Goat cheese, red pepper toasts

The first night up at Whitefish Lake, we had Appetizer Night. Which basically means that our meal was made up of a bunch of different appetizers. I love a meal like that, because you have so many options.

My sister Becky (who I seem to mention a lot when it comes to recipes) brought these little breads pictured above, and they were good! We have no official title for them, so I’m just going to call them Becky’s Beautiful Breads or maybe a more accurate title would be:

Goat Cheese, Roasted Red Pepper & Kalamata Olive Toasts

(here’s the recipe)

8 oz cream cheese
8 oz goat cheese
2 TBLS fresh oregano finely chopped (more or less to taste; I like a lot!)
Combine and spread on toasted baguette slices then top with:
roasted red peppers
chopped kalamata olives (uses about 1 1/2 cups)

You could toast or not toast the bread, either way, I think they would be good.

Thanks Beck for being my go-to recipe girl.

For more great recipes, visit our recipe’s page.

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  1. Mindi says

    ditto to the becky comments–holy mother of pearl! SKINNY BEEYOTCH!! (could there be any higher compliment? i think not.)

    sorry i missed you yesterday–getting mia off to her FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL! will call you later afternoon. miss you.

  2. Julie and Matt says

    I cannot wait to try this. It looks so good! You always post the best recipes. Thanks Kammie,um, I mean Becky!

  3. Becky, yep says

    Thanks Kam!
    I'm a Foody – always good for a recipe!

    And…yes – Lisa – you should call me!

    You're Welcome, Julie!

    AND…I love Tiffany, Suzie, Mindi and Amanda too! Serioulsy the Only thing I miss about Bloggin'!

    (cuz who doesn't like starting sentences with AND!)

  4. Laura says

    Can you please put a Pin It button on this wonderful recipe? I really want to put it on my Pintrest board but don’t know how to without the pin it button! Thank you! Love your recipes!

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