables available on this site are for personal use only and are for NoBiggie feed subscribers. Thank you.

Happy Monday!

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